Đề số 4 - Đề kiểm tra giữa kì 2 - Tiếng Anh 8 mới

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Đề bài

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. affect                  B. algea                       C. aquatic                    D. damage

2. A. country               B. ocean                      C. circle                       D. icon

3. A. unique                B. puzzle                     C. monument              D. evacuate

II. Choose the word with different stress from the others in each question.

4. A. terrific                B. Arabic                     C. statistic                   D. cosmetic

5. A. coffee                 B. Chinese                   C. payee                      D. trainee

6. A. hurricane            B. tornado                   C. volcano                   D. eruption

III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences

7. If we want to reduce pollution, we have to make_________changes in the way we live.

A. dramatic                 B. little            C. medium                  D. special

8. ___________ is the destruction of the earth's surface caused by the misuse of resources and improper dumping of waste.

A. Noise pollution       B. Air pollution           C. Land pollution        D. Light pollution

9. The Statue of Liberty___________over 12 million immigrants entering the USA through New York Harbor since 1900.

A. welcomes               B. is welcoming          C. welcomed               D. has welcomed

10. At present, the National Cherry Blossom Festival __________in Washington. D.C. to celebrate spring's arrival.

A. occcurs                   B. is occuring              C. has occurred           D. occured

11. In Canada, the handshake should be firm and accompanied by direct eye contact and a_________smile.

A. sincere                    B. fake                                    C. funny                      D. serious

12. When there is a _________ a lot of water covers an area where there usually isn't water.

A. drought                  B. flood                       C. erosion                    D. volcano

13. The government__________health and other services to the affected regions.

A. returned                  B. got                          C. provided                 D. took

14. My mother felt very nervous on the plane because she ___________before.

A. doesn’t fly              B. won’t fly                C. didn’t fly                D. hadn’t flown

15.  A number of other provinces will declare drought_________ in the coming weeks.

A. accident                  B. emergency              C. event                       D. situation

16. The capital city of New Zealand is Wellington_________the largest city is Auckland.

A. and                                     B. or                            C. but                          D. so

IV. Give the correct form of the words given to complete the sentences.

17. Many seabirds were__________ because of the oil spill. (die)

18. The fierce storm left behind badly___________ buildings. (damage)

19. The soil becomes __________because of the use of so many pesticides and fertilizers. (contaminate)

20. ___________habitats have been destroyed in recent years. (nature)

V. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

Have a walk on a beach, listen to the sound of the sea waves, (21)_______ suddenly you see a lot of rubbish on the beach. Pollution takes away all the beauty of our beaches. I feel really very annoyed (22) _________I see plastic bags lying on the sand, cigarette ends buried in the sand, and soda cans floating in the sea. There (23)___________ a lot of things that we can do. If we see rubbish, we should do our part in the protecting the land (24)_________ picking it up and throwing it in dust bins. Moreover, we can form some kind of organization that helps (25) _________the beaches. If everyone does their part, the beaches will be a wonderful and beautiful place. We need to start now before the beaches are damaged beyond repair.

21. A. but                    B. so                C. and             D. or

22. A. before               B. after             C. when           D. while

23. A. is                       B. are               C. will be         D. were

24. A. by                     B. with              C. of                D. in

25. A. clean up            B. cleaning up C. cleaned up  D. to cleaning up

VI. Choose the item among A, B, C or D that best answer the question about the passage.

Scotland: The Land of Legends

If we travel all over Scotland, we can see that it consists of three main parts: Lowlands, Uplands and Highlands with their Grampian Mountains, where the tallest mountain peak, Ben Nevis, is located.

You are sure to enjoy the beauty of the Scottish varied landscape: the hills covered with purple heather, its beautiful lakes (here they are called lochs), its green and narrow valleys.

The biggest and the most beautiful lake in Scotland is Loch Lomond, but the most famous one is Loch Ness with its mysterious monster Nessie. Nessie sometimes appears to scare the tourist but only in fine weather!

But what can be more curious and attractive for tourist than a man in the kilt, playing the bagpipes? The Celts of Scotland made the chequered pattern of tartan - the national dress of the country. The earliest Scots formed themselves into clans (family groups) and the tartan became a symbol of the sense of kinship. There are about 300 different clans in Scotland, and each has its own colour and pattern of tartan together with the motto.

Scotland is a land of many famous people: writer and poets, scientist and philosophers, such as Robert Burns, Arthur Conan Doyle, Alexander Graham Hell, or Alexander Fleming.

26. The tallest mountain peak, Ben Nevis, is located in_________________.

A. Lowlands               B. Uplands                  C. Highlands               D. England

27. Scotland has beautiful landscape with all of the following except_________________.

A. the hills                   B. the lakes                 C. the valleys              D. the beaches

28. All of the following are true about Loch Ness except_________________.

A. it is the most famous lake in Scotland

B. it is the biggest and the most beautiful lake in Scotland

C. its mysterious monster Nessie makes the lake famous

D. Nessie sometimes appears to scare the tourists

29. In early times, each family groups was different from each other in_________________.

A. its own colour and pattern of tartan together with the motto

B. the chequered pattern of tartan and the sense of kinship

C. its green and narrow valley where they lived

D. its area and population and beautiful landscape

30. The word "kinship” in paragraph 4 is closest in meaning to_________________.

A. the family group and its symbol                            B. the own colour and pattern of tartan

C. the relationship between clan members                  D. the national dress of the country

VII. Write the sentences with the same meaning to the first ones. Use words given.

31. There are asthma, allergies and other respiratory illnesses when air pollution happens. (leads to)


32. Water pollution gets more serious in the future. It affects the development of economy and society. (If)


33. Volunteers have given out food and blankets to homeless people. (been)


34. Our plane landed. We waited an hour for our luggage. (After)


---------------------THE END---------------------

Đáp án


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31. Air pollution leads to asthma, allergies and other respiratory illnesses.

32. If  water pollution gets more serious in the future, it will affect the development of economy and society.

33. Homeless people have been given out food and blankets by volunteers.

34. After our plane had landed, we waited an hour for our luggage.

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