Đề số 7 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 7 mới

Đáp án và lời giải chi tiết Đề số 7 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 (Đề thi học kì 1) - Tiếng Anh 7 mới

Đề bài

I. Listen again and fill in the gaps with the missing words.


Question 1.  Temple of Literature is still training students now.  

Question 2.  Temple of Literature never trained anyone but princes.  

Question 3.  Temple of Literature was operated for about 700 years.   

Question 4.  People are allowed to take pictures in Temple of Literature.  

Question 5.  Temple of Literature opens for nearly 10 hours every day.    

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. 

Question 6. 

A.    dam            B.  soldier

 C. educate       D.  graduate

Question 7.

 A.   champagne    B. child

C. lunch                D. watch  

Question 8.

A. bread                    B. coffee 

C. meat                     D. tea

Question 9.

A. hungry                 B.up

C. Sunday                D. pupil

Question 10.

A. but                      B.come

C. so                       D. much

Question 11.

A. measure              B. leisure

C.sure                      D. pleasure

Question 12.

A. children               B. school

C. match                  D. watch

III. Find the word with different stress in each line.

Question 13.

A. cinema               B. camera

C. opera                  D. museum

Question 14.

A. animal                B. photograph

C. puppeteer           D. festival

Question 15.

A. ocean                 B. machine

C. theatre               D. parents

IV. Choose the correct answer to complete each of the sentences.

Question 16. He is ___________ his father.

A. as tall as                   B. as tall than

C. more tall than            D. more tall as

Question 17. Your taste in music is quite ___________ from mine.

A. same                        B. different

C. difficult                     D. similar

Question 18. I think that pop music is ___________ rock music.

A. not as interesting so

B. as interesting than

C. interesting as

D. not as interesting as

Question 19. The concert is not as ___________ you said.

A. boring than                B. boring as

C. very boring                D. so boring

Question 20. Michael Jackson’s style is different ___________ other singers’ one.

A. with                            B. as

C. to                               D. from

Question 21. The taste of this food is the same ___________ the taste of your mother’s food.

A. of                                B. with

C. from                            D. as

Question 22. I do not like dance music, and my mother doesn’t, ___________. Because it is too noisy.

A. too                            B. same

C. different                    D. either

Question 23. Oh, Jane! Your room is as large ___________.

A. as a hall                     B. than a hall

C. large from                  D. a hall as

Question 24.Mary’s mother sings well, and she sings well ___________.

A. either                         B. too

C. to                               D. very

Question 25.Mary can make many cakes per hour but Peter can make ___________ Mary.

A. as much as 

B. twice as many as

C. as twice many as

D. twice as much as

V. Read the text and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each of the gaps.

The Globe Theatre

Visiting the theatre in London 400 years (26)___________ was very different from visiting a modern theatre. The building was round, (27)___________ was no roof, people got cold and wet (28)___________ the weather was bad. The queen loved (29)___________ to the Globe Theatre, by the River Thames to see the plays of William Shakespeare. All the actors at that time (30)___________ men. The visitors ate, talked to (31)___________ friends, walked about during the show and (32)___________ people even threw things at the actors.

Today it is still possible (33)___________ visit the Globe Theatre. A new theatre stands in the same place (34)___________ the river. You can enjoy a Shakespeare there or just learn (35)___________ life in the seventeenth century.

Question 26.

A. after                          B. since

C. for                             D. ago

Question 27.

A. there                          B. here

C. it                                D. the

Question 28.

A. that                            B. if

C. so                               D. the

Question 29.

A. go                             B. going

C. went                          D. gone

Question 30.

A. are                            B. was

C. were                          D. is

Question 31.

A. those                         B. his

C. her                             D. their

Question 32.

A. any                            B. every

C. some                          D. no

Question 33.

A. to                               B. on

C. of                               D. at

Question 34.

A. near                          B. at

C. next                          D. on

Question 35.

A. in                              B. to

C. for                             D. about

VI. Find a mistake in each sentence below.

Question 36. Have (A) you ever seen (B) some (C) tigers in (D) this zoo?

Question 37. We don’t (A) have many (B) spare time (C) these days (D).

Question 38. Tom likes (A) eating (B) com hen whenever (C) he visit (D) Hue.

Question 39. How are (A) the broth for (B) chicken noodle (C) soup made (D)?

Question 40. You should to use (A) the microwave (B) to warm (C) the food up (D).

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1. F Question 22. D
Question 2. F Question 22. D
Question 3. F Question 23. A
Question 4. T Question 24. B
Question 5. T Question 25. B
Question 6. A Question 26. D
Question 7. A Question 27. A
Question 8.  Question 28. B
Question 9. D Question 29. B
Question 10. C Question 30. C
Question 11. C Question 31. D
Question 12. B Question 32. C
Question 13. D Question 33. A
Question 14. C Question 34. A
Question 15. B Question 35. D
Question 16. A Question 36. C
Question 17. B Question 37. B
Question 18. D Question 38. D
Question 19. B Question 39. A
Question 20. D Question 40. A

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