Đề số 5 - Đề kiểm tra học kỳ 2 - Tiếng Anh 9 mới

Đề bài

I. Listen and match. There is an option that you do not need.

1. The first reason to learn English _______

2. If the people in different countries don’t speak your language _______

3. The second reason why you should learn English _______

4. If you have a good level of knowledge of English ______

5. If you can speak effectively in English ______

A. English will open up opportunities

B. English is spoken worldwide

C. you can speak effectively

D. English comes to the rescue

E. try to get your way out in other countries.

F. you will also get that job and do great in that field

II. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined.

6. A. persuasion                      B. extension                C. confusion               D. explosion

7. A. emergency                      B. prefer                      C. versatile                  D. operate

III. Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from the others.

8. A. magnificence                  B. stimulating              C. imperial                  D. simplicity

9. A. habitable                         B. business                  C. consequently          D. externally

10. A. affordable                    B. ingredient               C. destination                         D. derivative

11. A. forum                           B. machine                  C. changing                 D. final

IV. Choose the best one (A, B, C or D) to complete the sentence.

12. The living standards of people in remote areas _________.

A. will be risen                        B. will arise                 C. will raise                 D. will be raised

13. They didn’t stop __________ until 11.30 pm when there was a power cut.

A. to sing and dancing                                                B. singing and dance

C. singing and dancing                                               D. to sing and dance

14. Yuri Gagarin was in orbit in a spaceship _______ moved around the Earth at the speed of more than 17,000 miles per hour.

A. which                                 B. at which                  C. it                             D. this

15. Drinking enough water is a vital part __________ it keeps your body functioning properly.

A. because                               B. or                            C. but                          D. although

16. Her new boss is so bad that he does never take _______ of her extra hours of work, that’s why she needs to change her job now.

A. into investigation               B. into account            C. consideration          D. account

17. Your doctor, ________ advice you ought to listen to, is a clever man indeed.

A. whose                                 B. which                      C. who                        D. whom

18. Not every student is aware of _________ of the English language.

A. its importance                     B. the importance        C. important                D. an importance

19. This is the astronaut who _________ our school the day before yesterday.

A. visits                                   B. visited                     C. has visited              D. had visited

20. Despite the differences in cuisine of each region, there are similarities, such as the _______ for main meals – rice, ways of adding fish sauce, herbs and other flavors.

A. foundation                                     B. necessity                 C. staple                      D. basic

V. Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed to make the sentence correct.

21. On (A) the way home, we saw a lot of (B) men, women, and dogs which (C) were playing in (D) the park.

22. Unless (A) you pour (B) oil on (C) water, it will float (D).

VI. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the given word.

23. If you are a/an _________ person, you cannot become a good teacher. (patience)

24. English, which is the _______ language, has been learnt by billions of people in the world. (universe)

25. When the students learn about space travel, ,they are very curious about the state of being _______. (weight)

VII. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

The (26) ________ of parental authority has changed. Today, no parent can take their children’s respect for granted: authority has to be earned. Several studies have shown the following problems.

Trust: A lot of young people say their parents don’t trust them. Some of them have no privacy: their parents read all their emails, and enter their rooms (27) _______ knocking. All of these actions demonstrate lack of respect. (28) _______, these teenagers have little respect for their parents.

Communication: Hardly any teens discuss their problems with their parents. That’s because very few teens feel their parents really listen to them. Instead, most parents tend to fire off an immediate response to their kid’s first sentence.

Freedom: Interestingly. Most rebels come from very authoritarian homes where kids have very little freedom. Teens need (29) ________ rules but they have to be clear and unchangeable. Also, if the mother and father don’t agree about discipline, teens have less respect for both parents. They also need a lot of support and a little freedom to take their own decisions. None of them enjoy just listening to adults

Role models: Teens don’t have much respect for their parents if neither of them actually does things (30) _______ they expect their children to do. Like everybody, teens appreciate people who practice what they reach.

26. A. provision                      B. concept                   C. applicant                 D. breadwinner

27. A. in                                  B. during                     C. without                   D. within

28. A. Consequently   B. Moreover                C. However                D. So

29. A. less                               B. more                       C. fewer                      D. little

30. A. who                              B. that                                     C. whom                     D. where

VIII. Read the passage and choose the correct answer to each question.

We will probably never know who first sold a beef inside a bun, but there are lots of

contenders for having invented something similar. Genghis Khan and his army of Mongol horsemen used to snack on raw beef which they kept underneath their saddles. They also ground meat from lamb or mutton. This was fast food for busy warriors on horseback at that time. When the Mongols invaded Russia, the snack became known as “Steak Tartare”. In the 17th and 18th centuries trade between Germany and Russia gave rise to the “Tartare steak”, while the “Hamburg steak” became popular with German sailors along the New York City harbor.

It’s speculated that the first “Hamburger steak” was served at Delmonico’s Restaurant in New York City in 1834, but not in a bun. In 1885 Charlie “Hamburger” Nagreen served flattened meatballs between two slices of bread. As late as 1904 Fletcher Davis of Athens, Texas, attracted much attention when he sold his hamburgers at the St. Louis World’s Fair. Davis’s claim to having originated the hamburger has been supported by both McDonalds and Dairy Queen.

Brothers Frank and Charles Menches may also have made a major contribution to hamburger history: they sold ground pork sandwiches at the Erie Country Fair in New York, but one day in 1885, they were forced to use chopped beef because their butcher had run out of pork. They mixed in some coffee and brown sugar to beef up the taste and sold their “Hamburger Sandwiches”. The name “Hamburger” came from Hamburg, New York, the location of the fair.

31. What was the Menches’ contribution to hamburger history?

A. They began to use chopped pork.                          B. They changed the taste of pork.

C. They began to ground pork for sandwiches.         D. They used another meat and added flavors.

32. Which of the following is NOT stated about the Mongols in paragraph 2?

A. They kept lambs and mutton nearby.                     B. They used to eat non-cooked meat.

C. They occupied the Russian territories.                   D. They used to eat while riding a horse.

33. Where did “hamburger” get its name from?

A. A place                   B. The Germans                      C. A man                    D. A fair

34. Which of the following is stated in the passage?

A. Hamburger was first served in Germany.

B. Sailors brought hamburger steak to New York.

C. Tartare stake became popular in the 17th century.

D. Minced beef appeared in the 15th century.

35. Who was “hamburger steak” invented by, according to paragraph 3?

A. Fletcher Davis                                                        B. Delmonico                         

C. Charlie “Hamburger” Nagreen                               D. McDonalds

IX. Complete the second sentence in each pair so that it has similar meaning to the first sentence.

36. I didn’t like the CD you have recommended me, but I bought it all the same.

=> Although ___________________________________________.

37. Mr. Thomas has a nice accent and a good sense of humor. He is my first English teacher. (who)

=> Mr. Thomas, ________________________________________.

38. “How about going to the cinema tonight?”, said Tom.

=> Tom suggested ______________________________________.

39. They continued to say that I was to blame.

=> They persisted ______________________________________.

40. “Why don’t you search for the recipe of this dish from the Internet?”

=> “If I __________________________________”, said my sister.


------------------THE END------------------

Lời giải chi tiết

1. B

8. B

15. A

22. D

29. C

2. D

9. D

16. D

23. impatient

30. B

3. A

10. C

17. A

24. universal

31. D

4. C

11. B

18. B

25. weightless

32. A

5. F

12. D

19. B

26. B

33. A

6. B

13. C

20. B

27. C

34. C

7. D

14. A

21. C

28. A

35. A

36. I didn’t like the CD you have recommended me, I bought it all the same

37. who has a nice accent and a good sense of humor, is my first English teacher

38. going to the cinema that night

39. in saying that I was to blame

40. were you, I would search for the recipe of this dish from the Internet.

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