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Write a letter to a friend about your neighborhood. These questions may help you.

1. Put the outline for an informal letter in the corrcct order. If you don’t remember, refer to the writing exercises in Unit 5. (Em hãy xếp đề mục của một bức thư thân mật theo trật tự đúng của nó. Nếu em không nhớ thì hãy xem lại bài tập luyện viết ở bài 5.)





Writer's address

Body of letter

Trả lời:

1. Heading:

- Writer’s address

- Date

2. Opening

3. Body of letter

4. Closing 

2. Write a letter to a friend about your neighborhood. These questions may help you. (Em hãy viết thư cho bạn em kể về vùng em ở. Những câu hỏi này có thể giúp em)

Where do you live?

What does your house look like?

What can you see from your bedroom window?

How far is it from your home to school?

How do you get to school?

What kinds of facilities are there in your neighborhood?

What things in your neighborhood do you like best?


Trả lời:

Dear Thu,

I live in Hue, a beautiful city in the Central of Viet Nam. Our home town is small and still poor, but it has enough facilities such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets, movie theatres, hotels, restaurants, stadiums, swimming-pools and so on. The thing makes me love my home town best is its charming beauty at night, especially on moon nights. The city looks more peaceful and poetic in the moonlight.

My family and I live in a small house beside the Huong River. My house is small but very comfortable. My room overlooks the river, so it’s very cool in the summer.

My school is I he most beautiful and famous of all in Hue. I don't live far from it, so it takes me only 15 minutes to ride there.

I hope you'll like Hue as well as my school when you come here next summer. I 'II be your best tourist guide.

Write to me as soon as you can and tell me about your city and your life there.

Please send my best regards to your parents.

Warmest regards,

Lan Anh.


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