Đề cương ôn tập bài tập học kì 1 môn Tiếng Anh 8 mới

Đề cương ôn tập các câu hỏi trắc nghiệm theo từng chủ điểm ngữ pháp sách giáo khoa Tiếng Anh 8 mới, giúp học sinh luyện tập và nắm chắc toàn bộ kiến thức đã học

Đề bài


Question 1. My mother loves _______ food for my family.

A. preparing    B. to prepare   C. prepare       D. A&B are correct 

Question 2. My grandmother _____ to plant flowers in the garden behind her house.

A. prefers       B. enjoys          C. detests                    D. adores        

Question 3. Coco fancies _____ TV. He watches TV whenever he can.

A. to watch     B. watched      C. watch         D. watching

Question 4. My sister hates  _______ with the dolls. It’s weird.

A. playing       B. to play        C. to playing   D. A&B are correct

Question 5. l enjoy ______ with my dog. He’s so cute.

A. play            B. to play        C. playing       D. played

Question 6. Tom prefers _______ computer games when he’s at home.

A. playing       B. to play         C. played       D. A&B are correct

Question 7. Mary _______ reading Conan comics. She spends her free time on reading some volums.

A. hates         B. detests         C. dislikes      D. enjoys

Question 8.  Henry doesn’t mind ________ up early in the morning.

A. waking                   B. to wake                   C. wake                       D. will wake

Question 9. My grandparents love _____ very much. There are a lot of beautiful flowers

A. doing garden                      B. doing gardening                

C. do gardening                      D. to do garden

Question 10.  Nga likes.................with her close friend on Saturday evenings. 

A. window shop                     B. window to shop                

C. window shops                    D. window shopping 

Question 11. Do you fancy _______ around the West Lake with me this Sunday morning?

A. going          B. having         C. staying        D. moving

Question 12. I don't like _____ up early in the winter days. I love ________ in bed late.

A. getting/ stay      B. get/ stay       C. getting/ staying       D. get/ staying

Question 13. My father is fond of ________ a lot of trees and vegetables.

A. growing      B. grow           C. grew                       D. grows

Question 14. Teenagers often prefer travelling with their friends _____ travelling with their parents.

A. from          B. than               C. as                D. to

Question 15. His parents can’t stand him _____ to rock music at night.

A. listening           B. listen             C. to listen      D. to listening



Question 1. Dogs are ______ than buffaloes.

A. intelligenter            B. more intelligent

C. smart                      D. more smarter

Question 2. Coco thinks life in the countryside is _______that in the city.

A. boringer            B. excited         C. more boring        D. more excited         

Question 3. In the country, streets are generally _________than those in the city.

A. more narrow      B. narrower     C. narrow        D. narrowing

Question 4. Urban areas are ______ than rural areas.

A. more busy         B. busyer         C. busier          D. more busier

Question 5. Julie lives in the countryside. She's a little ______ than her friends.

A. quieter        B. more quiet  C. noisy           D. more noisy

Question 6. Nguyen thinks city life is much _________.

A. more interesting     B. interestinger                       

C. interested               D. more interested

Question 7. My garden is a lot _______than this park.

A. colourfuler     B. colourful        C. less colour     D. more colourful

Question 8.   It is amazing. His house is much _______ than a hotel.

A. comfortabler     B. comfortable      C. comfort      D. more comfortable

Question 9.  He seems to be ________ than we thought.

A. more quick    B. more quickly      C. quicklier      D. quicker

Question 10.  Is living in the city ________ than living in the country?

A. more convenient                 B. as convenient                     

C. most convenient                 D. so

Question 11. Harvesting the rice is much ______ than drying the rice.

A. more harder        B. more hardly            C. hardlier       D. harder

Question 12.  In my opinion, country people are _______ than city people.

A. more friendly       B. friendlier      C. more friendlier       D. both A&B

Question 13.  A village is often _____ than a city.

A. more densely populated     B. less densely populated      

C. more densely populating    D. less densely populating

Question 14.  Medical help is ______ easily obtained in remote areas than in towns.

A. more            B. fewer           C. less             D. higher

Question 15.  He seems to be ________ than he did yesterday.

A. more quick     B. more quickly         C. quicklier     D. quicker



Question 1. The teacher asked me to speak _______.

A. loud            B. louder         C. more loud  

Question 2. Today you looks_______ than usual.

A. more confident     B. more confidently                C. confidently                       

Question 3. You have to work________ if you want to succeed.

A. more hardly            B. hardlier       C. harder

Question 4. You need to work ________ , or you will make a lot of mistakes.

A. more careful           B. more carefully        C. carefully

Question 5. Your house is decorated _________ than mine.

A. more beautiful        B. more beautifully     C. beautifully

Question 6. City drivers have to drive ______ than country ones.

A. more careful                       B. more careless                     

C. more carefully                    D. more carelessly 

Question 7.  I can’t understand what you are saying. Could you speak _______?

A. slowly     B.  less slowly     C. more slowly       D. most slowly

Question 8.  They live _______ with their family in a small cottage.

A. happy      B. happily           C. unhappy           D. happiness

Question 9.  Mr. Brown arrived ________ than expected.

A. more early              B. earlier          C. late             D. more late

Question 10.  We walked______ than the rest of the people.

A. more slowlier         B. slowlier          C. more slowly       D. more fast   

Question 11.  My mother talked _______ than the other guests.

A. more loudly            B. loudlier

C. more loudlier          D. loudly        

Question 12. I went home _______ this afternoon.

A. more late    B. later            C. more early  D. more earlier                      

Question 13. Jim jumped __________ than Peter.

A. more fartherly        B. far   C. farther        D. farrer

Question 14. Minh always answers questions ______ than the other students.

A. weller         B. good           C. better          D. goodly

Question 15. Our new teacher explains the exercises ________ than our old one.

A. more badly                         B. bad             C. badder        D. worse



Question 1. Do you know ______ language is spoken in Kenya?

A. Which        B. Who            C. What                      D. How

Question 2. - ______ do you play tennis?  - For exercise.

A. Why           B. Who           C. What                      D. How          

Question 3. _______ can buy some milk? - At the supermarket.

A. Which         B. Who            C. Where         D. How

Question 4.  ______  much do you weigh?

A. Which         B. Who            C. What          D. How

Question 5. _______hat is this? It’s my brother's.

A. Which         B. Whose        C. What          D. How

Question 6.  ______  bags are you carrying? – Judy’s.

A. Which             B. What              C. Who’s                     D. Whose

Question 7.  _______ usually gets up the earliest in your family.

A. Which            B. Who                C. What                      D. How

Question 8.   _____ money do you earn? – About 500$ a month.

A. How much             B. What          C. How many             D. Which

Question 9. _____ do you expect to have the work completed?

A. When                      B. What       C. Who                       D. How far

Question 10. _____ do you go shopping?

A. How long         B. How often       C. How many      D. How much

Question 11.  _______ does your English teacher look like? She’s young and pretty.

A. What          B. How           C. Where         D. Who

Question 12.  

Lan: _________does a Yao kid never wander through?

Mai: A Yao kid never wanders through the woods.

A. Where         B. What          C. Who                       D. When

Question 13.  _____ do the people here erect their stilt house? – They use columns and beams to build them.

A. How           B. When          C. What           D. Where

Question 14.  I often eat sticky rice cake, but I don’t know _____ make it.

A. how to       B. what to        C. how           D. what

Question 15.  ____ is the most important festival in Vietnam?

A. Which                     B. What                       C. When          D. Where



I. Fill in the blank with a/an.

Question 1.  I’ve bought ______  umbrella for my sister. 

Question 2. My Tam is ____ famous singer in Vietnam.

Question 3.  Would you like ___ cup of tea?

Question 4.  I’d like ______ grapefruit and ______ orange juice. 

Question 5. It takes me ____ hour to go to the cinema. (TH) 

II. Fill in the blank with “a”, “an” or “the”

Question 6.    You can see ____ moon clearly in the Mid-Autumn festival.

Question 7.  Peter is ____ most hard-working student I’ve known.

Question 8.   She took ______ hamburger and _____ apple, but she didn’t eat _____ apple.

Question 9.    My grandfather sent me _____ letter and _____ gift but I haven’t received ____

Question 10.  We have ____ cat and ____ dog. _____ cat doesn’t get on well with ____ dog. 

III. Choose the best answer. 

Question 11.  Can you show me_____way to _______ station?

A. the-the       B. a-a               C. the-an              D. a-the

Question 12.  Mr. Smith is ___old customer and ___honest man.

A. an-the       B. the-an           C. an-an                      D. the-the       

Question 13.  Would you like to hear ____story about ___ English scientist?

A. an- the        B. the- the       C. a- the          D. a- an

Question 14.   There'll always be a conflict between ___old and ____young.

A. the- the       B. an-a             C. an- the        D. the- a

Question 15.  It is typical of the culture life of ____ Thai people.

A. some           B. a      C. the  D. an



I. Put the correct answer into the blank.  

Question 1. People say that we (should/shouldn’t) go to pagodas to pray for health and happiness during Tet holiday.  

Question 2.  I don’t know whether he will be at home then or not, so you (should/shouldn’t) call him before you come. 

Question 3.  You (should/shouldn’t) smoke. It’s bad for you. 

Question 4.  This food is awful. We (should/shouldn’t) complain to the manager.  

Question 5.  You (should/shouldn’t) eat any more cake. You’ve already eaten too much.  

II. Choose the best answer

Question 6.  You _____ stay up too late because it’s not good for your health.

A.  don’t               B.  shouldn’t        C.  don’t have to         D.  hasn’t to

Question 7.   It is going to rain. You _____ take a raincoat.

A.  can             B.  have to              C.  should           D.  must

Question 8.   When going to the pagoda, people _____ wear shorts.

A.  needn’t       B. don’t have to      C. shoudn’t            D.  won’t

Question 9.  The teacher said we _____ read this book for out pleasure because it’s optional.

A.  should         B. must              C. needn’t        D. can 

Question 10.    It _____ sunny at that time of year.

A.  should be probably                        B. should probably be                        

C. probably should be                         D.  probably be should

Question 11.  We should _____ it until tomorrow, it’s late now.

A.   to leave     B. leaving        C.  leave          D. be leaving 

Question 12.  There are plenty of potatoes in the fridge. You _____ buy any.

A.  needn’t       B. mustn’t      C. may not        D. shouldn’t 

Question 13.  I ____ speak Arabic fluently when I was a child and we lived in Morocco.

A.  might         B. can                C.  must                      D.could 

Question 14.  If you want to speak English fluently, you ______ to work hard.

A. could         B. need                C. needn’t                   D. mustn’t 

Question 15.  ____ ask a question? – Yes, of course.

A.  Must                      B.  May                       C. Should        D. Will 



I. Choose the best answer.

Question 1.   You have to ______ these cakes. They are so delicious!

A.  try              B.  trying                     C.  tries           D.  tried 

Question 2.    You ______ pay for the snack. It’s free.

A.  not has to              B.  doesn’t have to                             

C.  not have to                        D.  don’t have to

Question 3.    Do we _____ our shoes off when entering the church?

A.  have take                           B.  have to take                      

C.   having take                       D.   having to take

Question 4.   She ______ up her son at school at five o’clock.

A.   has to pick                        B.   have to pick                     

C.   has to picking                   D.   have to picking

Question 5.     We are in the hospital. You _____ smoke here.

A.   needn’t                 B.   mustn’t                 C.   may not                D.   don’t have to

Question 6.  He had been working for more than 11 hours. He _____ be tired now.

A.    need        B. had better  C.  must          D.   mustn’t

Question 7.   In this city, people ________ walk on grass.

A.   couldn’t       B. mustn’t          C. needn’t                   D. may not   

Question 8.  Children _____ swallow small objects.

A.   may          B. must            C. need                       D. mustn’t  

Question 9.   Driver ____ stop when the traffic lights are red.

A.  must                      B. could          C. may            D. might  

Question 10.   There is no ______ to ask for his permission because we can decide it on our own.

A.   should                  B. must           C.  need          D.   have to

II. Put the correct answer into the blank. 

Question 11.  Vietnamese students (must/have to) wear uniform when they go to school.

Question 12.   If there are no taxis we’ll (must/have to) walk.

Question 13.    You really (must/have to) hurry up, Tom. We don’t want to be late.

Question 14. I have a bad toothache. I (must/have to) make an appoinment with the dentist.

Question 15.   She (must/has to) work on Saturday morning.

Question 16.   Don’t make so much noise. We (mustn’t/don’t have to) wake the baby.



Question 1. I have stomach ache, ______  I don't want to eat anything.

A. but             B. so                C.  because               D.  or

Question 2.  My mother eats a lot of fruit and vegetables, _____ she does exercise every morning.

A. even           B. but              C.  and                        D.        so

Question 3.  You can eat less, _____  you can do more exercise.

A.  however    B.  or   C. but D. so 

Question 4.  I have flu, ______  I don't feel very tired.

A. but                 B.  or   C. so    D. and 

Question 5.  The Americans often eat fast food, ______  many of them are overweight.

A.  but B. when           C.  so   D. and 

Question 6.  The Da Nang Interenational Fireworks Festival is very famous and amazing. _____, it has attracted thousands of foreign and domestic visitors.

A.  therefore                B. because            C.  while           D.  when

Question 7.   School children like Tet because it is a long holiday; _____, they can also receive a lot of lucky money on the occasion.

A.  and            B.  otherwise        C.  moreover        D.  however

Question 8.   I went to Le Mat festival last year, _______ I didn't taste any snakes there.

A. and             B. but              C.  or               D.  so

Question 9.  The Kate festival is celebrated to commemorate the Cham heroes,____  it's also a chance for the local to relax and meet one another.

A.  because       B.  although   C.  so              D.  and

Question 10.    There _____  more than 300 steps up the hill to Hung Kinh Temple.

A.  has             B.  have         C. are              D. is 

Question 11.  At Mid-Autumn Festival, kids can sing, dance and enjoy moon-cake. ____, every child likes it very much.

A.   However  B. Morever      C. Because      D. Therefore 

Question 12.  The last time I went to Scotland was in May, _______ the weather was beautiful.

A.  when        B. while           C. nevertheless        D. however 

Question 13.  The Hung King Temple Festival was a local festival. ______, it has become a public holiday in Viet Nam since 2007.

A.  But            B. Therefore    C. Meanwhile              D. However 

Question 14.  At the Mid-Autumn Festival, kids can sing, dance and enjoy mooncakes; _____, they love it very much.

A. moreover    B. nevertheless          C.  however       D.  therefore

Question 15.  Hoi An Lantern Festival takes place in Hoi An, _____  the best place to celebrate is along the Ancient Town area.

A.  and           B.   but                  C.  so              D. or 



Question 1. ______ Quan Ho is the traditional folk song of Bac Ninh, only this kind of singing is allowed at the Lim Festival.

A. When                 B. However             C.  Although               D.  Because

Question 2.  _______ they are costly, we hold traditional festivals every year.

A. While                 B. Even though       C. Before                    D. When         

Question 3.  ____ the seventh lunar month comes, Vietnamese people often celebrate Vu Lan festival (or Mother's day).

A.  Because     B.  Although   C.  Whether    D.  When

Question 4.  ______ you have chance to visit Khanh Hoa, you should join Nha Trang Sea Festival celebrated in June.

A.  So            B.  If   C.  While         D.  When

Question 5.  ______ spring comes, many Vietnamese villages prepare for a new festival season.
A.  While         B. When          C. Nevertheless           D. However 

Question 6.  Kids really adore Mid-Autumn festival _____ they can sing, dance and enjoy moon cakes.

A. therefore      B. because of              C.  so               D.  because

Question 7.   ____ I don’t understand much about Ca Tru singing, I still like it.

A.  Because                 B. If                C. Although                D. When 

Question 8.   At the beginning of this year, I was going to come to Huong pagoda. However, I couldn’t make it ______ my sickness.

A.  because                  B. despite       C. in spite of        D. because 

Question 9.  Peter waited for the train, ___ the train was late.

A.  because                  B. since                       C. but         D. although 

Question 10.    ______she was young, she believed in fairy tales.

A.  When                     B. As               C. After                      D. Or 

Question 11.  The teacher asked for his homework ____ she noticed it was missing.

A.   before       B. after            C. thanks to    D. due to 

Question 12.  Anna laughed ____her mother dropped a pie upside down on the floor.

A.  after         B. if                 C.  when                     D. until 

Question 13.  The Hung King Temple festival is very crowded, ____ thousands of people want to join it.

A.  even           B.  since          C. yet  D. however 

Question 14.  We really like that festival; _____, we can’t arrange time to join it.

A. but              B. however                  C.  although                D.  both A&B

Question 15.  The ticket was very cheap; _____, she decided not to buy it.

A.  however                B. but                          C. so                D. therefore 



I. Choose the best answer

Question 1. One day, Mai An Tiem ____ a bird eating a red fruit.

A. see              B. saw             C.  is seeing             D.  was seeing

Question 2.  She ______ to visit her granparents with her parents last week.

A.  goes           B.        gone    C.  went                      D.        was going

Question 3.  They _______ the bus yesterday.

A.  don’t catch           B.  weren’t catch         C. didn’t catch            D.  not catch

Question 4.  My father __________  tired when I __________ home.

A.  was – got            B.  is – get           C.  was – getted                 D.  were – got

Question 5.  Where _____ your family ____ on the summer holiday last year?

A.  do/do         B. does/go       C. did/go         D. did/went 

Question 6.  Alice started _____ very quickly when she ____ footsteps behind her.

A.   to run/hears          B. to run/heard           

C. running/is hearing   D. running/hears 

Question 7.  If I ____ a lot of money, I would share it with you.

A.  have                       B. has              C. had                         D. having 

Question 8.  The wolf ___ to Granny’s house and _____ Granny.

A.  ran/swallowed                   B. ran/was swallowing           

C.  was running/swallowed                D. had run/swallowed 

Question 9.  The eagle ___ him and ___ to help.

A. had heard/was agreeing                 B. heard/agreed                      

C. was hearing/agreed                        D.  heard/had agreed

Question 10.  The tortoise ____ hard-working, so he _____ the race.

A. did/had won                       B. had/was winning               

C. was being/won                   D. was/won 

II. Put the verb in brackets in the correct form. 

Question 11.  He (buy) _____ me a big teddy bear on my birthday last week.

Question 12.  They (watch) _______TV late at night yesterday.

Question 13.   They (not be) _____ excited about the film last night.

Question 14.   The waitress (tell)______ us to come back in two hours.

Question 15.    We (drive) ______ around the parking lot for 20 mins to find a parking space.


1. Choose the best answer

Question 1.  When our brother _____ us a frightening story, suddenly there  _____ a big knock on the door.

A. was telling/was       B. were telling/was       C.  told/was        D.  tells/is

Question 2.    What _____ at that time yesterday?

A. were you doing      B. are you doing         C. did you do      D. were you do 

Question 3.   I saw the accident when I _______ for the taxi.

A.  were waiting         B.  was waitingC        C. waiting       D.  waited

Question 4.   While people were talking to each other, he_____ his book.

A.  was reading           B.  is reading   C.  read          D.  reads

Question 5.   While we   _______ basketball in the park, Mary fell over.

A.  were playing          B. played         C. play            D. playing 

Question 6.   My mother _____ a fairy tale story for me at 9 p.m last night.

A. telling         B.  tells              C.   was telling              D.   told

Question 7.   When the cock ______ food in the garden, he saw a big jewelry box.

A. was found     B.  finds           C.   found                   D.   was finding

Question 8.   While the toirtoise was running to the finish at his best, the hare _____ soundly.

A.  slept           B. was sleeping           C.  were sleeping        D. was slept 

Question 9.   While the grasshoper _____ music, the ants was busy with storing up food for winter.

A. sang and enjoyed                           B. was singing and enjoyed               

C. was singing and enjoying               D.  sings and enjoys

Question 10.   When the mouse came to the lion's cave, he _____ in there.

A. isn't sleeping         B. wasn’t slept          C. didn't sleep     D. wasn't sleeping

II. Put the verb in brackets in the correct form. 

Question 11.   The tourist lost his camera while he (walk)__________ around the city.

Question 12.   At this time last year, I (attend) _________an English course. 

Question 13.    When we met them last year, they (live) __________ in Santiago.

Question 14.   I (prepare) ___ dinner for my family at six o’clock yesterday.

Question 15.  The kids (play) ______ in the gargen when it suddenly began to rain.

Lời giải chi tiết


Question 1. D

Question 9. B

Question 2. A

Question 10. D

Question 3. D

Question 11. A

Question 4. D

Question 12. C

Question 5. C

Question 13. A

Question 6. D

Question 14. D

Question 7. D

Question 15. A

Question 8. A




Question 1. B

Question 9. D

Question 2. C

Question 10. A

Question 3. B

Question 11. D

Question 4. C

Question 12. D

Question 5. A

Question 13. B

Question 6. A

Question 14. C

Question 7. D

Question 15. D

Question 8. D




Question 1. B

Question 9. B

Question 2. A

Question 10. B

Question 3. C

Question 11. A

Question 4. B

Question 12. B

Question 5. B

Question 13. C

Question 6. C

Question 14. C

Question 7. C

Question 15. D

Question 8. B




Question 1. C

Question 9. A

Question 2. A

Question 10. B

Question 3. C

Question 11. A

Question 4. D

Question 12. A

Question 5. B

Question 13. A

Question 6. D

Question 14. A

Question 7. B

Question 15. B

Question 8. A




Question 1. an

Question 9. a – a – the

Question 2. a

Question 10. a – a – the – the 

Question 3. a

Question 11. A

Question 4. a – an

Question 12. C

Question 5. an

Question 13. D

Question 6. the

Question 14. A

Question 7. the

Question 15. C

Question 8. a – an – the



Question 1. should

Question 9. D

Question 2. should

Question 10. B

Question 3. shouldn’t

Question 11. C

Question 4. should

Question 12. A

Question 5. shouldn’t

Question 13. D

Question 6. B

Question 14. B

Question 7. C

Question 15. B

Question 8. C




Question 1. A

Question 9. A

Question 2. D

Question 10. C

Question 3. B

Question 11. have to

Question 4. A

Question 12. have to

Question 5. B

Question 13. must

Question 6. C

Question 14. must

Question 7. B

Question 15. has to

Question 8. D

Question 16. mustn’t



Question 1. B

Question 9. C

Question 2. C

Question 10. C

Question 3. B

Question 11. D

Question 4. A

Question 12. A

Question 5. C

Question 13. D

Question 6. A

Question 14. D

Question 7. C

Question 15. A

Question 8. B




Question 1. D

Question 9. C

Question 2. B

Question 10. A

Question 3. D

Question 11. B

Question 4. B

Question 12. A

Question 5. B

Question 13. D

Question 6. D

Question 14. B

Question 7. C

Question 15. A

Question 8. D




Question 1. B

Question 9. B

Question 2. C

Question 10. D

Question 3. C

Question 11. bought

Question 4. A

Question 12. watched

Question 5. C

Question 13. weren’t

Question 6. B

Question 14. told

Question 7. C

Question 15. drove

Question 8. A



Question 1. A

Question 9. C

Question 2. A

Question 10. D

Question 3. B

Question 11. was walking

Question 4. A

Question 12. was attending

Question 5. A

Question 13. were living

Question 6. C

Question 14. was preparing

Question 7. D

Question 15. was studying - was having

Question 8. B




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