Đề số 8 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 7 mới

Đáp án và lời giải chi tiết Đề số 8 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 (Đề thi học kì 1) - Tiếng Anh 7 mới

Đề bài

I. Listen

Listen to a man calling for people’s attention to volunteer activities. Then decide if the statements below are true (T) or false (F).

The man says that?

Question 1. Being a volunteer is a way to avoid wasting time. _________

Question 2. Only a few volunteer organizations need new volunteers. _________

Question 3. Many people are lazy and don’t want to do something new. _________

Question 4. Being a volunteer can be boring sometimes. _________

Question 5. Sometimes volunteers can be sad about what the government do to people. _________

Listen again and fill in the gaps with the missing words.

Being a volunteer is one of the (6)_________ things you can do with your life. It’s a great way to help other people. It’s also very (7) _________ to know that you are not wasting your time and are helping people who need help. Many of us could and should be out there doing (8)_________of some kinds. So many volunteer organizations need extra hands. It really is easy. Just pick up the phone and offer your (9)_________. I think too many of us settle into a lazy lifestyle. We just want to come home and watch TV. Life is much more interesting when you’re a volunteer. I’ve found it really opens your eyes to how some people live. It’s sometimes sad to see how the government lets people (10)_________, but at least I’m doing my bit.

II. Find the word with different sound in the underline part in each line.

Question 11.

A. camera                         B. cinema

C. computer                      D. crayon

Question 12.

A. opera                           B. modern

C. concert                         D. person

Question 13.

A. rubbish                        B. sugar

C. English                         D. vision

Question 14.

A. pollution                       B. condition

C. question                        D. occupation

Question 15.

A. machine                       B. children

C. champion                      D. cheapness

III. Find the word with different stress in each line.

Question 16.

A. restaurant                     B. necessity

C. composer                      D. director

Question 17.

A. countryside                  B. Vietnamese

C. dishwasher                   D. festival

Question 18.

A. gallery                          B. microphone

C. musician                       D. instrument

IV. Choose A, B, C or D that best completes the sentences or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.

Question 19. Quang Nam is famous for _________.

A. tofu

B.Quang noodle

C. Rice noodle soup

D. Hue beef noodle

Question 20. _________ is made from soy bean.

A. tofu                              B. musical

C. musically                      D. musician

Question 21. Hue beef noodle is really _________. I like it a lot.

A. awful                            B. salty

C. delicious                       D. bitter

Question 22. I really love lemonade. It tastes sweet and _________.

A. sour                              B. spicy

C. bitter                             D. salty

Question 23. _________ soup in NgheAn is the best soup I have ever eaten.

A. dragon                          B. dinosaur

C. bear                              D. eel

Question 24. They won’t be home _________ 10 p.m.

A. at                                 B. until

C. for                                D. from

Question 25. There are some apples _________ the fridge.

A. to                                  B. for

C. on                                 D. in

Question 26. There is some rice left _________ dinner.

A. from                              B. in

C. at                                  D. after

Question 27. We should join our hands to help _________ because they are so poor.

A. the homeless                B. the rich

C. the happy                     D. the old

Question 28. I have to prepare some English lessons _________ the orphans in the village.

A. to learn                        B. to finish

C. to teach                        D. to send

Question 29.The _________ are people who don’t have their own houses to live in.

A. young children              B. street children

C. rich children                 D. weak children

Question 30. We usually collect _________ and food to provide to the homeless.

A. old clothes                    B. garbage

C. rubbish                         D. cans

V. Read the passage carefully, then choose the correct answers.

Folk music

Pop music has always been influenced by other forms of music. An important form is folk music. Folk songs are the songs composed and sung by country people. The songs may be hundreds of years old, so nobody knows who originally composed them. Modern music is often music for dancing. In Britain it was traditionally played with instruments like flute, accordion, etc.

In the 1950s and 1960s the people who wrote songs and played them with acoustic guitars were also called folk singers. The songs were often “protest songs”, complaining of bad things happening in society.

Question 31. Which form of music is pop music mainly influenced by?

A. classical music             B. folk music

C. jazz                               D. rock ‘n’ roll

Question 32. Who were folk songs composed by?

A. old singers

B. city people

C. modern musicians

D. countryside people

Question 33. According to the passage, what is modern music often used for?

A. singing only

B. playing with guitars

C. dancing

D. forming pop music

Question 34. In the 1956s, what did people play folk songs with?

A. guitars                          B. flutes

C. drums                           D. pianos

Question 35. Why are folk songs called “protect songs”?

A. Because they are sung by country people.

B. Because they are hundreds of years old.

C. Because nobody knows who originally composed them.

D. Because they complain about bad things happening in society.

VI. Choose the best sentence that can be made from the cues given.

Question 36. The taste in music / American / different / British.

A. The taste in music of the American is different from the one of the British.

B. The taste in music of the American is different from the British.

C. The taste in music of the American are different from the one of the British.

D. The taste in music of the American are different from the British.

Question 37. Your grandfather / old / my grandfather.

A. Your grandfather is the same old as my grandfather.

B. Your grandfather is as old as my grandfather.

C. Your grandfather is old as my grandfather.

D. Your grandfather is as old my grandfather.

Question 38. What / kind / music / you / like?

A. What do the kind of music you like?

B. What does the kind of music you like?

C. What kind of music does you like?

D. What kind of music do you like?

Question 39. I / interested / draw / pictures.

A. I interested in drawing pictures.

B. I am interest in drawing pictures.

C. I am interested in drawing pictures.

D. I am interested in draw pictures.

Question 40. He / not / like / rock music / his friend / not.

A. He doesn’t like rock music, and his friend doesn’t too.

B. He doesn’t like rock music, and his friend doesn’t either.

C. He doesn’t like rock music, and his friend don’t too.

D. He doesn’t like rock music, and his friends don’t too.

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1. True Question 21. C
Question 2. False Question 22. A
Question 3. True Question 23. D
Question 4. False Question 24. B
Question 5. True Question 25. D
Question 6. best Question 26. A
Question 7. satisfying Question 27. A
Question 8. voluntary activities Question 28. C
Question 9. services Question 29. B
Question 10. down Question 30. A
Question 11. B Question 31. B
Question 12. D Question 32. D
Question 13. D Question 33. C
Question 14. C Question 34. A
Question 15. A Question 35. D
Question 16. A Question 36. A
Question 17. B Question 37. B
Question 18. C Question 38. D
Question 19. B Question 39. C
Question 20. A Question 40. B

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