Đề cương ôn tập bài tập học kì 1 môn Tiếng Anh 7 mới

Đề bài



Question 1. Hoa likes music. She often ______ to music in late evenings.

A. listen           B. Listening C.  listens           D.  to listen

Question 2.  He goes swimming when he ____ free time.

A.   have          B. is having                 C.   has            D.  will have

Question 3.  My sister is very keen on swimming, and he goes swimming three _____ a week.

A.  time           B.  a time         C.  times          D.  timings

Question 4.  My mom _____ me every weekend without fail.

A.  is calling    B.  will call      C.  calls           D.  will be calling

Question 5.  My dad often _____ up late on Saturday mornings.

A.  got B. will get       C. is getting    D. gets 

Question 6.  How ______ do you go to the library after school?

A.  often        B. much                C.   many        D.  usually

Question 7.   ________ any other languages apart from English?

A. Are you speaking               B. Will you speak       

C. Do you speak                     D. Shall you speak 

Question 8.   Eric, _______ hockey competitively or just for fun?

A.  do you usually play                       B. are you usually playing                  

C.  will you usually play                     D. have you usually played 

Question 9.  Unfortunately, Simon _____ a day off very often.

A.  get             B. doesn’t get          C. isn’t getting      D. won’t get 

Question 10.     Mai loves cooking a lot because she often _____ food for her family and feels great to se other people enjoy her food.

A.  prepare      B. preparing             C. to prepare       D. prepares 

Question 11.  Who ______ after the children when you are away?

A.   looks         B. look            C. does look    D. will be look 

Question 12.  Doing morning exercise every day is good ____ your health.

A.  on              B.  for              C.  to               D.  at

Question 13.  Tom enjoys taking part ____ New Stars Football Club.

A.  in   B. of    C. after                        D. before 

Question 14.  She often receives beautiful dolls _____ her grandma.

A. of                B.  in               C.  from                      D.  on

Question 15.  I’m proud to say that my son is very good ___ playing the guitar.

A.  about                     B.   in              C.   on             D.  at




Question 1.   My mother ________ to stay with us next weekend.

A. come           B. comes         C.  will come   D.  will come

Question 2.  I the future, Nick _______ mountains in other countries.

A.   climb        B. will climb                C.   climbing   D.  climbs

Question 3.   Next week, Nancy’s parents _____ her a new bicycle.

A.  will give    B.  gives          C.  give           D.  will giving

Question 4.   I’m sure you _____ a chance to climb mountains next weekend.

A.  have           B.  will have    C.  having       D.  had

Question 5.   We ______  my mom’s birthday in a famous restaurant next month.

A.  will celebrate         B. celebrate     C. celebrating  D. celebrates 

Question 6.  Mum, I lost my shoes yesterday. Don’t worry. I _____ you the new ones tomorrow.

A.  will buy                 B. buy            C.   buys         D.  buying

Question 7.    “John is a better player than Martin, isn’t he?” – “Oh, yes. He _____ the match tomorrow, I expect.”

A. is winning           B. win            C. wins            D. will win 

Question 8.   “Have you made plans for the summer?” – “Yes, we ______ to Spain.”

A.  go                     B. going        C.  went           D. will go 

Question 9.  Kates and I _____ right here until you get back.

A.  wait                  B. waits         C. will wait       D. waited 

Question 10.   He goes swimming when he _____ free time.

A.  have                B. is having     C. has              D. will have 

Question 11.  I _____ her your letter when I see her tomorrow.

A.   gave          B. will give      C. give            D. don’t give

Question 12.   I hope the weather _____ fine tonight.

A.  will be         B.  is                C.  are             D.  is going to be

Question 13.   We _____ go out when the rain stops.

A.  will go       B. have gone   C. will have gone         D. go 

Question 14.  

A: I’d like a photo of Martin and me.

B: I _____ one with your camera, then.

A. will take                 B.  have taken            C.  took           D.  take

Question 15.    When I ____ Mr.Pike tomorrow, I ____ him of that.

A.  see .... remind                    B.   will see ... will remind                 

C.  will see ... remind              D.  see ... will remind 




I. Choose the best answer.

Question 1.  My sister likes _____ because she can play in the water and keep fit.

A. collecting    B. shopping     C. dancing      D. swimming

Question 2.  They like _____ photos because they take photos in anywhere they have come.

A. taking       B. took                        C. taken          D. take

Question 3.  They really like _____ photos of sightseeing site.

A. take           B. taking         C. will take                 D. takes

Question 4.  I hate _____ guitar because my fingers always get hurt.

A. play           B.  plays          C. playing       D. will play

Question 5.  Hoa likes music. She often ____ to music in late evenings.

A. listen           B. listening      C. listens        D. to listen

Question 6.  I enjoy _____ badminton after school.

A. doing                      B. playing                    C.  seeing        D. going

Question 7.   My sister usually goes to the library with me. She likes _____ comic books very much.

A. read                                    B. reading

C. to read                                D. reads

Question 8.  My uncle likes ______ the vegetables we grow ourselves.

A. to eat             B.  eat            C. eats          D. eating

Question 9.  All of them enjoy  _____ to rock music.

A. take         B. taking                     C. make           D. making

Question 10.   I love ______ book when lying on bed.

A.reading     B. to read        C. read                        D. to reading

Question 11. My family enjoys ____ because we can sell vegetables and flowers ____ money.

A. garden .... to           B.  gardening ... to                 

C. gardening .... with              D. garden .... of

Question 12.  I join a photography club, and all the members love _____ a lot of beautiful photos.

A. take         B. taking                     C. make           D. making

Question 13. ________ can help increase your strength and energy, giving you a stronger heart.

A. Doing cycling        B. Cycling       C. Cycle           D. Taking cycling

Question 14. You should spend more time ______ for your exams.

A. studying                 B. to study        C. studied          D. study

Question 15.  Mary hates _________ at weekends.

A. go kiking       B. going hiking           C. go hike          D. going hike

 II. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Question 1.  I enjoy ______ (collect) dolls and it becomes my pleasure.

Question 2. Do you like ______ (listen) to the news on radio?

Question 3. I dislike ____ (work) with people who are lazy.

Question 4. My mother is keen on ______ (water) roses.

Question 5. My sister enjoys ______ (arrange) flowers.




Question 1. You have toothache. Eat ____ candy.

A. a lot                        B. much           C.  more          D.  less

Question 2.  Get up early and do ____ exercise.

A.  the most        B.  less             C.  more                      D. many         

Question 3.  The examination is coming, watch _____ TV.

A.  lot      B. less           C. the more     D. most 

Question 4.  You are putting on weight, eat _____ fast food.

A.  less            B.  many          C.  much         D.  the more

Question 5.  You have a cough, drink ______ warm water.

A.  many         B.  least           C.  more          D.  a lot

Question 6.  The doctor advised him to play more sports and ____ computer games.

A.  more         B. little                        C. less                         D. least 

Question 7.   Lousie, you should drink _____ water, your skin looks bad.

A.  less           B.  more          C.  most                      D.  least

Question 8.   Eat ____ high fat food is good for your health.

A.  much         B. more                       C.  less                        D.  a lot

Question 9.  You need to spend _____ time playing computer.

A.  much                     B.  less             C.  more            D.  a lot

Question 10.    When you have a fever, you should drink more water, stay in bed and relax _____.

A.   much        B.  more                      C.  most              D.  less

Question 11.  You should eat ______ junk food and eat ________ fruits and vegetables.

A.   little/less   B. much/more     C.  less/more   D.  more/less

Question 12.  You shouldn’t eat _____ meet at night.

A.  most          B.  much           C.  the most                D.  less

Question 13.  When you have a temperature, you should drink more water and rest _____.

A.  most          B.  less      C.  more                      D.  a little

Question 14.  Most people should do more ______.

A. exercise      B.   running           C.  well          D.  weak

Question 15.  My family decided to use _____ electricity by using more solar energy instead.

A.  more          B.   less           C.   much      D.  fewer 

II. Complete the following sentences with “more” or “less”

Question 1.  Drink ___ water but ____ coffee.

Question 2.   Eat  ____ meat but ______ vegetables. 

Question 3.   Spend ____ time playing sports. 

Question 4.  You need to spend _____ time playing computer. 

Question 5. Spend ____ money buying junk food.



Question 1. Alice eats a lot, ___ she hardly does exercise.

A. and           B. but                 C.  or              D.  so

Question 2.  You should wash your face regularly, ______ your face will be full of acnes.

A. and             B.  but             C.  or               D. so   

Question 3.   Stop eating fast food, ____ you will be fatter.

A. or               B. so                 C. but             D. and 

Question 4.   Martha keeps coughing, ___ she needs to meet the doctor.

A. so    B.  but C.  or   D.  and

Question 5.   Lan likes eating junk food, _____ her sister likes vegetable and fish.

A. or    B.  and            C.  so   D.  but

Question 6.  If possible, we should take a walk _____ do outdoors exercise daily.

A. so                            B. or                C. but              D. and 

Question 7.    Do more exercise ______ you want to lose weight. 

A. so                B.  if    C.  and                        D.  but

Question 8.  I have a lot of homework to do this evening, ______ I don’t have time to watch the football match. 

A.  if                B. and             C.  so               D.  when

Question 9.   Take up a new hobby ______ you'll have some new friends.

A.  and            B.  but             C.  while           D.  when

Question 10.   He has toothache  ______he still eats a lot of sweats and cakes. 

A. but            B.  when         C.  and             D.  even

Question 11.  Try to talk less ______ you have a sore throat. 

A. or               B. when           C.  but            D.  so

Question 12.   Don’t drink too much milk, ______ you will gain your weight.

A.  so               B.  or               C.  and                        D.  but

Question 13.   Your eyes will feel dry if you watch TV ____ read comic books a lot.

A.  and            B.  but C.  though                   D.  so

Question 14.   She studied hard, ______ she passed all the exams.

A. so                B.   and           C.  because            D.  but

Question 15.   I love playing volleyball, ______ my father doesn’t.

A.  and             B.   so              C.   because          D.  but

 II. Put “or, and, but, so” into the blank.

Question 1.  If you want to be fit and healthy, you should eat less junk food ______ more vegetables.  

Question 2.   Which activity is better for us, playing sports _____ watching TV?

Question 3.   She wants to stay in shape, ______ she does morning exercise every day.

Question 4.   Sports like riding a bicycle  ______  running use a lot of calories.

Question 5.   The expert says that cycling uses more calories than walking, ____ running uses the most calories of all.



Question 1. He ate a lot of fried food so he ______ fat quickly.

A. get              B. got              C.  gets            D.  will get

Question 2.  We came to the remote villages and _____ meals for homeless children.

A.   made        B. make        C. have made     D.  making

Question 3.  I _______ and interesting news from my best friend yesterday.

A.  have heard B.  heard         C.  hear           D.  did hear

Question 4.  Did you _______ “Iron man” on TV last night?

A.  watch        B.  watched     C.  have watched    D.  haven’t watched

Question 5.  They _______ a community garden project last month.

A.  start           B. started        C. has started D. have started 

Question 6.  Going home from school yesterday, I ______ an old man to go across the street.

A.  helped        B.  help            C.  have helped     D.  was helping

Question 7.   How many novels ______ Charles Dickens _____?

A.  did/write    B. have/written    C. did/written          D. does/write 

Question 8.   He _____ this poem when he was young.

A.  write          B. wrote             C.  has written         D.  have written

Question 9.  Peter ______ to Paris for a holiday last week.

A.   went        B.  has gone   C.  goes             D.  will go

Question 10.    We _____ sick children in Hue hospital last Sunday.

A.  visit          B.  visited       C.  have visited        D.  will visit

Question 11.  Last Tuesday, I ______ home late because there ____ a traffic jam near my school.

A.   go /has been         B. go/was        C. went/was    D. went / has been 

Question 12.  Yesterday, I _______ a book of Nguyen Nhat Anh.

A.  read           B.   readed      C.   has read                D.  reads

Question 13.  She ______ small children in the neighbourhood last month.

A.  tutor          B.  tutored       C.  tutors           D.  has tutored

 II. Give the correct form of the verbs in the blanket.

Question 14. Tom (leave) _______ for London last night.

Question 15. He (win) _______ the gold medal in 2015.

Question 16. She (donate) ________ her clothes to the poor children in her last visit to her hometown.



I. Tick the correct answer.

Question 1.  Have you (saw/seen) my sunglasses?

Question 2  Where (you have/ have you) put my keys?

Question 3.  He hasn’t (gave/given) me his phone number.

Question 4.  I haven’t (did/done) my homework yet.

Question 5.  She hasn’t (buy/bought) tickets for the concert yet.

Question 6.  She has lived in London (since/for) 1985.

Question 7.  Please hurry up! We have been waiting for you (since/for) an hour.

Question 8.  I haven’t seen Tom (since/for) we left school.

Question 9.  Have you learned English (since/for) a long time?

Question 10.  Nam’s father has worked in this company (since/for) 20 years. 

II. Choose the best answer

Question 11.  Lan ______ English for more than a year but she can speak it very well.

A. learns          B. learn            C.  learned      D.  has learned

Question 12.   She _______ blood twenty times so far.

A.  donates      B.  donated     C.  has donated           D.  is donating

Question 13.   He _______ books for poor children for years.

A.  has collected         B. collects       C. is collecting            D. collected 

Question 14.  Mary’s mother _____ her to sing since she was five.

A.  teaches              B.  teach          C.  has taught       D.  taught

Question 15.   My hobby is carving eggshells and now I _____ nearly 100.

A.  am carving        B. have carved     C. carve           D. carved

Question 16.    Linh is my close friend. We _____ each other for 5 years.

A.  know        B. knew        C.  have known          D.  are knowing

Question 17.   He ______ lectures to foreign tourists about traditional food and games recently.

A.  gives        B. gave        C. have given              D. has given

Question 18.     At Tet, my sister and her close friends often go to the hospitals to donate cakes, sweets and toys for the sick children there. They ______ it for many years.

A.  did             B.  are doing               C.  have done              D.  do

Question 19.   Lan ____ Banh Tet. She will try some this year.

A.   never ate   B. never eats   C. has never eaten       D. is never eating 

Question 20.   I ____ hundreds of old books and clothes for street children so far.

A.  have collected        B.   am collecting     C.   collected       D.  collect



Question 1. My sister is not ______ as my aunt.

A. so old as     B. old  C.  as old         D.  more old

Question 2.  Vung Tau is not ______ as Nha Trang.

A.  the same beautiful             B.  beautiful               

C.  more beautiful                   D.  as beautiful           

Question 3.  Jane is not ________her brother. 

A. more intelligent as              B. intelligent as 

C. so intelligent as                  D. so intelligent that 

Question 4.  No one else in the class plays the guitar _____ John.

A.  as well       B.   as far as    C.  so well as   D.  as soon as  

Question 5.  My village is not _________ it was ten years ago.

A.  the same as     B.  the same to      C.  same as      D.  the same

Question 6.  He drives as ________ his father does.

A.  careful as                           B.  more carefully                  

C.  the most careful                D.  carefully as

Question 7.  Some people think that Music isn’t ______ Maths or Science. I don’t agree.

A.  as important as      B.  important as                      

C.   important either    D.  important than

Question 8.    No one in my class is_______ beautiful ____ her.

A. as-as     B. more - as         C.  as - than      D.  the - more

Question 9.   Going by train isn't _____ convenient as going by car.

A.  so               B.  as               C.  more                      D.  A & B are correct.

Question 10.    I think that pop music is ________ rock music.

A. not as interesting so           B.  as interesting than                        

C. interesting as          D.  not as interesting as

Question 11.  The concert is not ________ as you said.

A.   boring than           B.  boring as   

C. very boring             D.  so boring

Question 12.  Mary can make many cakes per hour but Peter can make ______ Mary.

A.   as much as                     B.  twice as many as              

C.  as twice many as               D.  twice as much as

Question 13.  This car doesn’t cost ______ the other one because it’s not new.

A.  as many as B. as much as     C. the same                 D. twice as much as 

Question 14.  Saxophones are _____ than a lot of instruments.

A. heavier        B. more heavier       C. more heavy        D. heavy 

Question 15.  The villagers are .................. they were years ago. There is no change at all.

A.  differently from     B.   not as friendly as  C.  as friend as            D.  as friendly as

II. Complete the sentences, using “like, as, same , different

Question 16.  He doesn't play ____ well ___his brother.

Question 17.  She was required to do the _____ work again.

Question 18.  We went to the ___ school when we were young.

Question 19.  You should know to behave ____ that.

Question 20.   I’m glad to have a friend _____you.


I. Put “either” or “too” into the blank.

Question 1.  Peter plays the piano well, and Jim does (either/too).

Question 2.  My father doesn't like so much noise, and my mother doesn't (either/too).

Question 3.  They were the members of that music club, and I was (either/too).

Question 4.  Now the singers are ready, and the dancers are (either/too).

Question 5.  Her favorite singer is Justin Bieber, and mine is (either/too).

II. Choose the best answer

Question 6.  He is a great composer and his wife ____ too.

A.  great         B.  is                C.    composer            D.   are

Question 7.   Mary’s mother sings well, and she sings well, ____.

A. either          B.   too            C.   to  D.   very

Question 8.  My mother likes listening to country music, and I do, _____.

A. too B. neither        C. either          D. same. 

Question 9.  You haven't been to a water puppet show before, and we haven't _______.

A.  been           B.   too            C.  so   D.  either  

Question 10.   Teenagers in Vietnam like K-pop, and they like Korean films, _____.

A.  too B.  either         C.  so   D.  however



I. Put the word into the blank.

Question 1. I eat (much/a lot of) potatoes every day. I always have some for lunch.

Question 2.  Can I have (some/any) water, please?

Question 3.  There is (a/an) orange in the box.

Question 4.  Would you like (some/no) sugar in your coffee?

Question 5.  I’m afraid we don’t have (any/some) vegetables left in the fridge.

II. Choose the best answer.

Question 6. I’ll try to call you tonight, but I don’t have _____ time.

A. many               B. some               C.  much                D.  few

Question 7.  Kate only ate a sandwich because she didn’t have _____ money.

A.  many              B. some               C. few                    D. much         

Question 8.  We visited a lot of people to the party, but not ______ turned up.

A.  many         B. much           C. some           D. any 

Question 9.  If there are ______ words you don’t understand, use a dictionary.

A.   some         B. many           C. a few          D. any 

Question 10.  I’ll get _______ butter while I’m at the shop.

A.  any            B.  a     C.  some          D. many 

Question 11.  This evening I’m going out with ______ friends of mine.

A.  any                                    B. some                       C.  much         D. a little

Question 12.  We don’t need ____ more white paint.

A.  any                                    B. some                       C. many                      D.

Question 13.  Is there any butter _____ in the refrigerator?

A.  leave          B.  to leave      C.  leaving                   D. left

Question 14.  Would you like _____ milk with your cookies?

A. some                       B. any              C. much                      D.  many

Question 15.  There are ____ oranges, but there aren’t ____ apples.

A.  some/some             B. any/some                C.  some/any              D.  little/any



I. Choose the best answer

Question 1. The Temple of Literature _______in 1070.

A. was found B. was founded C.  find          D.  found

Question 2.  The Imperial Academy was ______ in 1076 under Emperor Ly Nhan Tong.

A.  constructed                       B.  constructing                      

C.  being constructed              D.  construct  

Question 3.  A lot of flowers _____ in Da Lat throughout the year.

A.  growing     B.  are grown  C.  grow          D.  grew

Question 4.  The University of Oxford _______  among the top five universities in the world.

A.  is ranking   B.  being ranked          C. ranks           D.  is ranked

Question 5.  The students of the Imperial Academy_____ from local examinations all over the country.

A.  were selected        B.  selecting    C.  selected     D.  was selected

Question 6.  Many kinds of fruits and vegetables ................ at the floating market in Can Tho.

A.  are selling             B.  will sell       C.  sell             D.  are sold

Question 7. Peter was so sad because he _____ to Lan’s birthday party last night.  

A.  is invited               B.  isn’t invited      C. was invited       D.  wasn’t invited

Question 8.  ______ the house painted by his uncle last year? 

A.  Is               B. Are             C. Was            D. Were 

Question 9.  How was the lost boy _____ by the police?

A. find            B. found           C. finded          D. founded 

Question 10.  After class, the chalk board _____ by one of the students.

A.  always is erased                B. was always erased             

C. is always erased                 D. always was erased 

II. Supply the correct passive form of the verbs in brackets.

Question 1. Tickets for the football match (sell) ______ at the ticket booth.

Question 2. The doctors’ stone tablets (erect) _____ by King Le Thanh Tong.

Question 3. Huong pagoda (visit) _________ by thousands of tourists every year.

Question 4. The Imperial Academy – the first university in Viet Nam (build) ______ in 1076 under Emperor Ly Nhan Tong.

Question 5. Buji Khalifa in Dubai, the highest building in the world, (open) _____ in 2010.

Question 6. In a kindergarten, children (teach) ______ to sing and play. 

Question 7. The University of Oxford (rank) _____ among the top five universities in the world.

Question 8. My sister (study) _____ Law at Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City now. This university (situate) ______ in Thu Duc District.

Question 9.  My brother (graduate) _______ from the University of Melbourne in 2012.

Question 10. The old building (not reconstruct) ______ in our province last year. 

Lời giải chi tiết


Question 1. C

Question 9. B

Question 2. C

Question 10. D

Question 3. C

Question 11. A

Question 4. C

Question 12. B

Question 5. D

Question 13. A

Question 6. A

Question 14. C

Question 7. C

Question 15. D

Question 8. A



Question 1. C

Question 9.C

Question 2. B

Question 10. C

Question 3. A

Question 11. B

Question 4. B

Question 12. A

Question 5. A

Question 13. A

Question 6. A

Question 14. A

Question 7. D

Question 15. D

Question 8. D




I. Choose the best answer

Question 1. D

Question 9. B

Question 2. A

Question 10. A

Question 3. B

Question 11. B

Question 4. D

Question 12. B

Question 5. C

Question 13. B

Question 6. B

Question 14. A

Question 7. B

Question 15. B

Question 8. D


II. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

Question 1. collecting

Question 2. listening

Question 3. working

Question 4.  watering

Question 5.  arranging



I. Choose the best answer

Question 1. D

Question 9. B

Question 2. C

Question 10. B

Question 3. B

Question 11.  C

Question 4. A

Question 12. B

Question 5. C

Question 13. C

Question 6. C

Question 14. A

Question 7. B

Question 15. B

Question 8. C


 II. Complete the following sentences with “more” or “less”

Question 1. more; less

Question 2. less; more

Question 3. more

Question 4. less

Question 5. less 



I. Choose the best answer

Question 1. B

Question 9. A

Question 2. C

Question 10. A

Question 3. A

Question 11. A

Question 4. A

Question 12. B

Question 5. D

Question 13. A

Question 6. D

Question 14. A

Question 7. B

Question 15. D

Question 8. C


II. Put “or, and, but, so” into the blank.

Question 1. and

Question 2.  or

Question 3. so

Question 4. and

Question 5.  but 



Question 1. B

Question 9. A

Question 2. A

Question 10. B

Question 3. B

Question 11. C

Question 4. A

Question 12. A

Question 5. B

Question 13. B

Question 6. A

Question 14. left

Question 7. A

Question 15. won

Question 8. B

Question 16. donated



Question 1. seen

Question 11. D

Question 2. have you

Question 12. C

Question 3. given

Question 13. A

Question 4. done

Question 14. C

Question 5. bought

Question 15. B

Question 6. since

Question 16.C

Question 7. for

Question 17. D

Question 8. since

Question 18. C

Question 9. for

Question 19.C

Question 10. for

Question 20.A



Question 1. C

Question 11. D

Question 2. D

Question 12. B

Question 3. C

Question 13. B

Question 4. C

Question 14. A

Question 5. A

Question 15. D

Question 6. D

Question 16. as….as

Question 7. A

Question 17. same

Question 8. A

Question 18. same

Question 9. D

Question 19. like

Question 10. D

Question 20. like



Put “either” or “too” into the blank.

Question 1. too

Question 6. B

Question 2. either

Question 7. B

Question 3. too

Question 8. A

Question 4. too

Question 9. D

Question 5. too

Question 10. A



Question 1. a lot of

Question 9. D

Question 2. some

Question 10. C

Question 3. an

Question 11. B

Question 4. some

Question 12. A

Question 5. any

Question 13. D

Question 6. C

Question 14. A

Question 7. D

Question 15. C

Question 8. A




I. Choose the best answer

Question 1. B

Question 6. D

Question 2. A

Question 7. D

Question 3. B

Question 8. C

Question 4. D

Question 9. B

Question 5. A

Question 10. C

II. Supply the correct passive form of the verbs in brackets.

Question 1. are sold

Question 6. are taught

Question 2. were erected

Question 7. is ranked

Question 3. is visited

Question 8. is studying - is situated

Question 4. was built

Question 9. graduated

Question 5. was opened

Question 10. wasn’t reconstructed


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