Listen - Nghe - Unit 8 - Trang 74 - Tiếng Anh 8

Lan: Hello. Aunt Hang: Hello. Is (1) Lan? Lan: Yes. Who is (2) ? Aunt Hang: (3) Aunt Hang. How are you?


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*  Câu trả lời

Lan:          Hello.

Aunt Hang: Hello. Is (1) that Lan?

Lan:              Yes. Who is (2) this?

Aunt Hang: (3) It’s Aunt Hang. How are you?

Lan:              I’m fine. (4) Where are you phoning from?

Aunt Hang: Hue. I'm calling to tell you uncle Chi and I are (6) coming to visit you next (7) week.

Lan:              Great! When are you (8) arriving?

Aunt Hang: On (9) Thursday. We're arriving in HaNoi in the (10) late (11) afternoon.

Lan:              OK. Do you want to (12) speak to Mom?

Aunt Hang: Yes, please.

Lan:              Hold on a moment and I’ll (1) get her.

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