Listen and read - Nghe và đọc - trang 19 Tiếng Anh 8

LISTEN AND Hoa: 3 847 329 Nga: Can I speak to Hoa, please? This is Nga. Hoa: Hello, Nga


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Hoa: 3 847 329

 Nga: Can I speak to Hoa, please? This is Nga.

Hoa: Hello, Nga.

Nga: I’m going to see the movie Dream City at 6.45 this evening. Would you like to


Hoa: Of course, but wait a minute. I have to ask my aunt and she’s downstairs. Hold on... OK, Nga. Aunt Thanh says I can go. Oh, where's it on?

Nga: At Sao Mai Movie Theater. It’s a bit far from your house, I'm afraid.

Hoa: Well, I know where it is, but I’m using my cousin’s bike tonight.

Nga: OK, Hoa. Let’s meet outside the theater.

Hoa: Is 6.30 all right?

Nga: That’s fine. See you at 6.30.

Hoa: Bye Bye, Nga.

1. Practice the dialogue with a partner.

2. Read the dialogue again. Decide who did and said each of the following things. Then ask a partner these questions to check your answers.


a)   made the call?

b)   introduced herself?

c)   invited the other to the movies?

d)   arranged a meeting place?

e)  arranged the time?

agreed to the time?


       c. Nga invited Hoa to the movies.

       d. Nga arranged the meeting place.

       e. Hoa arranged the time.

       f. Nga agreed to the time.

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