Đề số 2 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 7- mới

Đáp án và lời giải chi tiết Đề số 2 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 (Đề thi học kì 1) - Tiếng Anh 7 mới

Đề bài

I. Listen and tick T or F.

Question 1.  Mary doesn’t have dinner. 

Question 2.  Mary has a brother called Tim.

Question 3.   Tim doesn’t have breakfast.

Question 4.  Tim doesn’t do any kind of exercies.

Question 5.   Tim is a hard-working person, and he may not get enough sleep.

Listen again. Choose the best answer.

Question 6. Where does Mary study? 

A.  primary school

B.  secondary school

C.  high school

D.  university    

Question 7 What does Mary usually have for breakfast?

A.  cereal and water

B.  cereal and a glass of milk

C.   sandwiches

D. a lot of fruits

Question 8  What does Mary have for lunch?

A.   a salad and a glass of orange juice

B.  bread and salad

C.   rice and vegetable

D.  a sandwich and fruits

Question 9  What does Tim sometimes have for dinner?

A. sandwich

B.  fruits

C.   cakes

D. Both B & C 

Question 10  What is Tim interested in?

A.  rice                        B. cakes 

C. fish                         D. chocolate


II. Choose the odd one out.

Question 11.

A. February                       B. Saturday

C. December                     D. June

Question 12.

A. nevous                          B. worried

C. happy                            D. moment

Question 13.

A. chicken                         B. vegetables

C. beef                               D. dinner

Question 14.

A. carrot                           B. pea

C. chopstick                      D. cucumber

Question 15.

A. durian                           B. plate

C. bowl                              D. bottle

 III. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.

Question 16.

A. rehearse                       B. hour

C. household                     D. horrible

Question 17.

A. name                             B. happy

C. date                               D. late

Question 18.

A. great                              B. teacher

C. repeat                            D. means

Question 19.

A. wet                                B. better

C. rest                                D. pretty

Question 20.

A. sky                                B. lovely 

C. party                             D. empty

III. Choose the correct answers to complete the following sentences.

Question 21. He has plenty of homework ________ tonight.

A. to do                            B. do

C. doing                            D. will do

Question 22. Hoa ________ the busy city traffic now.

A. used to                         B. uses to

C. gets used to                  D. gets use to

Question 23. On the table, there are vegetables, bread and two large ________.

A. bowl of soup

B. bowls of soup

C. bowl of soups

D. bowls of soups

Question 24. I hope the ________ can repair our car quickly.

A. mechanic                      B. reporter 

C. nurse                             D. journalist

Question 25. What kind of ________ do you like? – I like cartoons.

A. book                             B. pictures

C. flowers                          D. films

IV. Reorder the words and phrases to make correct sentences.

Question 26. to work / by bus / Mrs Hoang / every day. / goes

⟹ ____________________________

Question 27. new house / How / is / his old / from / different / one? / Minh's

⟹ ___________________________

Question 28. misses / because / Nguyet / she / is / her parents. / unhappy

⟹ ___________________________

Question 29. Does / in / a lot of / have / her town?/ Nhung / friends

⟹ ____________________________

Question 30. and / It's / going to / we are / for lunch. / the room / twelve o'clock

⟹ _____________________________

V. Choose the correct answers to complete the paragraph.

Ann lives in London. She is twenty-nine and works for the BBC. She interviews people on an early morning new program called The World Today. Every weekday she gets up at 3.00 in the morning because the program starts at 6.30. She loves (31) ________ work because it is exciting and she meets a lot of very interesting people, but she loves her weekends, (32) ________.

On Friday she comes home from the BBC at abour 2.00 in the afternoon and she just (33) ________. On Friday evenings she (34) ________ out, but sometimes a friend comes or dinner. He or she brings wine and they cook. Ann loves cooking. They (35) ________ music or just chat.

On Saturday mornings she gets up at 9.00 and she goes (36) ________ . Then in the evenings she sometimes goes to the theatre or the opera (37)_________ a friend-she loves opera. Then they eat in her favourite Chinese restaurant. On Sunday morning she stays in bed late. She doesn't get up (38) ________ 11.00. Sometimes in the afternoon she visits her sister. She lives in the countryside and has two (39) ________. She likes playing with her niece and nephew, but she leaves early (40) ________ she goes to bed at 8.00 on Sunday evenings.

Question 31.

A. her                           B. she's

C. hers                         D. and

Question 32.

A. so                            B. too

C. either                       D. and

Question 33.

A. relax                        B. relaxs

C. relaxes                     D. relaxing

Question 34.

A. not goes                  B. isn't go

C. don't go                   D. doesn't go

Question 35.

A. listen                       B. hear

C. listen to                   D. hear to

Question 36.

A. shop                        B. to shop

C. shopping                 D. shops

Question 37.

A. to                           B. for

C. of                           D. with

Question 38.

A. until                       B. to

C. from                       D. on

Question 39.

A. child                       B. childs

C. children                  D. childrens

Question 40.

A. and                        B. because

C. or                           D. but

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1.  F

Question 2.  T

Question 3.  T

Question 4.  F

Question 5.  T

Question 6.  C

Question 7.  B

Question 8.  D

Question 9.  A

Question 10.  B

Question 11 B Question 26  
Question 12 D Question 27  
Question 13 D Question 28  
Question 14 C Question 29  
Question 15 A Question 30  
Question 16 B  Question 31 A
Question 17 B  Question 32 B
Question 18 A  Question 33 C
Question 19 D  Question 34 D
Question 20 A  Question 35 C
Question 21 A  Question 36 C
Question 22 C  Question 37 D
Question 23 B  Question 38 A
Question 24 A  Question 39 C
Question 25 D  Question 40 B

Question 26. Mrs Hoang goes to work by bus everyday.

Question 27. How is Minh’s new house different from his old one?

Question 28. Nguyet is unhappy because she misses her parents.

Question 29. Does Nhung have a lot of friends in her town?

Question 30. It’s twelve o'clock and we are going to the room for lunch.

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