Speaking - Unit 15 trang 159 SGK Tiếng Anh 10

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3.6 trên 5 phiếu

Task 3: Read and practise the dialogue. (Đọc và thực hành bài đối thoại.)


Task 1: Complete each question in A with a suitable word in B. (Hoàn chỉnh mỗi câu hỏi ở A với từ thích hợp ở B.)



1. When was the city ?

2. What is the like?

3. What are the like?

4. How many are there?

5. What is the of the city?

6. What is its ?

a. people

b. area

c. population

d. founded

e. parks

f. transport

Trả lời:

1. d               2. f         3. a - e            4.e

5. b - c          6. b - c

Task 2: Work in pairs. One reads the information about New York and the other about London. Then ask and answer questions about the two cities. (Làm việc từng đôi. Một người đọc thông tin về New York, và người kia đọc thông tin về Luân Đôn. Sau đó hỏi và trả lời các câu hỏi về hai thành phố này.)

Trả lời:

A : When was New York founded?

B : In 1624. And what about London?

A : London is older. It was founded in 43 AD. What’s the area of New York?

B : 946 km2 It's smaller than London. 1,610 km2. What's the population of New York?

A : It has more than 7 million people in the city. How about London?

B : The same.

A : How many national holidays do New Yorkers have?

B : Only seven. What are the people in London like?

A : They’re formal and reserved.

B : Oh, on the contrary. New Yorkers are open and friendly.

A : Are there many parks in New York?

B : No, only one, but it’s big. What about London?

A : There are five big parks in the centre of London.

B : How interesting! People have many places for pleasure and walk.

Task 3: Read and practise the dialogue. (Đọc và thực hành bài đối thoại.)

A: So we've learned a lot about New York and London. Let's make some comparisons between them.

B: All right. First, the area of London is 1610 square km. and that of New York is 946 square km. so London is larger.

A: That's right. But its population is as hig as that of New York. Both cities have a population of 7 million.

B: Yes. but New York has more high buildings than London.

Task 4: Work in groups. Tell each other which of the cities you prefer and give reasons. (Làm việc từng nhóm. Kể cho nhau thành phố nào trong hai thành phố bạn thích hơn và lý do.)

Trả lời:

A : I prefer London to New York, because it has more parks, and more ancient palaces, buildings such as Birmingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament,...

B : But I prefer New York, because it has more modem tall buildings and the friendliness and openness of the residents there, as a result of this we can feel more comfortable.

A : I agree with you about this. And the means of transport in the both cities are convenient.

B : Ok. You can say it again.


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