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Đề số 9 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 12

Đáp án và lời giải chi tiết Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Đề số 9 - Tiếng Anh 12

Đề bài


There are TWO parts to the test. You will hear each part twice. For each part of the test there will be time for you to look through the questions and to check your answers.

Part 1: Listen to a conversation and circle the correct answer for each question.

Question 1. The best class for Joe is ____________.

A. French conversation                      

B. Business French                

C. French for Tourists

Question 2. Joe’s class begins at ____________.

A. 6:30             B. 7:15             C. 8:30

Question 3. How many other students will there be in Joe’s class?

A. 9                   B. 14                C. 15

Question 4. What should Joe take to his first class?

A. a dictionary

B. a course book

C. a notebook

Part 2: Listen to a presenter making an announcement and then fill in each gap with only ONE word.

Recycling does make a difference!

• On Saturday 18  (5) _______, Riverside Elementary School is organising a recycling campaign.

• Expecting all of you at  10 a.m. in the school yard.

• Learn about the benefits of recycling and ways to (6) _______ household  products.

• Come with your paper, (7) _______, glass and aluminium cans for recycling!

• To participate in (8) _______ events or for more information, call 1800324567.


Circle the word with the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.

Question 1.

A. entered                       B. travelled

C. remained                     D. influenced

Question 2.

A. entrance                      B. entertain

C. energy                         D. replace

Circle the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Question 3. We _______ with each other, when Mrs. Smith _______ in. 

A. talked / came 

B. were talking / came

C. talked / was coming

D. were talking / was coming

Question 4. The doctor suggested that his patient _______ smoking.

A. stops                       B. to stop

C. be stop                    D. stop

Question 5. Burning coal is the main source of carbon dioxide emission, _______ can cause global warming.

A. which                     B. that

C. who                        D. what

Question 6. Digital broadcasting is much more ______ than advertising in print materials because it allows larger audiences to access the information.

A. comfortable            B. effective

C. connected               D. meaningful

Question 7.Hotel guest: Could I have a wake-up call at 6.30? – Receptionist: _______.

A. No, thanks!            B. I will!

C. Yes, certainly!        D. Yes, please!

Question 8. The government has always encouraged its citizens to _______, which can help to save our planet for future generations.

A. become green         B. go green

C. turn green               D. change to green

Question 9. We should _______ use renewable resources _______ consume more organic food.

A. neither / nor            B. either / or

C. either / nor              D. not only / and

Question 10. Some farmers still use old diesel trucks _______ they are aware of their high exhaust emissions.

A. although                 B. however

C. so                            D. so that

Question 11. When he _______ to the stadium, the match _______.

A. got / already began

B. got / had already begun

C. had got / already begin

D. had got / had begun already

Question 12. - Dad: "I have bought you a toy. Happy birthday, son!" - Son: "_______"

A. Have a nice day

B. The same to you!

C. What a lovely toy! Thanks.

D. What a pity!

Question 13. The Vietnamese people still follow the _______ of giving lucky money to children during the Tet holidays.

A. custom                    B. costumes

C. expression               D. national pride

Question 14. Modern home appliances often _______ a lot of electricity, and can pollute the air causing _______

A. take / climate change 

B. consume / climate change

C. consume / weather change

D. reduce / climate warming


Read the following text and circle the best answer to each question.


            Big cities like New York and London have a lot of great things. They have museums, parks, shopping centers, and a huge variety of restaurants. However, there are a lot of annoying things in big cities. The most common problems are air pollution and noise.

Traffic is the main cause of air pollution and noise. For example, drivers in New York are famous for honking their horns and shouting. That noise drives many visitors crazy - it even drives a lot of the locals crazy, too. Other big cities have similar problems with their traffic.

City governments have a lot of pressure to solve these problems. The most common solution is public transportation. Public transportation is a form of travel provided by the government. For example, New York’s biggest form of public transportation is the subway.

Public transportation helps reduce these problems, but it is not enough. Another solution is bicycle sharing. This is a system that provides cheap bicycles. In cities that have bicycle sharing programs, there are spots that have parked public bikes. People borrow the bikes and use them. They can drop off the bike at the same spot where they borrowed it, or they can drop it off at another spot.

Bicycle sharing programs are different in each city. In some cities, the bikes are completely free. They are not even locked. In other cities, you have to pay a small deposit. You get the deposit back when you return the bike. In still other cities, you need to have a membership with the bicycle sharing programs. Once you have a membership with the bicycle sharing programs, you can use a bike at any time you want.

Bicycle sharing is hugely popular all over the world. People love this system because it is cheap, clean, and easy to use. There are bicycle sharing systems in dozens of countries and hundreds of cities. In total, there are more than 530 bicycle sharing systems around the world, and that number is going up all the time.

Question 15. Which statement is TRUE according to the passage?

A. You must drop off the bike only in the spot where you borrowed it.

B. In some cities, people can borrow bikes for free.

C. Bicycle sharing programs are the same in every city.

D. The bikes in bicycle sharing programs are usually very expensive.

Question 16. What does the passage say about bicycle sharing?

A. It’s clean, but it’s not convenient.

B. It’s getting less popular.

C. It’s getting more popular.

D. It’s only popular in New York.

Question 17. All of the following are the advantages of bicycle sharing EXCEPT that _______.

A. It does not pollute the air at all

B. It’s a cheap means of transport

C. It is also convenient

D. It can be found in any city

Question 18. The phrase “drop off” in paragraph 4 is closest  in meaning to _______.

A. leave                       B. forget

C. leave out                 D. stop

Question 19. Who would probably most be interested in bicycle sharing?

A. A student who stays on a campus and enjoys exercise

B. A person who often travels short distances and enjoys exercise

C. A postman who delivers mail and parcels in the countryside

D. A sportsman who is going to take part in a cycling race

Read the passage and choose the correct option for each gap.

Every year in March, people everywhere turn off their lights for Earth Hour. The lights go off at 8:30 p.m. at tourist locations, businesses, and private homes. The event reminds people that everyone needs to use less energy and (20_______ greenhouse gas emissions.

More than one billion people in over ninety countries take (21_______ in the event. As a result, more and more people talk about what should be done to (22_______ energy consumption. The organizers of the event say that people want strong action on climate change. The conversation on greenhouse gases and global warming must continue, even though the economy hasn't fully recovered and people are worried about their jobs.

Others aren't as worried about the event, (23_______ it receives a lot of attention from the media. Critics say that Earth Hour probably gives participants the wrong idea that one hour without lights has somehow helped the environment. More significant changes must be made, as everyone must think about the problem every day. People should choose (24_______ transportation, green technology in homes and offices, and clean energy sources.

Question 20.

A. limit                          B. limited

C. unlimited                   D. limitations

Question 21.

A. actual                        B. place

C. part                           D. action

Question 22.

A. lower                        B. encourage

C. stop                          D. fight

Question 23.

A. because of                B. during

C. despite                     D. even though

Question 24.

A. private                      B. public

C. pleasurable               D. comfortable


Rewrite the following sentences beginning with the cues given.

Question 25. As he earns more money, he buys more useless things.

The more ______________________.

Question 26. I last saw him when I was a student.

I haven’t ______________________

Question 27. Our teacher wanted to divide our class into six groups to work on the unit project.

Our teacher recommended that ______________________.

Question 28. The cost of housing is continuously increasing these days.

The cost of housing is getting______________________

Use the clues to make meaningful sentences.

Question 29. She / organize / different / charity activity / relieve / young patients’ pain.


Question 30. Everybody / make / effort / go green / save / our planet / future generation.


Question 31. Millions of teenagers / the world / addicted / video games.


Question 32. It / vital / he / not / leave / his house / until / the police / come.


Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1 D Question 13 A
Question 2 D Question 14 B
Question 3 B Question 15 B
Question 4 D Question 16 C
Question 5 A Question 17 D
Question 6 B Question 18 A
Question 7 C Question 19 B
Question 8 B Question 20 A
Question 9 B Question 21 C
Question 10 A Question 22 A
Question 11 B Question 23 D
Question 12 C Question 24 B

Question 25. The more money he earns, the more useless things he buys.

Question 26. I haven’t seen him since I was a student.

Question 27. Our teacher recommended that our class should be divided into six groups to work on the unit project.

Question 28. The cost of housing is getting higher these days.

Question 29. She organizes different charity activities to relieve young patient’s pain.

Question 30. Everybody makes the effort to go green to save our planet for future generations.

Question 31. Millions of teenagers in the world are addiceted to video games.

Question 32. It is vital that he not leave his house until the police come.

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