Đề số 2 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 6 mới

Đề bài

I. Listen and put the actions in order.

Question 1. The girls give directions. ______

Question 2. Nick, Khang and Phong arrive in Hoi An. ______

Question 3. Nick, Khang and Phong decide to go to Tan Ky house. ______

Question 4. Nick, Khang and Phong get lost. ______

Question 5. Phong looks at the map. ______

Question 6. Nick, Khang and Phong walk quickly to Tan Ky house. ______

II. Listen to the conversation. Then fill in the missing words. 


Question 7. Which class is Sarah in?

A. 6B

B. 6C

C. 6D

Question 8. What subject does Nick have for the first day?

A. English and Maths.

B. English and Art.

C. English, Maths and Art.

Question 9.  Where does Sarah go to on Sunday?

A. Judo club

B. Art club

C. Sport club

Question 10. Nick plays football for ______.

A. the class team.

B. the club team

C. the school team.

III. Choose the word with the different stress syllable.

Question 11.

A. waterfall                               B. historic

C. fantastic                               D. pagoda

Question 12.

A. camera                                  B. finally

C. river                                      D. idea

IV. Choose the word that has different pronunciation.

Question 13.

A. teen                                     B. street

C. coffee                                   D. see

Question 14.

A. bread                                    B. repeat

C. cheap                                    D. teach

Question 15.

A. chair                                     B. couch

C. chemistry                              D. children

Question 16.

A. house                                    B. about

C. country                                  D. our

V. Choose the best answer for each of the following sentences.

Question 17. ________ do we go to buy stamps or send letters?

A. What                            B. Where

C. How                              D. Which

Question 18. You must remember to bring a  ________. It’s very useful when you go into a cave because it’s very dark there.

A. scissors                         B. compass

C. clock                             D. torch

Question 19. If we had a ________, we wouldn’t get lost

A. backpack                      B. torch

C. painkiller                      D. compass

Question 20. You ________ travel alone to the mountain. Always go in group.

A. must                             B. can’t

C. can                               D. mustn’t

Question 21. ________the third turning ________the left.                                    

A. Take – in                      B. Get – in

C. Take – on                     D. Get – on

Question 22. My backpack is more________ than your backpack.

A. better                            B. cheaper

C. modern                          D. smaller

Question 23. The boat trip to Hai Phong, the northern tip of Viet Nam, was ________ experience of my life.

A. good                             B. the best

C. more                             D. best

VI. Complete the passage with the words given in the box.

from        often        however           water       fresh        flowers        for          of

My  village  is  about  10  kilometers  (24) ___________ the city.  It  is  a  very beautiful and peaceful place where people grow (25) ___________  and vegetables only. It is very famous (26) ___________ its pretty roses and beautiful landscapes. The air is quite fresh, (27) ___________, the smell of the roses makes people feel cool. In spring, my village looks like a carpet with plenty (28) ___________colors. Tourists come to visit it so (29) ___________ Nowadays, with electricity, it doesn’t take the villagers much time to (30) ___________ the roses. And even at night, people can walk along the path and enjoy the (31) ___________ smell of the flowers.

VII. Read the passage then answer the questions.

Hoi An is one of the oldest towns in Viet Nam. It is on the lower section of the Thu Bon river. It is a very beautiful town with a lot of colorful lanterns which are hung around the town. Hoi An is famous for one-day tailoring. Customers order clothes in the morning and get them in the evening. The price is not really expensive. If you want to find the place of the old time, Hoi An is a good choice.

Question 32. Which town is one of the oldest towns in Viet Nam?


Question 33. Where are colorful lanterns hung?


Question 34. What is Hoi An famous for?


VIII. Using the words given to complete each sentence.

Question 35. Which/ tall/ building/ house ?


Question 36. There /lot/ modern houses / center /city .


Question 37. It / two kilometers / the East / Dak Doa town.


Question 38. Living/ city/ interesting than /living/ country.


Question 39. Neighborhood / in / suburbs / Da Nang.


Question 40. There / not /many / things / do / there.


Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1. 5 Question 16. C
Question 2. 1 Question 17. B
Question 3. 3 Question 18. D
Question 4. 4 Question 19. D
Question 5. 2 Question 20. D
Question 6. 6 Question 21. C
Question 7.  B Question 22. C
Question 8.  A Question 23. B
Question 9.  B Question 24. from
Question 10.  C Question 25. flowers
Question 11. A Question 26. for
Question 12. D Question 27. however
Question 13. C Question 28. of
Question 14. A Question 29. often
Question 15. C Question 30. water
  Question 31. fresh

Question 32. Hoi An is one of the oldest towns in Viet Nam.

Question 33. Colorful lanterns are hung around the town.

Question 34. Hoi An is famous for one-day tailoring.

Question 35. Which is taller the building or the house?

Question 36. There are a lot of modern houses in the center of the city.

Question 37. It is two kilometers to the East of Dak Doa town.

Question 38. Living in the city is more interesting than living in the country.

Question 39. My neighborhood is in the suburbs of Da Nang City.

Question 40. There are not many things to do there.

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