Language focus unit 14 trang 150 sgk tiếng anh 10


Pronunciation: [ g ] - [ k ]
Grammar: 1. Will vs going to
                2.Will: making predictions
                 3.Will: making offers
* Will vs going to
Exercise 1. Complete the sentences, using will ('ll) or to. (Điền các câu, dùng
will ('ll) hoặc going to.)
1.. I'll get                             2. I'm going to wash
3. are you going to paint         4.I ‘m going to buy
5. I'll show you                      6. I'll have
7. I’ll do
Will: making predictions
1. he'll help                         2.Won't lend me any money 
3. it'll rain today                   4.Will have to wear glasses
5. will have a headache.        6.Won't like it
7. won’t pass it
Will: making offers
1. I'll make you a cup of hot tea.          2.I'll answer it
3. I'll lend you some.                          4.I'll give you
5. I'll carry it for you.

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