Writing - Unit 10 trang 109 SGK Tiếng Anh 10

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Task 1: Write out the sentences by matching the first half in A with the most suitable half in B.


A letter of invitation (Thư mời)

Task 1: Write out the sentences by matching the first half in A with the most suitable half in B. (Viết câu bằng cách ghép phân nửa câu ở A với phân nửa câu thích hợp ở B.)



1. Let’s

2. Why don't you

3. Would you like

4. Do you feel like

5. Can you

6. How about

7. Shall we

8. Are you free


a. to have a cold drink?

b. to play table tennis now?

c. try the cake 1 have just made.

d. going to the cinema tonight. 13a?

e. have some chicken soup first?

f. join us in this trip?

g. taking a walk for a while?

h. sing us a Vietnamese song?

Trả lời:

1. c                 2. f / h               3. a                 4. g/d

5.h/f               6. d/g                 7. e                 8. b

Task 2: Fill in each blank in these invitation letters with a suitable expression provided in Task 1. (Điền mỗi chồ trống ở những lá thư mời này với cụm từ thích hợp ở Bài tập 1.)

Trả lời:

1.Would you like / Are you free

2.Would you like / Are you free; How about

3.Can you; Why don’t we? shall we

Task 3: Nam invites his friend - Lam. who is now living in a different town, to spend a weekend with him. Help Nam to write a letter, using the cues below. (Nam mời một người bạn của anh - Lam, hiện đang sống ở một thành phố khác, đến nghỉ ngày cuối tuần với anh. Giúp Nam viết thơ mời, dùng từ gợi ý bên dưới.)


Trả lời:

Dear Lam,

We haven’t met each other since you moved. I miss you a lot.

We are both going to have some days-off between two terms soon. If you haven’t made any other plan, why don’t we spend a weekend together?

Do you feel like visiting the forest near my grandfather’s house again? It looks quite different now because very many young trees have been planted at the last Tree-planting Festivals.

Do come if you find it possible and I’ll make all the preparations then.

Give my love to your parents.

Your friend,



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