Đề số 2 - Đề kiểm tra giữa kì 2 - Tiếng Anh 9 mới

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Đề bài

I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. versatile              B. slice                                    C. sprinkle                   D. combine

2. A. package              B. stalagmite               C. lag                           D. safari

3. A. rusty                   B. punctual                  C. universal                 D. subject

II. Choose the word with different stress from the others in each question.

4. A. avocado              B. ingredient               C. traditional               D. significant 

5. A. magnificence      B. accessible                C. affordable               D. destination

6. A. bilingual             B. dialect                     C. dominance              D. official

III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences

7. When you have finished preparing the vegetables, ___________them together with your hands.

A. stir                          B. mix                         C. chop                        D. cut

8. I want __________ sandwich with__________ herbs and spices.

A. some – some           B. a – some                 C. x – the                    D. the – x

9. Broccoli and tomatoes have a lot of vitamins and minerals. They___________ help us to stay healthy if we eat them regularly.

A. can                          B. must                        C. should                     D. need

10. If you eat too quickly, you may not _________ attention to whether your hunger is satisfied.

A. pay                         B. take                         C. keep                        D. show

11. If parents don't cook at home, their children __________more fast food.

A. have                        B. would have             C. may have                D. had had

12. Travelling to Ba Mun Island in Quang Ninh, tourists can explore on their own, following some natural _________ on the island.

A. trails                       B. marks                      C. roads                       D. stretches

13. Does it take __________long time to get to __________city centre?

A. x – the                    B. a – a                        C. a – the                     D. the – the

14. Green Tourism applies to any activity or facility that operates in an environmentally friendly__________.

A. way                                    B. habit                       C. routine                    D. benefit

15. I __________you translate this text into French if we had a dictionary.

A. will help                 B. would help             C. can help                  D. should help

16. I think doctors ________work in disaster areas are both unselfish and very brave.

A. who                                    B. which                      C. they                                    D. those

17. Reading is the best way to _________ your vocabulary in any language.

A. improve                  B. increase                   C. raise                        D. put up

18. He is not exactly rich but he certainly earns enough to_____________.

A. get through             B. get by                     C. get on                     D. get up

19. One way of increasing your speed of comprehension is to learn all your vocabulary without the use of your own_____________.

A. first language         B. technical language C. business language   D. official business

20. India is the country ___________he spent the early years of his life.

A. at which                 B. on which                 C. that                         D. where

IV. Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.

My Experience on an Elephant Safari

We went on an elephant safari at a place (21) __________Camp Jubalani in South Africa. They take visitors on safaris twice a day: once in the morning and once at night. Guests can go on as many rides as they like, but they don't (22) __________you ride an elephant if you are younger than twelve years old. Luckily, I'm fifteen! On our first safari, I felt really scared. I remember thinking we could have gone on a beach holiday instead! As I was climbing onto the elephant, I wondered how I was going to control (23) __________a big animal. I soon (24) __________ that I ought not to have worried so much. They made you sit with an experienced elephant trainer. You can't ride on your own. During the trek, we saw giraffes, zebras, lions, and rhinos. My parents took a lot of photos. I would have taken photos myself but I'd left my camera in my room. I can't remember exactly how long the safaris lasted, but it must have been a couple of hours because we got (25) __________ just in time for lunch.

21. A. call                    B. is called                  C. called                      D. calling

22. A. let                     B. make                       C. want                       D. allow

23. A. so                      B. such                        C. that                         D. what

24. A. decided              B. looked                    C. recognized              D. realized

25. A. back                  B. off                          C. up                           D. in

VI. Read the passage, and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D for each question.

Insects on the Menu

Humans have a long history of eating insects, and it turns out that they can be a very nutritious part of a person's regular diet. Insects have a lot of protein, and they are often easier to catch than prey animals. Therefore, it is no wonder that when our ancient ancestors saw some tasty worms or grubs wiggling on the ground, they made a quick snack of them.

In Thailand, insects are a regular part of the street food that can be found. The different insects that people snack on are crickets, grasshoppers, giant water bugs, and assorted worms. They are often deep-fried and salted, so they have a crunchy texture that makes them a perfect snack food. If you can get past the fact that you are eating a cricket, it will crunch in your mouth just like a corn chip!

For a lot of people, however, it is difficult to get over the fear of eating insects. People tend to see insects as invaders, especially when they are crawling on the food that we are about to eat. Therefore, being able to eat insects without feeling disgusted is cultural. Some people cannot eat French cheese or stinky tofu because they weren't brought up doing so. To many of us, insects fall right into that category, making it difficult to even try them.

If given the chance, though, be courageous. Insects can be nutritious and tasty, so long as you can get over the "yuck” factor.

26. Which is the reason given for gathering and eating insects?

A. They are very easy to find close to the home.      

B. They are more nutritious than most vegetables.

C. They come in all shapes and sizes.

D. They are easier to catch than other prey animals.

27. Why are deep-fried insects considered a perfect snack food?

A. Because they taste exactly like corn chips.

B. Because they don't fill you up.

C. Because they have a crunchy texture.

D. Because they are not expensive.

28. Which insects are not mentioned in the passage?

A. Water bugs.            B. Grasshoppers.                     C. Beetles.                   D. Crickets.

29. According to the passage, where are insects a regular part of the street food?

A. France.                   B. Thailand.                            C. Britain.                   D. China.

30. What advice is given in the passage?

A. Be courageous.                                                       B. Eat very cautiously.                       

C. Try eating worms first.                                           D. Always cook your insects.

VII. Write the sentences with the same meaning to the first ones. Use words given.

31. Children eat a lot of sweets. They will have problems with their teeth. (If)


32. It is a camping shop. It has a lot of good equipment. (which)


33. Jim works very hard. He has no time to spend with his family. (didn’t)


34. most important/ goal/ speaking English/communicate.


--------------------THE END--------------------

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31. If children eat a lot of sweets, they will have problems with their teeth.

32. It is a camping shop which has a lot of good equipment.

33. If Jim did’t work very hard, he would have time time to spend with his family.

34. The most important goal of speaking English is to communicate.

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