Listen - Nghe - Unit 11 - Trang 102 - Tiếng Anh 8

Mrs. Jones: All right. You go back to the hotel and we\'ll go to look at the pagoda. Tim: Okay, but how do I get to the hotel?

Hãy ghép các nơi chốn trong khung với vị trí của nó trên bản đồ.

*  Câu trả lời:

a. restaurant       b. hotel        c. bus station

d. pagoda      e. temple

* Nội dung bài nghe:

Tim:              Mom. I'm tired.

Mrs. Jones: All right. You go back to the hotel and we'll go to look at the pagoda. Tim:     Okay, but how do I get to the hotel?

Mrs. Jones: Let me check the map. Oh, yes. It’s Phong Lan Road, just oft the highway.

Tim:              I remember. See you later.

Mrs. Jones: Bye.

Shannon: I’m hungry. Mom.

Mrs. Jones: Can you wait until after we’ve seen the pagoda. Shannon? The restaurant's in Ho Tay Road. It’s in the opposite the direction from the pagoda.

Shannon: Please, Mom. I’m starving!

Mr. Jones: I'll take you get something to eat. Shannon. We’ll let your mother go to the pagoda.

Shannon: Thanks. Dad. Perhaps we can get some food at the restaurant and tea it beside the river.

Mrs. Jones: As you are going in the direction of the bus station, can you book seats on tomorrow’s bus to Ho Chi Minh City? The bus station is just opposite the tourist information center.

Mr. Jones: All right.

Mrs. Jones: I'll see you back at the hotel.

Shannon: How are you going to get to the pagoda. Mom?

Mrs. Jones: I’m going to walk over the bridge and take the first road on the left. If I have time. I’ll also visit an old temple, which is just past the pagoda on the same road.

Shannon: Bye, Mom. Have a nice time.

Mrs. Jones: I will. bye.

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