Đề số 5 - Đề kiểm tra học kỳ 2 - Tiếng Anh 6 mới

Đề bài

I. Listen and fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN TWO words.

1. The speaker is ___________ with rubbish.

2. People don’t seem to __________ the environment.

3. In every country, there’s __________ in the streets, although rubbish bins are everywhere.

4. People even throw their TVs and fridges into ____________.

5. People throwing rubbish in the street think _________ will pick it up.

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

6. A. laundry                          B. draw                  C. water                      D. laugh

7. A. breathing                       B. green                 C. breeze                     D. bread

8. A. party                              B. glass                  C. plant                       D. plastic  

III. Choose the odd one out.

9. A. rubbish                           B. litter                   C. fridge                       D. trash

10. A. helicopter                     B. dishwasher        C. washing machine     D. refrigerator

IV. Choose the correct answer to complete these sentences.

11. In the future, many cars will run ________ electricity, which doesn’t cause air pollution.

      A. in                            B. on                           C. by                           D. with

12. In five years, some robots will be able to speak with human _______.

      A. life                          B. body                       C. voice                       D. way

13. We should use reusable shopping bags __________ plastic bags.

      A. instead of               B. because of              C. in spite of               D. place of

14. __________ you like something to drink?          

      A. Could                     B. Should                    C. Will                        D. Would

15. We have a test on Monday, ___________ I will have to study this weekend.

      A. and                         B. but                          C. so                            D. because

16. ___________ is a marathon in miles? - About 26 miles.

      A. How often              B. How many              C. How long               D. How wide

17. Pelé was born ___________ October 21st, 1940.

      A. in                            B. on                           C. at                            D. by

18. France is the most _________ country to visit. It has about 76 million visitors a year.

      A. visiting                   B. expensive                C. popular                   D. relaxing

V. Choose the word that is opposite in meaning to the underlined word.

19. That modern building is so ugly!

      A. big                          B. impressive               C. unattractive            D. beautiful

20. We didn’t go camping last weekend. The weather was awful.   

      A. unpleasant              B. nice                         C. bad                         D. terrible

VI. Supply the correct form of the words in brackets.

21. He gets a lot of ____________ from football. (enjoy)

22. The International Robot ________ is the largest robot trade fair in the world. (exhibit)

23. Twenty years ago, most people around the world _______ (not know) what the Internet was.

24. If we dump all sorts of chemicals into rivers, we ________ (not be able to) swim in them in the future.

25. Could you meet me at the bus station? My bus ________ (arrive) at six.

VII. Choose the correct answers to complete the passage.

            Are you tired (26) _______ the colour or pattern of your walls? In a smart home, you won’t have to (27) ______ them. The walls will actually be digital screens, like computer or TV screens.

          A computer network will link these walls with (28) ________ else in your house. Called “ambient intelligence,” this computer “brain” will control your entire house. It will also adapt to your (29) ________. Your house will learn about your likes and dislikes. It will then use that knowledge to control the environment. For example, it will set the heat in the house to your (30) ________ temperature. It will turn on the shower at the right temperature. It will also darken the windows at night and lighten them when it’s time to wake up.

26. A. with                                  B. of                       C. in                       D. by

27. A. build                                 B. cover                 C. pull                    D. repaint

28. A. thing                                 B. everything         C. anything            D. nothing

29. A. preferring                         B. preferable          C. preferably          D. preferences

30. A. favourite                           B. terrible               C. high                   D. clearly

VIII. Read the dialogue, then choose the correct answers.

Marie:       We might go to the football match next Saturday, Cristina.

Cristina:   Football? You must be joking. I can’t stand it.

Mark:       No? Why not?

Cristina:   Twenty two men of two teams run after a ball, trying to kick it into a net... and thousands of people shouting and screaming like madmen every time it’s a goal or not. Is this a game?

Mark:       I see... you prefer things like hopscotch, hide-and-seek, blind man’s bluff...

Cristina:   Don’t tease me, Mark. I’m not a child anymore and there are much better sports than football.

Mark:       Really?

Cristina:   Yes, take volleyball, for example. It’s so exciting, the two teams try to keep the ball in motion without letting it touch the ground. No foul play, no violence.

Mark:       Yes, maybe you’re right. I like volleyball too. For me all ball games are great!

Cristina:   Not only ball games, Mark. Don’t you like badminton, cards, chess, even darts...and things like that?

Mark:       Er...of course I do.

31. What are Cristina and Mark talking about?

      A. Football                  B. Volleyball               C. Ball games              D. Games

32. How many football players are there in each team?

      A. 11                           B. 12                           C. 20                           D. 22

33. Why does Mark mention children’s games like hopscotch?

      A. Because Cristina likes these games.                 B. Because Cristina is a child.

      C. Because he wants to tease Cristina.                 D. Because he wants Cristina to play these games.

34. What kind of sports and games does Cristina NOT refer to?

      A. Chess                      B. Baseball                  C. Badminton             D. Darts

35. Cristina thinks football is an exciting game.

      A. True                        B. False                       C. No information                       

IX. Complete the second sentence so that it means the same as the first one.

36. Although he seemed a friendly person, I didn’t like him. (but)

=> He seemed _______________________________________________________________________.

37. My parents moved to New Zealand in 2010. (lived)

=> My parents _______________________________________________________________________.

38. You should work hard, or you won’t pass the exam. (if)

=> You _____________________________________________________________________________.

39. It wasn’t necessary for me to finish my homework yesterday. (need)

=> I _______________________________________________________________________________.

40. This robot is capable of cooking a variety of different meals. (can)

=> This robot ________________________________________________________________________.



------------------THE END------------------


Lời giải chi tiết

1. fed up

2. care about

3. litter

4. fields

5. other people

6. D

7. D

8. D

9. C

10. A

11. C

12. C

13. A

14. D

15. C

16. C

17. B

18. C

19. D

20. B

21. enjoyment

22. exhibition

23. didn’t know

24. won't be able to

25. arrives

26. B

27. D

28. B

29. D

30. A

31. D

32. A

33. C

34. B

35. B


36. a friendly person but I didn't like him

Or: a friendly person, but I didn't like him

37. have lived in New Zealand since 2010

38. will pass the exam if you work hard

Or: won't pass the exam if you don't work hard

39. didn’t need to finish my homework yesterday

40. can cook a variety of different meals

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