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Đề bài


Write questions for the following answers, and answers for the following questions.

1. ____________________________________________________?

It’s about 300 meters from here to the nearest post office.

2. ____________________________________________________?

It’s about 3,900 kilometers from New York to California.

3. ____________________________________________________?

It is about 200 meters from my house to my family store.

4. How far is it from your house to the gym? (300 meters)


5. How far is it from Ha Noi to Hoi An? (about 800 kilometers)


6. How far is it from Earth to Mars? (about 34 million miles)



Put the correct form of words in the brackets, using used to or didn’t use to.

1. I (go) ____________ to work by bus but now I drive my car to work.

2. Joe and I (like) _____________ each other but now we are best friends.

3. Sue (fancy) _______________ rock music but now she is a fan of it.

4. _________________ (you/catch) fireflies when you were a child?

5. My father (smoke) _______________ a lot but he gave up three years ago.

6. My student (be) __________ very bad at Math but now he improves a lot.

7. This doctor (be) ___________ famous but now everyone knows him.

8. Jane (break) _______________ the speed limit and a police officer stopped her.

9. My aunt (work) _______________ as a nurse before she retired.

10. My hometown (have) _______________ an amusement park but the authorities have opened one.


Complete the sentences with the correct adjective form of the words in brackets.

1. I find horror films really ____________ and not at all fun to watch. (frighten)

2. Sometimes I get really ____________ when I can’t express myself well in English.  (frustrate)

3. The film was so ____________ There was no happy ending for any of the characters. (depress)

4. If I feel __________, I find watching a romantic comedy is often _________. ( stress – relax)

5. The news was so ____________ that she burst into tears. (shock)

6. Kathy was so ____________ when she saw the dinosaur bones at the museum. (amaze)

7. The teacher was really ____________ so the lesson passed quickly. (amuse)

8. Whenever Adrian gets ____________, he goes fishing. (bore)

9. We all were ____________ with the results of the test. (disappoint)

10. Of course, action movies are ____________. That’s why I like them. (excite)


Complete the sentences with although, despite/ in spite of, however/ nevertheless.

1. Leonardo Dicaprio is a talented actor; ________, he only won an Oscar after six nominations.

2. ________ the negative reviews, Jurassic World reached $1 billion in ticket sales.

3. Linh wanted to see Wall-E. ________, the showing week fell on her semester examination.

4. ________    it has found its fans over time, Empire Records only made $300,000 at the box office.

5. Finding Nemo was a successful animation film ________ its low budget.

6. Out of Africa didn’t win any acting Oscars ________ starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford.

7. The film barely made back its budget. ____________, critics and fans had a lot of positive things to say about it.

8. ________ animation is not my favorite genre, I really like Zootopia.

9. Titanic is a really good movie;____ ________, it is not for anyone under the age of sixteen.

10. ________ it is loved by fans today, Clue had a rough start when it opened in 1985.


Fill in each blank with a suitable question words. 

1. _________ is Saint Patrick’s Day celebrated?                               - On 17 March.

2. _________ is La Tomatina festival held?                                       - In Spain.

3. ____________ does Hue Festival take place?                                - Every two years.

4. ____________ people attend Oktoberfest Festival every year?  - More than 6 million.

5. ____________ does the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro last?   - For five days.

6. _________ come to the Cannes Film Festival?   - Film directors, stars, and critics.

7. _________ do people go to music festivals? - Because they love music.

8. _________ is Diwali celebrated?  - It’s celebrated with music, lights, and fireworks.


I. Complete the sentences using the future continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

1. What ________________ (you/ do) at this time in five years?

2. He ________________ (study) at the library this afternoon, so he will not see Jennifer when she arrives.

3. Jane ________________ (not wait) for us at the station this time. She’s ill.

4. At the same time tomorrow we ________________ (walk) through the streets of London.

5. __________________ (Dereck/ play) tennis at seven tomorrow?

6. ________________ (we/ visit) the hydropower plant this time next week?

7. The children ________________ (not swim) in the sea tomorrow morning because of the bad weather.

8. In a few years’ time most people ________________ (use) electric car.

II. Choose the correct form, future simple or future continuous.

1. At the same time next year, I will study/ will be studying Chemistry at Oxford University.

2. We will replace/ will be replacing out halogen bulbs with LED bulbs to save energy.

3. In the future, cars won’t use/ won’t be using petrol or diesel, but other fuels like electricity and natural gas.

4. Jane won’t be here this time tomorrow. She will attend/ will be attending the Conference on Green Energy.

5. What will happened/ will be happening when we run out of non – renewable resources?

6. Promise me you won’t call/ won’t be calling before 10; I hate being woken up early!

7. You can’t meet me at the supermarket. I won’t shop/ won’t be shopping in the afternoon.

8. I think scientists will find/ will be finding a solution to global warming soon.

9. You are so late! Everybody will work/ will be working when you arrive at the office.

10. Will solar energy replace/ Will solar energy be replacing fossil fuels within 20 years?


Change the following sentences into the Passive Voice.

1. The government will bring electricity to remote areas next year.


2. People will develop alternative sources of energy.


3. We will solve the problem of energy shortage by using solar energy.


4. With that device people will change the wave energy into electricity.


5. People will construct more wind turbines in that area to produce electricity.


6. Scientists will find solutions to reduce pollution in our city.


7. Governments will make more regulations to reduce industrial pollution.


8. Will renewable energy completely replace fossil fuels in the future?



Complete each blank with the correct form of simple future tense.

1. A: “There's someone at the door.” - B: “I _________________________ (get) it.”

2. Joan thinks the Conservatives ________________ (win) the next election.

3. A: “I’m going to move my house tomorrow.” - B: “I _________________________ (come) and help you.”

4. If she passes the exam, she _________________________ (be) very happy.

5. I _________________________ (be) there at four o'clock, I promise.

6. A: “I’m cold.” - B: “I _______________________ (turn) on the fire.”

7. A: “She's late.” - B: “Don't worry she _________________________ (come).”

8. The meeting _________________________ (take) place at 6 p.m.

9. If you eat all of that cake, you _________________________ (feel) sick.

10. They _________________________ (be) at home at 10 o'clock.


Write the correct possessive pronouns for these sentences.

1. This CD belongs to me. This CD is _________.

2. Give it to him. It’s _________.

3. I have my cell phone and you have _________.

4. They paid full price, but we bought _________ on sale.

5. Jim liked his Christmas present, but his sister didn’t like _________.

6. Jenny and Ann have a kitten. This kitten is _________.

7. My brother and I like to keep pets. These hamsters are _________.

8. Have you got your pen? Would you like to borrow _________.

9. Are you sure this ball is _________? - Yes. It’s my ball.

10. Sue prefers her husband’s tennis racket, so she uses ________ instead of ________.


Complete the following tag questions.

1. There's a new cartoon, .....................................?

2. They don't want to sell their house, ..............................?

3. This machine never works very well,..............................?

4. Your parents should stay in the hotel,..............................?

5. We can't go camping today,.............................?

6. I am late,............................?

7. Let's go to Lan's house,.............................?

8. I think that is an overcrowded bus,...............................?

9. You grandparents don't prefer living in the city,...............................?

10. The tourists will never be allowed to visit the slums again,...........................?

11. I'm unable to solve that problem alone,...........................?

12. Dharavi used to be a fishing village with only three thousand people, ................................?

13. Her brother has lived in Jakarta for more than ten years,...........................?

14. These houses cannot provide enough accommodation,.............................?

15. His sister works for a big foreign company in the city,..........................?


Fill in each blank with “more/les/fewer”.

1. February has ______ days than January.

2. Overpopulation is causing ______ problems than we can imagine.

3. Big cities suffer ______ pollution than the countryside.

4. A teacher needs ______ calories than a farmer.

5. A healthy child requires _____ care than a sick one.

6. My company has________ employees than your company because mine has about one hundred employees but yours has almost two hundred.

7.Jim learns better than Jane. He has ________ good grades than jane.

8. Because of water pollution , nowadays there is________ fresh water than in the past.

9. My neighborhood is more peaceful than your neighborhood.Yours has ________ criminal cases than mine.

10. There are ________ industrial emissions in the city than in the countryside.

11. Nowadays people spend ________ money on education than in the past.

12. I hope this year we will harvest ________rice than last year, so we won't be worried about famine.

13. Many people are moving to the city because there are________  job opportunities there than in the countryside.

14. The government are trying to raise the living standards of people. I think that there will be ________ slum areas in the future.

15. Underdeveloped countries have to deal with________ problems than developed countries.


---------------THE END---------------

Quảng cáo

Lời giải chi tiết

Exercise 1.

1. How far is it from here to the nearest post office?

2. How far is it from New York to California?

3. How far is it from your house to your family store.

4. It’s  300 meters from your house to the gym.

5. It’s about 800 kilometers from Ha Noi to Hoi An.

6. It’s about 34 million miles from Earth to Mars.

Exercise 2.

1. used to go

2. didn’t use to like

3.didn’t use to fancy

4. Did you use to catch

5. used to

6. used to be

7. didn’t use to

8. used to break

9. used to work

10. didn’t use to have

 Exercise 3.

1. frightening

2. frustrated


4. stressed - relaxing

5. shocked

6. amazed

7. amusing

8. bored

9. disappointed

10. exciting

 Exercise 4.

1. however

2. Despite

3. However

4. Although

5. despite

6. despite

7. However

8. Although

9. however

10. Although

 Exercise 5.

1. When

2. Where

3. How often

4. How many

5. How long

6. Who

7. Why

8. How

 Exercise 6.

I. Complete the sentences using the future continuous form of the verbs in brackets.

1. will you be doing

2. will be studying

3. won’t be waiting

4. will be walking

5. will Dereck be playing

6. Will we be visiting

7. won’t be swimming

8. will be using

 II. Choose the correct form, future simple or future continuous.

1. will be studying

2. will replace

3. won’t use

4. will be attending

5. will happen

6. won’t call

7. won’t shop

8. will find

9. will be working

10. Will solar energy replace

 Exercise 7.

1. Electricity will be brought to remote areas by the government next year.

2. Alternative sources of energy will be developed.

3. The problem of energy shortage will be solved by using solar energy.   

4. The wave energy will be changed into electricity with that device.

5. More wind turbines will be constructed in that area to produce electricity.

 6. Solutions will be found to reduce pollution in our city by scientists.

7. More regulations will be made to reduce industrial pollution by governments.

8. Will fossil fuels be completely replaced by renewable energy in the future?

Exercise 8.

1. will get

2. will win

3. will come

4. will be

5. will be

6. will turn

7. will come

8. will take

9. will will feel

10. will be

 Exercise 9.

1. mine

2. his

3. yours

4. ours

5. hers

6. theirs

7. ours

8. mine

9. yours

10. his – hers

 Exercise 10.

1. isn’t there

2. do they

3. does it

4. shouldn’t they

5. can we

6. aren’t I

7. shall we

8. isn’t it

9. do they

10. will they

11. am I

12. didn’t it

13. hasn’t he

14. can they

15. doesn’t she

 Exercise 11.

1. fewer

2. more

3. more

4. fewer

5. less

6. fewer

7. more

8. less

9. more

10. more

11. more

12. more

13. more

14. fewer

15. more

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