Đề số 10 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 7 mới

Đề bài

I. Listen to the interview with Dr. Baker about how to get a good sleep at night. Then decide if the statements below are true (T) or false (F).

Question 1.If you can sleep well with a TV on, no need to turn it off. ________

Question 2. In the evening, you should do harder exercises first. ________

Question 3. If your brain is full of ideas, you will sleep better. ________

Question 4. Playing games before bedtime will be good for your sleep. ________

Question 5. Some music may help you sleep well. ________

II. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined.

Question 6. A. morning          B. pork                                 C. fork                              D. chop

Question 7. A. engagement    B. gathering                         C. general                          D. grateful

Question 8. A. machine          B. merchandise                    C. wash                             D. brush

III. Choose the word with the different stress pattern.

Question 9. A. unhappy         B. melody                            C. usually                          D. compliment

Question 10. A. impolite        B. exciting                            C. attention                       D. attracting

Question 11. A. obvious         B. probably                          C. finally                           D. approaching

IV. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D.

Question 12. If you want to carve eggshell, you need to be________ because it may take a long time.

A. good                                   B. patient                             C. careful                          D. skillful

Question 13.My father’s hobby is playing tennis. He plays it three ________ a week.

A. times                                   B. days                                 C. time                              D. minutes

Question 14. Nowadays, young people spend most of their time ________ computer games.

A. playing                               B. to play                             C. played                          D. play

Question 15. This is such a ________ food that I don’t think I can eat it.

A. spicy                                   B. good                                C. delicious                       D. tasty

Question 16.________ is a symptom when you have a flu.

A. a sneeze                              B. a running nose                 C. a cough                         D. all are correct

Question 17. If you spend ________ time on music, you will forget the stress.

A. less                                     B. little                                 C. most                             D. more

Question 18. People can help the homeless and the poor in many ________.

A. streets                                 B. food                                 C. things                           D. ways

Question 19. The neighbourhood was cleaned up this morning, ________ there is full of rubbish now.

A. although                             B. so                                     C. but                                D. and

Question 20.________ a new hobby and you will have more friends.

A. Take care of                       B. Take after                        C. Take up                        D. Take over

V. Find the mistake in the following sentences.

Question 21. She should watch more(A) television because(B) it will harm(C) your eyes(D).

Question 22.Her(A) hobbies are(B) different to(C) mine(D).

Question 23. He loves(A) skating(B) and so do(C) his brother(D).

Question 24.This(A)bridge is built(B)2 years ago(C). It is(D)still very nice.

Question 25. Excuse me(A) ! I’d like(B) two kilo(C) of beef, please(D).

VI. Read the passage and choose the best answer.

Bessie Smith, an American singer, is known as the Empress of the Blues. She had a beautiful voice. Born in poverty in Chattanooga, Tennessee, she was helped in her career by Ma Rainey, one of the best known of the early women blues singers. After touring in the South, Smith went to New York City in 1923 and recorded with leading jazz musicians, including Louis Armstrong, James P.Johnson, and Benny Goodman. Then she became the most popular blues singer of her time, reportedly earning $2000 a week at the peak of her career. She died in Clarksdale, Mississippi, after an automobile accident.

Question 26. What did Bessie Smith do?

A. a singer                               B. a dancer                           C. a teacher                       D. a worker

Question 27.She was born in a ________ family.

A. rich                                     B. wealthy                            C. poor                              D. bad

Question 28.________ helped her with her career.

A. her mother                          B. Louis                               C. James                            D. Ma Rainey

Question 29. She became the most popular ________ of her time.

A. blues singer                        B. rock singer                       C. pop singer                     D. red singer

Question 30. She died in ________.

A. New York                          B. Mississippi                       C. Tennessee                     D. England

VII. Read the passage and choose one suitable word in the box to fill in.

interesting / in bed/ likes/ gets up/ programme

Ann lives in London. She is twenty nine years old and works for the BBC. She interviews people on an early morning (31)________ called The World Today. Every week, she gets up at 3.00 in the morning because the program starts at 6.30. She loves her work because it is (32)________ and she meets a lot of very interesting people, but she loves her weekend, too.

On Friday evening, she goes out. Sometimes her friends come and they cook dinner. Anna loves cooking. They listen to music or just chat.

On Saturday mornings, she (33)________ at 9.00 and she goes shopping. Then in the evenings, she sometimes goes to the theatre or the opera with her friends. She loves opera. On Sunday morning, she stays (34)________ late. She doesn’t get up until 11.00. Sometimes in the afternoon, she visit her sister. She (35)________ playing with her niece and nephew, but she leaves early because she goes to bed at 8.00 on Sunday evenings.

VIII. Rewrite the following sentences based on the given words.

Question 36.The shirt costs $19. The pants cost $22.

=> The shirt doesn’t cost __________________________ . (as)

Question 37. Jane is 18 years old. I am 18 years old, too.

=> Jane is ______________________________________ . (same)

Question 38. I think this dish is very delicious, but she doesn’t.

=> Her taste is __________________________________ . (from)

Question 39. The novel was written just within 2 weeks by a disabled writer.

=> A disabled writer_____________________________ .

Question 40. People raised this fund to help orphanage children in the city.

=> This fund____________________________________ .


-----THE END-----

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1. F

Question 2. T

Question 3. F

Question 4. F

Question 5. T

Question 6. D

Question 7. C

Question 8. B

Question 9. A

Question 10. A

Question 11. D

Question 12. B

Question 13. A

Question 14. A

Question 15. A

Question 16. D

Question 17. D

Question 18. D

Question 19. C

Question 20. C

Question 21. A

Question 22. C

Question 23. C

Question 24. B

Question 25. C

Question 26. A

Question 27. C

Question 28. D

Question 29. A

Question 30. B

Question 31. programme

Question 32. interesting

Question 33. gets up

Question 34. in bed

Question 35. likes

Question 36. as much as the pants.

Question 37. the same age as I am.

Question 38. different from mine.

Question 39. wrote the novel just within 2 weeks.

Question 40. was raised to help orphanage children in the city.

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