Tiếng Anh 6 - English Discovery Unit 6: A question of sport

6.1 Vocabulary - Unit 6. A question of sport – Tiếng Anh 6 – English Discovery

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Bài 1

1. Study the Vocabulary A box. In pairs, ask and answer the questions.

(Học các từ vựng trong hộp A. Theo căp các em hãy hỏi và trả lời nhau các câu hỏi)

1. Which sports can you see in the photos?

2. Which are team sports and which are usually individual sports?

Phương pháp giải:

archery: bắn cung

baseball: bóng chày

basketball: bóng rổ

cycling: đạp xe đạp

football: bóng đá

ice hockey: khúc côn cầu

judo: võ judo

running: chạy bộ

swimming: bơi lội

tennis: đánh bóng tennis

Lời giải chi tiết:


A archery, B ice hockey, C cycling, D judo, E running, F tennis


Team sport

Individual sport

baseball  basketball  football  ice hockey


archery  cycling  judo  running  swimming

Bài 2

2. Study the Vocabulary B box, Match the sports people with the right sports in the Vocabulary A box. Which word can go with more than one sport?

Lời giải chi tiết:






baseball  basketball  football  ice hockey




Bài 3

3. In groups, do Part 1 of the quiz. Listen and check

(Theo nhóm, các em hãy làm phần 1 của câu hỏi. Nghe và kiểm tra xem các em đã làm đúng chưa)


1. In which city can you play a tennis match at Wimbledon?

a. London

b. New York

c. Paris

2. How many teams are there in the football World Cup finals?

a. 8

b. 16

c. 32

3. What sport do the Bulls, the Celtics and the Rockets play?

a. baseball

b basketball

c American football

4. To win this race, cyclists go about 3,500 km in July. In which country?

a. France

b. Italy

c. Spain

5. In the Olympics, what's the shortest race for a swimmer to win a gold medal?

a. 25m

b. 50m

c. 100m

6. On 22 September 2015, in a match between Bayern Munich vs. * Wolfsburg,

a Polish football player scored five goals in nine minutes! What's his surname?

a Klose b Lewandowski c Podolski

* vs. = versus - it means against

Lời giải chi tiết:

1. a    

2. c    

3. b    

4. a    

5. b    

6. b

Bài 4

4. Complete the questions in Part 2 of the quiz with the correct forms of the

words in the Vocabulary B box.


7. In what time can the fastest cyclist cycle one kilometre?

a. 1 minute

b. 1 minute 30 seconds

c. 2 minutes

8. US basketball Steph Curry scores a lot of points and wins a lot of

matches. How tall is he?

a. 1.61m

b. 1.91m

c. 2.21m

9. The fastest marathon usually come from two African countries. Ethiopia

is one; what's the other?

a. Egypt

b. Kenya

c. Nigeria

9. Katie Ledecky is a fast -. How far can she swim in 4 minutes?

a. 100m

b. 200m

c. 400m

Lời giải chi tiết:

8. player 

9. runners 

10. swimmer

Bài 5

5. In pairs, complete the sentences with the words given in the box.

(Theo cặp, các em hãy hoàn thành những câu sau bằng các từ trong hộp)

score        play       win      points


race       match       sport


 1. I play with my friends in the park. I score a lot of goals.

2. I don't think I can win the 100-metre ____ , but I think I can ____ a medal.

3. We often play this ____ in PE. There are five players in each team. You score ____ not goals.

4. In my favourite sport, two or four players can ____ a match. To win a ____ , you need to score more points than the other player(s).

Lời giải chi tiết:

2. race, win (running)       3. sport, points (basketball)     4. play, match (tennis)

Bài 6

6. In groups, ask and answer the questions. Who is the sportiest person in your group?

(Theo nhóm, các em hãy hỏi và trả lời nhau những câu sau. Ai là người giỏi thể thao nhất trong nhóm các em? )

1. How often do you play/do your favourite sport? How often do you win?

2. What other sports do you play/do?

Lời giải chi tiết:

1. I play my favorite sport everyday

I go swimming twice a week

2. I like to play badminton too


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