Đề số 2 - Đề kiểm tra học kỳ 2 - Tiếng Anh 9 mới

Đề bài

I. Listen and choose the correct for each below.

1. How were gender roles before the Industrial Revolution?

A. men went to work at factories                                           B. men and women stayed home with kids   

C. pretty simple and similar                                                    D. both men and women left home to take jobs

2. How did gender roles change in the 20th century?

A. women and men worked at factories offices                    

B. men still filled in at stores and women stayed home

C. men went off to fight in World War and women filled in at factories and stores

D. women returned to home making and men became doctors, business leaders

3. Why didn’t women want to stay home with kids when the war was over?

A. Because they felt as if they had been freed from the home.

B. Because they wanted to earn money.

C. Because their husbands didn’t go out to work.

D. Because their kids didn’t want to have their moms at home.

4. What was dominated by men after the war?

A. family stuff                        B. factories                  C. thought education and fields                     D. heads of state

5. What did men who welcome this change decide to do?

A. They didn’t want to be nurses, teachers, secretaries and receptionists.

B. More men started staying home with the children.

C. They didn’t allow women to go out to take jobs.

D. They decided to dominate all fields of life.

II. Find the word which has a different sound in the underlined part.

6. A. sentenced           B. breathed                 C. sniffed                    D. changed

7. A. telescope            B. microgravity           C. cooperate                D. rocket

8. A. burden                B. curtain                    C. turtle                       D. curriculum

III. Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from the others.

9. A. drastically           B. distinction              C. enjoyable                D. dependent

10. A. apply                B. standard                 C. service                    D. masterpiece

11. A. alternative        B. academic                C. variety                    D. biologist

12. A. architect           B. mechanic                C. channel                   D. chemistry

IV. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.

13. I am trying __________ money to pay for a trip with my best friends in the next summer holiday.

A. save                        B. to save                    C. to be saved                         D. saving

14. The possible career paths in education can be to become teachers, education _________ or curriculum developers.

A. leaders                    B. administrators         C. managers                D. businessman

15. Linda can’t stand __________ in a room with all of the windows closed.

A. sleep                       B. sleeping                  C. slept                        D. being slept

16. Albert Einstein, _______ was such a brilliant scientist, introduced the theory of relativity.

A. that                                     B. whose                     C. who                        D. whom

17. If I had more time, I ______________ a Business English course.

A. take                        B. took                        C. will take                 D. would take

18. John and Mary went to _________ school yesterday and then studied in ___________ library before returning home.

A. the – a                    B. x – the                    C. a – a                        D. the – x

19. I think that _________ lemon juice on fish makes it taste better.

A. few                                     B. a few                      C. little                        D. a little

20. No one ever improves pronunciation and ________ by watching someone else’s shape of the mouth! You improve English speaking by speaking, not watching.

A. accent                     B. sounds                    C. rhythm                    D. tone

V. Use the correct form of the word given to complete each sentence.

21. The university has an international _____________ as a center of excellence. (repute)

22. On the ISS, ________ have to attach themselves so they don’t float around. (astronomy)

23. Computers offer a much greater degree of ____________ in the way work can be organised. (flexible)

24. Teachers will become ___________ rather than information providers. (facility)

25. My little cousin is a blabbermouth! He can’t resist ______________ everyone my secret. (tell)

VI. Fill each of the numbered blanks in the following passage. Use only one word in each space. There is an extra word.

espresso           recipes             cookery           after                 traditional                   kinds

Australia is a huge country and it has a lot of different (26) ______ of food. In the past, the Aboriginal people of Australia ate animals like crocodiles and some insects like the witchetty grub. Aboriginal Australians travelled around the Australian countryside, or ‘bush’, to find food.

When the first British and Irish people moved to Australia in the 1830s, they brought sheep and cows from Europe. They also brought (27) ______ English and Irish recipes. Many of these (28) ______, like fish and chips and meat pies, are still popular today. They also created new Australian recipes such as the pavlova (a fruit dessert - named after a Russian dancer) and damper (a bread cooked in the bush).

(29) ______ 1945, a lot of people came to live in Australia from countries like Italy, Germany, Greece, Thailand and India. They brought recipes with them and Australians began to eat and drink different things. People started to drink espresso coffee and eat Mediterranean and Asian food.

A lot of modern Australians love cooking with fresh food. They often cook food on barbecue in their gardens or on the beach. Today more people also eat Aboriginal food like kangaroo and emu. Mark Olive, an Aboriginal chef, has a popular TV (30) ______ programme about traditional; bush food. There are always new recipes to try in Australia!

VII. Read the text. Use the information in the story and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question.


Andy heard from his friends that a comet was coming. He knew that a comet was a space rock. Space rocks seemed exciting. He wanted to watch it at night. All he had to do was go outside and watch. That was easy enough.

That night, he put on a jacket and went outside. He looked around. He saw the moon, but he did not see anything else. There were only a couple clouds, so that was not the problem. He could see some stars, but nothing new or special. Where was the comet?

He called his friend on the phone. They talked about it. His friend told him where to look, but he still didn’t see it. What was going on? Was he not special enough to see it? Were his eyes going bad? What was he doing wrong?

Andy went to get his dad. Together, they looked up in the sky where it was supposed to be. Finally, after several minutes of looking, he saw a fuzzy thing, brighter and bigger than a star, but nowhere near what he expected.

“I thought it’d be like an extra moon or something.” Andy complained.

“It’s not big enough for that, and it still might be very far away.” Dad explained.

“I still wish I could see it better.”

Dad nodded and went inside. When he came back out, he had a telescope. Together, they focused in and saw the comet a little better. It wasn’t much, but it helped.

“What else can we see?” Andy wondered.

Dad smiled and aimed the telescope over at the moon instead. That was cool. Seeing the craters and the details of the moon up closer was nice.

Astronomy was interesting. Andy made sure to read more about it at school!

31. What was Andy excited to see in the sky?

A. rainbows                             B. clouds                                 C. the moon                            D. a comet

32. What problem did Andy have when he tries to look at the comet?

A. There were too many and he couldn’t find the right one.

B. He couldn’t see it.

C. It was too bright to see anything.

D. The sky was very cloudy.

33. When he couldn’t find the comet, what did Andy do first?

A. Called a friend                                                                   B. Asked dad for help

C. Got a telescope                                                                  D. Checked the Internet

34. When he still couldn’t find the comet, what did Andy do next?

A. Called a friend                                                                   B. Asked dad for help

C. Got a telescope                                                                  D. Checked the Internet

35. When he was disappointed by the comet, what did Andy’s father show Andy?

A. constellations                     B. a planet                               C. the moon                            D. a comet

VIII. Complete the second sentence in each pair so that it has similar meaning to the  first sentence.

36. Last week they visited a museum. The first artificial satellite is on display there.

=> Last week they ______________________________________________________________________

37. Even though she had a poor memory, she told interesting stories to the children. (Despite)

=> ___________________________________________________________________________________

38. Follow these safety instructions or you may get burnt. (not)

=> If you ______________________________________________________________________________

39. I suggest having spaghetti and pizza tonight.

=> Let’s _______________________________________________________________________________

40. This is the best essay I have ever written. (such)

=> Never ______________________________________________________________________________


------------------THE END------------------

Lời giải chi tiết

1. C

2. C

3. A

4. C

5. B

6. B

7. D

8. D

9. A

10. A

11. B

12. B

13. B

14. B

15. B

16. C

17. D

18. B

19. D

20. A

21. reputation

22. astronauts

23. flexibility

24. facilitators

25. telling

26. kinds

27. traditional

28. recipes

29. After

30. cookery

31. D

32. B

33. A

34. B

35. C

36. visited a museum where the first artificial satellite is on display.

37. Despite her poor memory, she told interesting stories to children.

Hoặc: Despite having a poor memory, she told interesting stories to children.

Hoặc: Despite the fact that she had a poor memory, she told interesting stories to children.

38. don’t follow these safety instructions, you may get burnt.

39. have spaghetti and pizza tonight.

40. have I written such a good essay.

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