Đề cương ôn tập bài tập học kì 1 môn Tiếng Anh 9 mới

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Đề cương ôn tập các câu hỏi trắc nghiệm theo từng chủ điểm ngữ pháp sách giáo khoa Tiếng Anh 9 mới, giúp học sinh luyện tập và nắm chắc toàn bộ kiến thức đã học

Lựa chọn câu để xem lời giải nhanh hơn

Đề bài


Question 1. They keep changing the decoration of the shop _____ they can attract more young people.

A. so that       

B. because      

C. although    

D. when

Question 2. _____ there are modern knitting machines, the artisans in my village like using traditional looms.

A. Because     

B. Although               

C. In spite of             

D. So

Question 3. Sinh paintings are special  _______ they are burned after worship.

A. since          

B. while          

B. before        

D. so that

Question 4. I couldn’t sleep last night ____ the bar nearby played music so loudly.

A. although    

B. so that        

C. while          

D. because
Question 5. I am going to the cinema with my friends this weekend ______ we can see the latest 6D Ocean Explore film.

A. in order that          

B. in order to  

C. as soon as  

D. until

Question 6. Three villages were chosen for the pilot project ______ the Asia Foundation had worked with local authorities. 

A. until           

B. while          

C. after                       

D. when

Question 7. _______ Viet Nam began integrating into the international economy a few decades ago, production in craft villages developed strongly, meeting demand for domestic decoration, and construction.

A. Whenever              

B. While         

C. When         

D. Before

Question 8. Local people in Thanh Ha pottery village near Hoi An continue following their craft _______ there isn't enough support for maintaining the old traditions and skills.

A. because      

B. although                

C. as soon as              

D. so that

Question 9. Nam didn’t know _____ to find more information about the course.

A. what          

B. why                       

C. where         

D. while

Question 10. Minh was so tired _______he will be absent for school tomorrow.

A. before        

B. when          

C. so               

D. because

Put the verb into the blank.

if          so that              because           after                 who                 when

Question 11. ____ they keep cutting down trees, the city will lose its beauty.

Question 12. At the age of over 80, the artisan is instructing the craft to his grandchildren, ______ they will preserve this ancient craft.

Question 13. Ngoc is stressful _______ she’s sitting an important exam tomorrow.

Question 14. _____ the workers had taken several steps to whiten the palm leaves, they sew together the

leaves and the rings. 

Question 15. Lan couldn’t decide _____ to work with on the project.


Question 1.  Some years ago, my uncle and aunt ________ the business from my grandparents because they are very old. 

A. looked after                       

B. took care                

C. set up                     

D. took over

Question 2. Have you ever _____ to Ho Tay Village in Hue? It’s the place where people make the famous Bai tho conical hats.

A. go              

B. went          

C. gone           

D. been

Question 3. This company has gone bankrupt. Do you know who will ______ ?

A. take care of it        

B. look after it

C. take it over            

D. turn it up

Question 4. The people in my village cannot earn enough money for their daily life. They can’t _____ this traditional craft. They have to find other jobs.

A. help out                 

B. live on                    

C. work on                 

D. set up

Question 5. The crew have been living ______ space for over three months.

A. in               

B. at               

C. on              

D. for

Question 6. You can look _____ a word in a dictionary if you don’t know what it means.

A. into            

B. for              

C. up              

D. over

Question 7. Do you think that the various crafts remind people _____ a specific region?

A. about         

B. of               

C. for              

D. in

Question 8. Conical hat making in the village has been passed _____ from generation to generation.

A. on              

B. down                     

C. up              

D. in

Question 9. I have been trying to _________ smoking but I simply can’t do it.

A. give up      

B. get on        

C. give out                 

D. put down

Question 10. Everyone says that I look like my father.

A. look after               

B. look up                  

C. take after               

D. take up

Question 11. Match a phrasal verb in A with its meaning in B.



1. live on

a. have a friendly relationship with somebody

2. close down

b. transfer from one generation to the next

3. come back

c. have enough money to live 

4. get on with

d. return

5. pass down

e.stop doing business 

Fill in the gap with one suitable phrasal verb.

get on         look for         switch on         try on        turn off   

 Question 12. “Please _______ the radio, I can’t concentrate on my work”. 

Question 13 Quickly! _________ the bus. It’s ready to leave.

Question 14. I don’t know where my book is. I have to _______ it.

Question 15. It’s dark inside. Can you ________ the light, please?


1. You're not a safe driver! You should drive _________.

A. careful                   

B. careless      

C. more carefully       

D. most carefully

2. The building looks much _____ in green than the previous white.

A. more nice         

B. the nicest               

C. nicest             

D. nicer

3. I was disappointed as the film was_________ than I had expected. 

A. as entertaining       

B. less entertaining     

C. more entertaining              

D. few entertaining

4. The last exhibition was not ______ this one. 

A. as interesting                     

B. so interesting than             

C. so interesting as                 

D. more interesting

5. Your city is developing _________ my city. 

A. so fast         

B. as fast as           

C. fast than         

D. the fastest

6. Let's take this road. It is ______way to the city.

A. the shortest            

B. a shortest               

C. the shorter             

D. both A & B

7. I think it is _____ part of the city.

A. the noisiest            

B. the most noisy                   

C. noisier                   

D. noisiest

8. Japan is the _________ developed country in the world. 

A. most two               

B. two most               

C. second most          

D. second in most 

9. This computer is much more user-friendly, but it costs _______ the other one. 

A. as many as                       

B. as much as             

C. twice as much as               

D. twice as many

10. When you want to relax, you'll have one of the world's _________ cities at your feet, with more than 40% green space and open water to enjoy. 

A. greener                               

B. greenest                 

C. mostly green                      

D. green mostly


Question 1. Lan asked her teacher what requirements she ______ as a monitor. 

A. needs to do                        

B. needed doing               

C. need to do                          

D. needed to do

Question 2. I asked Martha ________ to enter law school.

A. was she planning                

B. is she planning                               

C. if she was planning                        

D. are you planning

Question 3. I wondered ________ the right thing.

A. whether I was doing         

 B. if I am doing         

C. was I doing                                    

D. am I doing

Question 4. He wants to know whether I _______ back home.

A. come           

B. came           

C. will come    

D. would come

Question 5. They said that they had been driving through the desert ________. 

A. the previous day     

B. yesterday    

C. the last day 

D. Sunday previously

Question 6. Peter asked Jane why_____ the film on T.V the previous night.

A. didn't she watch     

B. hadn't she watched

C. she doesn't watch   

D. she hadn't watched

Question 7. He advised them _______ in class.

A. to not talk   

B. not to talk   

C. to talk not   

D. don't talk

Question 8. Julia said that she _________ there at noon.

A. is going to be          

B. was going to be      

C. will be       

D. can be

Question 9. He _______ that he was leaving that afternoon.

A. told me               

B. told to me       

C. said me       

D. says to me

Question 10. He proved that the earth  _______ round the Sun.

A. had gone            

B. was going        

C. goes          

D. would go

Question 11. I wonder why he ________ love his family.

A. doesn’t       

B. don’t           

C. didn’t         

D. hasn’t 

Question 12. He asked the children ______ too much noise. 

A. not to make       

B. not making      

C. don't make  

D. if they don't make

Question 13.  Mr. Hawk told me that he would give me his answer the ____  day  

A. previous      

B. following        

C. before          

D. last

Question 14.  The woman asked ________ get lunch at school. 

A. can the children                      

B. whether the children could

C. if the children can                    

D. could the children

Question 15.  The teacher asked me __________ worried about before the exam.

A. What I am most                 

B. what I am              

C.  what most I was                

D. what I was most


Question 1.  Traditional games _______ as an effective but simple educational method of centuries. 

A. were used                           

B. used to used                      

C. had used                             

D. have been used

Question 2. The English men are not used ______on the right hand side of the street.

A. to drive                   

B. to driving               

C. for driving              

D. drive

Question 3. She ______ a teddy bear, but she doesn't have one now. 

A. used to have           

B. used to having      

C. was use to having   

D. was used to have

Question 4. Marriage ________ arranged by parents. 

A. used to be              

B. is used to being     

C. was used to be       

D. got used to being

Question 5. They __________  go on holiday when they lived in the countryside. 

A. not use to              

B. weren't use to        

C. didn't use to           

D. hadn't used to

Question 6. Women have walked dozens of kilometres to market _______ twenty or thirty-kilogram loads in shoulder poles for generations.

A. to carry       

B. to be carred

C. carrying      

D. carry

Question 7. In the past, white, or violet ao dai________ by Vietnamese female students as their uniforms.

A. would be wear       

B. wore           

C. used to wear           

D. was worn

Question 8. I _______ long hair, but I have short one now.

A. used to having        

B. used to have          

C. was use to having   

D. was used to have

Question 9. They ________ go on holiday when they lived in the countryside.

A. not use to                          

B. weren’t use to        

C. didn’t use to                       

D. hadn’t used to

Question 10. When he lived in Japan, he didn’t _______ food with forks, but with chopsticks.

A. used to eat                          

B. use to eat   

C. used to eating                      

D. use to eating

Question 11. My brother ________ football, but an injury stopped him from playing. 

A. used to play                      

B. use to play       

C. used to playing               

D. use to playing

Question 12. David was a good climber in his youth. He ______ very high mountains. 

A. use to climb            

B. used to climb         

C. used to climbing      

D. use to climbing

Question 13. The farmers in my village ______ rice home on trucks. They used to buffalo-driven carts. 

A. used to transport                

B. used to be transported       

C. didn’t use to transport       

D. are used to transporting

Question 14. Men used ____ the breadwinner of the family. 

A. be               

B. to be           

C. to being      

D. being

Question 15. Tam _________ go fishing with his brother when he was young.

A. used to       

B. is used to    

C. has used to             

D. was used to 


Question 1.  Lan wishes there________ a smart board in her classroom.

A. was                         

B. were           

C. is                 

D. had been

Question 2. We all______ it were the weekend tomorrow.

A. think                      

B. hope            

C. wish            

D. want

Question 3. Minh wishes he _______ English perfectly well.

A. spoke          

B. speaks         

C. is speaking              

D. has spoken

Question 4. “He has to work 12 hours every day.” “_______”

A. sure                                           

B. How cool! 

C. I wish I could go back home         

D. I can’t imagine that

Question 5. I wish I ________ near my shcool.

A. lived           

B. live  

C. will live      

D. am living

Question 6. She wishes she ______ a longer summer vacation.

A. can have       

B. could have            

C. is having     

D. has

Question 7. They are building a new airport in my area. I wish they______.

A. were           

B. will not be  

C. weren’t      

D. aren’t

Question 8. “How cool!” is used to express ________

A. an agreement                      

B. a wish        

C. a surprise                

D. an appreciation

Question 9. I wish this LCD projector ______ still expensive.

A. will not be          

B. was not           

C. were           

D. is not

Choose the underlined word/ phrase which is INCORRECT.

Question 10. They wished that time will be turned back so that they could go kite-flying with other kids.

A. wished        

B. will be turned         

C. could go     

D. kite-flying

Question 11. I have a lot of work to do. I wish I have more time.

A. have            

B. a lot            

C. to                 

D. have

Question 12. I wish I could make a 20000 miles-undersea trip in a nuclear submarine.

A. could              

B. 20000 miles            

C. in                

D. nuclear 

Question 13. I wish the school authorities can set holidays based on local weather conditions.

A. authorities       

B. can              

C. based on     

D. conditions 

Question 14. I wish graduates from college have enough skills to meet the requirements of their jobs.

A. graduates         

B. have        

C. to meet                   

D. requirements

Question 15. I wish many schools in Vietnam were not overcrowded so that there are many students. 

A. were           

B. not              

C. so that                    

D. are


Question 1. It ______ that learning English is easy.

A. are said                 

B. is said                 

C. said                

D. says          

Question 2. _______ that the temple was built on the current site of Thien Tru in the 15th century.

A. It is think                            

B. It was thought                   

C. They thought                      

D. It thought

Question 3. It is hoped that any defensive measures _______ to protect and preserve our man-made wonders. 

A. is taken       

B. will take      

C. will be taken           

D. are taken

Question 4. _______ the best time to visit the complex of Hue Monuments is in April

A. It is believed          

B. It believes   

C. It was believed      

D. It believed

Question 5. It is ________ that many people are homeless after the floods.

A. was reported          

B. reports        

C. reported      

D. reporting

Question 6. ________ that many of our man-made wonders have been damaged.

 A. They said                           

B. It is reported                      

C. They reported                    

D. It reported

Question 7. _______ that two people had been injured in the accident.

A. It reports                           

B. It reported             

C. It was reported                   

D. It is reported

Question 8. There is a general _______ that Vietnamese students lack knowledge of the natural, or man-made, wonders of Vietnam.

A. accepting         

B. saying          

C. recognition     

D. undertaking

Question 9. ______ that Ha Long Bay was recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994.

A. It known           

B. It knew       

C. It was known        

D. It knows

Question 10. It _______ that 70 tons of dead fish washed ashore along more than 200 kilometres of Vietnam’s central coastline in early April.

A. had been reported              

B. were reported        

C. was reported                      

D. had reported          

Question 11.  I doubt that you can’t understand her situation and help her feel better.

A. believe         

B. suspect            

C. compete         

D. advice

Question 12. It _____ by the company yesterday that the new shopping complex would be open after 2 weeks.

A. was announced                    

B. announced             

C. is announed                        

D. announces

Question 13. Some film stars _______ difficult to work with.

A. are said to be         

B. say to be       

C. are said be       

D. said to be

Question 14. He was said _____ this building.

A. designing               

B. to have designed       

C. to design          

D. designed

Question 15. It ______ that some foreigners had collected rubbish in Cat Ba Beach.

A. reported                  

B. was reported                      

C. could report            

D. had been reported 


Question 1. He suggested that we ______ to the theatre instead of staying at home.

A. should go          

B. going              

C. went               

D. to go          

Question 2. I suggest the government should ______ the number of visitors to Son Doong everyday.

A. limiting            

B. limit                  

C. limited           

D. limits

Question 3. The teacher suggested that the students _____ all their homework before going to bed.

A. must finish      

B. finishing     

C. finished      

D. should finish

Question 4. I suggest _______ these valuable things in high-security places.

A. be put         

B. to put          

C. put  

D. putting

Question 5. She suggested ______ money to restore the aging man-made wonders.

A. raised          

B. raising         

C. to raise        

D. be raised

Complete these sentences with the correct form of the verbs given.

Question 6. Mary suggested _______ (visit) Po Nagar Cham Towers after lunch.

Question 7. He suggested ________ (go) to the cinema that night.

Question 8.  My father suggested that I _________ (not/ should/ borrow) money from friends.

Question 9. Nick suggested that the stranger _______ (not/should /write)  anything on the walls of the caves.

Question 10. I suggested_________ (watch) her performance again.


Question 1. In the old days, people ________ dong leaves before they made Chung cakes.

A. had collected          

B. would collect

C. have gained            

D. had gained

Question 2. When President Barack Obama arrived in Vietnam in July 2016, the former US President Bill Clinton and George W. Bush __________ here earlier.

A. would come                       

B. had come               

C. come                                

D. have come 

Question 3. Before 1990s, trams _____ a popular means of transport in Ha Noi.  

A. are            

B. have been   

C. had been     

D. were

Question 4. Vietnam _______ decades of fighting for freedom before the country became totally independent.

A. experience             

B. have experienced   

C. will experience       

D. had experienced

Question 5. I won the game because I _______ it a lot with my brother.

A. had played 

B. played         

C. have played            

D. play

Question 6. My leg started to hurt when I _________ football.

 A. played                

B. had played       

C. was playing           

D. play

Question 7. I ________ 15 minute on watching TV before I went to study last night.

A. was spending       

B. spend              

C. had spent              

D. spent

Question 8. In the past, most of the school students didn’t often wear uniform like they _____ today.

A. did              

B. had             

C. do               

D. have

Question 9. Vietnam today is experiencing tremedous growth and over the last decade, ______ one of the strongest economies in Asia.

A. have boasted          

B. has boasted  

C. is boasted  

D. are boasted

Question 10. There _______ many recent breakthroughs in technology. Now consumers can purchase the latest high tech toys. This was not possible even a few years ago.

A. are              

B. had been                 

C. have been              

D. has been    

Question 11.  "He greeted her. She really ______ better than when he________ her last week." - "Yes, she _____."

A. had looked - saw - had changed 

B. looked - saw - had changed 

C. has looked - saw - has changed                

D. looked - had seen – had changed     

Question 12. I sat down at the desk and _______ why my father’s letter ______ yet. I _______ to ask him to send me some money at once.

A. wondered - hadn’t arrived - had written                          

B. had wondered - didn’t arrive - wrote                   

C. wondered - didn’t arrive - wrote              

D. wondered - hadn’t arrived - wrote

Question 13. 15 years ago, when I came back, the City _____ with 800,000 motorbikes and two million bicycles on the roads.

A. had dramatic changed

B. had dramatically changed 

C. dramatic had changed                   

D. dramatically had changed

Question 14. The traffic system in our city _____ in the last decade.

A. had gradually been upgraded                   

B. has gradually upgraded                 

C. has gradually been upgraded

D. has gradually been upgrading

Question 15. More tourists have chosen to visit Ha Long Bay _______ UNESCO’s recognition of its natural beauty.

A. for              

B. until                        

C. since           

D. yet


Question 1. Nowadays it is easy _______ to the suburban areas by train.

A. get            

B. getting                

C. gets                

D. to get

Question 2. It is not ______ for a particular vehicle to exist and to be loved for generations.

A. fun          

B. easy                

C. glad                

D. relieved

Question 3. It is not _______ to cook a lot of food for Tet because we can have good food all year round.

A. necessary    

B. necessarily  

C. necessity     

D. necessaries

Question 4. It was stupid of you __________ the road without looking left and right.

A. to crossing  

B. crossing      

C. to cross       

D. cross

Question 5. It is important that we _______ the instructions carefully before taking medicince.

A. to follow    

B. follow         

C. followed     

D. following

Complete these sentences with the correct form of the verbs given.

Question 6. It is ________ (convenience) to ride a bicycle under the rain.

Question 7. I was _________ (surprise) to get the scholarships.

Question 8.  Her father was ________ (polite) to criticize her in front of her friends.

Question 9. He was _______ (confide) to present his ideas to the committee.

Question 10. It was ________ (surprise) that he spoke English fluently after only 3 months studying.

Đáp án


Question 1. A

Question 6. C

Question 11. If

Question 2. B

Question 7. C

Question 12. so that

Question 3. A

Question 8. B

Question 13. because

Question 4. D

Question 9. C

Question 14. After

Question 5. A

Question 10. C

Question 15. who


Question 1. D

Question 6. C

Question 11. 1c-2e-3d-4a-5b

Question 2. D

Question 7. B

Question 12. turn off

Question 3. C

Question 8. B

Question 13. Get on

Question 4. B

Question 9. A

Question 14. look for

Question 5. A

Question 10. C

Question 15. switch on


Question 1. D

Question 6. A

Question 2. D

Question 7. A

Question 3. B

Question 8. C

Question 4. C

Question 9. C

Question 5. B

Question 10. B


Question 1. D

Question 6. D

Question 11. A

Question 2. C

Question 7. B

Question 12. A

Question 3. A

Question 8. B

Question 13. B

Question 4. C

Question 9. A

Question 14. B

Question 5. A

Question 10. C

Question 15. C


Question 1. D

Question 6. A

Question 11. A

Question 2. B

Question 7. D

Question 12. B

Question 3. A

Question 8. B

Question 13. C

Question 4. A

Question 9. C

Question 14. B

Question 5. C

Question 10. B

Question 15. A


Question 1. B

Question 6. B

Question 11. D

Question 2. C

Question 7. C

Question 12. B

Question 3. A

Question 8. D

Question 13. B

Question 4. D

Question 9. B

Question 14. B

Question 5. A

Question 10. D

Question 15. C


Question 1. B

Question 6. B

Question 11. B

Question 2. B

Question 7. C

Question 12. A

Question 3. C

Question 8. C

Question 13. A

Question 4. A

Question 9. C

Question 14. B

Question 5. C

Question 10. C

Question 15. B


Question 1. A

Question 6. visiting

Question 2. B

Question 7. going

Question 3. C

Question 8. should not borrow

Question 4. D

Question 9. should not write

Question 5. B

Question 10. watching


Question 1. A

Question 6. C

Question 11. D

Question 2. B

Question 7. C

Question 12. A

Question 3. C

Question 8. C

Question 13. B

Question 4. D

Question 9. B

Question 14. C

Question 5. A

Question 10. C

Question 15. C


Question 1. D

Question 6. inconvenient

Question 2. B

Question 7. surprised

Question 3. A

Question 8. impolite

Question 4. C

Question 9. confident

Question 5. B

Question 10. surprised

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