Đề số 4 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 6 mới

Đáp án và lời giải chi tiết Đề số 4 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 (Đề thi học kì 1) - Tiếng Anh 6 mới

Đề bài

I.  Listen to a conversation fill in the blank with ONE word. 


A: Who is that boy over there, Hanah?

B: That? Er, that’s my (1) _____ , Jem.

A. Your brother?

B. Yes, and that’s his (2) _____ , Lucy. The pretty girl with the long brown (3) _____. 

A. Oh, right. So, you've got a brother?

B. No, I’ve got (4) ______ brothers, Jem and Alex.

A. Really? ... And ... How old is Alex?

B. Alex and Jem are (5) _____ . They are both 15. 

A. 15, mmm and does Alex look like Jem?

B. They are exactly the same! They are both (6) ______and thin. They’ve got short brown hair, (7) _____ eyes and big ears.

A. They are not big. I think they are (8) ______ . And... has Alex got a girlfriend?

II. Choose the odd one out.

Question 9.

A. clip                               B. clean

C. clock                            D. cloud

Question 10.

A. blue                              B. colour

C. white                            D. yellow

Question 11.

A. arm                              B. finger

C. body                             D. leg

Question 12.

A. musician                        B. piano

C. guitar                             D. violin

Question 13.

A. artist                              B. singer

C. actor                              D. piano

III. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.

Question 14.

A. Thursday                       B. thanks

C. these                             D. birthday

Question 15.

A. these                            B. thank

C. brother                          D. that

Question 16.

A. honest                          B. hour

C. honour                          D. humour

Question 17.

A. house                            B. horse

C. hour                              D. hobby

Question 18.

A. kind                              B. knife

C. knee                              D. known

IV. Choose the best answer.

Question 19. He arrives _________ at six o'clock.

A. at home                         B. home

C. in home                         D. to home

Question 20. How long will it _________ to get there?

A. cost                               B. lose

C. make                             D. take

Question 21. I _________ it to you if you don't have one.

A. give                              B. gave

C. will give                        D. would give

Question 22. _________ your homework yet?

A. Did you finished

B. Are you finishing

C. Do you finish

D. Have you finished

Question 23. He looked very _________  when I told him the news.

A. happily                          B. happy

C. happiness                      D. was happy

Question 24. Huy often _________ books before his bedtime.

A. to read                          B. read

C. reads                             D. is reading

Question 25. I like to keep fit at my local _________.

A. gym                              B. restaurant

C. supermarket                  D. pub

Question 26. They're keen _________.

A. on learning cooking

B. in flying kites

C. of dogs

D. with playing squash

Question 27. I'd like to _________ an appointment with the doctor.

A. take                              B. make

C. have                              D. B and C

Question 28. There _________ a lot of food in the fridge, so help yourself.

A. be                                  B. is

C. are                                 D. Ø

V. Read the passage and fill in each gap with one suitable word from the box.

usually / cake / small / sitting / lives

I am Sandra. I live in London, but my grandmother (29)_____________ in a small village near our city. On Sundays, my brother, George, and I (30)____________ visit our grandmother with our parents. She lives in a house with a (31)___________ garden. We have lunch together and then we all go for a walk if the weather is nice. My grandmother loves cooking and she always has a special (32)____________ for us to take home. Ginger, my grandmother’s cat, loves (33)_____________ under the table because my brother and I give her food when my grandmother isn’t looking. Ginger loves food but my grandmother says that she is a little fat and that she must only eat her cat food.

VI. Rewrite the following sentences, beginning as shown, so that the meaning stays the same.

Question 34. There are twenty desks in the classroom.

 The classroom _____________

Question 35. Keangnam Tower is not so high as Shanghai World Financial Centre.

 Shanghai World Financial Centre__________

Question 36. Our neighbourhood is more peaceful than yours.

 Your neighbourhood is not as  __________

Question 37. Her hair is brown.

 She _____________________

VII. Put the adjective in brackets into the correct form.

Question 38. Is the North Sea (big) ________ than the Mediterranean Sea?

Question 39. Are you a (good)  ________ student than your sister?

Question 40. My dad's (funny) ________ than your dad.

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1. brother Question 15. B
Question 2.  girlfriend Question 16. D
Question 3.  hair Question 17. C
Question 4.  two  Question 18. A
Question 5.  twins Question 19. B
Question 6.  tall  Question 20. D
Question 7.  green  Question 21. C
Question 8.  cute Question 22. D
Question 9. B Question 23. B
Question 10. B Question 24. C
Question 11. C Question 25. A
Question 12. A Question 26. A
Question 13. D Question 27. D
Question 14. C Question 28. C

Question 29. lives

Question 30. usually

Question 31. small 

Question 31. cake

Question 33. sitting

Question 34. The classroom has 20 desks.

Question 35. Shanghai World Financial Centre is higher than Keangnam Tower.

Question 36. Your neighbourhood is not as peaceful as our neighbourhood.

Question 37. She has brown hair.

Question 38. bigger

Question 39. better

Question 40. funnier

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