Đề số 3 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 6 mới

Đề bài

I. Listening

Listen to the following conversation and choose A, B or C. 


Question 1.  Where is Pancho from?

A. Paraguay 

B. Peru

C. Portugal

Question 2.  How many brothers and sisters does Pancho have? 

A. 11

B. 12

C. 13

Question 3.   What is his father’s job?

A. Taxi driver

B. Dentist

C. Police officer

Question 4.   What does his mother do?

A. She owns a beauty salon.

B. She runs a small family store.

C. She works at a bread shop.

Question 5.  Which thing does Pancho NOT say?

A. His brothers and sisters help his mom.

B. His mom sells food like eggs and sugar.

C. His mother enjoys her job very much.

II. Circle the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others’.

Question 6.

A. obese                     B. overweight

C. ponytail                  D. blonde

Question 7.

A. cupboard                B. positive

C. patient                    D. personality

III. Choose the best option to complete the sentences by circling the appropriate letter A, B, C or D.

Question 8. He will be ________________ at six o’clock.

A. at home                  B. to home

C. of home                  D. for home

Question 9. We take English classes ________ Sunday _______ the evening.

A. in-in                        B. on-in

C. on-on                      D. at-on

Question 10.. He looks very ___________ when he gets good marks.

A. happily                   B. happiness

C. happy                     D. unhappily

Question 11. Lan and Minh ________________ a party with their friends now.

A. are having               B. is having

C. have                        D. has

Question 12. How many photos of your pets are there on the wall? – There __________ only one.

A. are                          B. be

C. is                             D. has

Question 13. Daisy is very __________ to take the test. She is a very good student.

A. kind                        B. confident

C. friendly                   D. talkative

IV. Fill the blanks with the appropriate forms of the adjectives in brackets.

Question 14. Summer is the (hot) ________ season of the year.

Question 15. Vy is (friendly________ than her sister.

Question 16. West lake in Hanoi is the (large________ lake in the capital.

V. Use SIMPLE PRESENT or PRESENT CONTINUOUS to complete the text.

Next week, my friends and I (17. go________ camping. I (18. cook________ the food, because I (19. like________ doing it. Dave (20. have________ a big car. Sam (21.bring________ the tent. He (22. go________ camping every year, so he (23.have________ a great tent and lots of other equipment. My mother thinks we are crazy. She (24. like________ holidays in comfortable hotels, so she (25. take________ a trip to Paris instead.

VI. Read the conversation. And choose the correct answers by circling A, B or C.

Kim: Hello, Phil. You are at university, right?

Phil: Yes, I’m a second year student. So I’m very busy. What about you? What grade are you in?     

Kim: I’m in grade 6. I have classes all day, five days a week.

Phil:  Really? When does your lesson start?

Kim: It starts at 7.30 in the morning. So I have to get up at six.

Phil:  Wow. I don’t get up until eight. I get to university, then I have breakfast. And I’m ready for class at nine.     

Kim: I have breakfast before I go. And I have lunch at school.

Phil:  And when do you finish school?

Kim: Well, school finishes at 4 p.m. After that I usually go to play football for about an hour. Sometimes I go swimming.      

Phil:  And what do you do in the evening?

Kim:  I do my homework for an hour, then I watch TV, or draw some pictures. …

Question 26. Phil is _______________.

A. a school boy

B. an engineer

C. a university student

Question 27. Phil usually gets up ______________.

A. at 6 o’clock

B. at 8 o’clock

C. at 9 o’clock

Question 28. Kim usually has breakfast _______________.

A. at school

B. at home

C. at university

Question 29. Kim plays football for _______________ after 4 pm.

A. about 60 minutes

B. 30 minutes

C. nearly 50 minutes

Question 30. Kim does her homework _____________________.

A. in the morning

B. in the afternoon

C. in the evening

VII. Read the passage and answer the questions.

Da Nang has a population of nearly 800,000 people. The Han River flows through the city. The city part on the east bank is newer and more spacious. The city part on the west bank is more crowded. There are five bridges across the river. The Han River Bridge is the newest one now. The cost of living in Da Nang is the lowest in Central Viet Nam. Da Nang has many beaches. Among them, Non Nuoc Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But walking in the streets in a summer afternoon is not a good idea in Da Nang. There are not many trees so there are not many shadows. It is often very hot at noon.

Question 31. How many people are there in Da Nang?


Question 32. Which part of the city is more crowded?


Question 33. Which bridge is the newest?


Question 34. What is Non Nuoc Beach like?


Question 35. Why is walking in the streets in a summer afternoon is not a good idea in Da Nang?


 VIII. Put the words given in the right order to make complete sentences.

Question 36. in/ exercise/ does/ She/ morning/ . / the


Question 37. breakfast/ Khanh/ have/ home/. / doesn’t/ at


Question 38. at/ Tram and Vu/ English/ the/ are/ speaking/ . / moment


Question 39. house/ are/ ./ rooms/ There/ our/ in/ many


Question 40. much/ friend/ hardworking/ My/ me/ than/ . / is/ more


Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1.  B Question 16. largest
Question 2.  C Question 17. are going
Question 3.  A Question 18. am cooking
Question 4.  B Question 19. like
Question 5. C Question 20. has
Question 6. D Question 21. is bringing
Question 7. A Question 22. goes
Question 8. A Question 23. has
Question 9. B Question 24. likes
Question 10. C Question 25. is taking
Question 11. A Question 26. C
Question 12. C Question 27. B
Question 13. B Question 28. B
Question 14. hottest Question 29. A
Question 15. friendlier Question 30. C

Question 31. There are nearly 800000 people in Da Nang. 

Question 32. The city part on the west bank is more crowded.

Question 33. The Han River Bridge is the newest one.

Question 34. Non Nuoc Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Question 35. Because there are not many trees so there are not many shadows and it is often very hot at noon.

Question 36. She does exercise in the morning.

Question 37. Khanh doesn't have breakfast at home.

Question 38. Tram and Vu are speaking English at the moment.

Question 39. There are many rooms in our house.

Question 40. My friend is much more hardworking than me.

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