Language focus - Unit 9 trang 101 SGK Tiếng Anh 10

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Exercise 2: Read the situations and write sentences with I think / I don't think... should... (Đọc những tình huống và viết câu với I think/I don't think ... should...)


* Pronunciation

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*Listen and repeat. 

/ iə /


/ ʊə /



















* Practise these sentences.

1. Let's have some beer, dear.

2. What a good idea! The atmosphere here is very clear.

3. Where are my shoes? They are nowhere here.

4. Have you looked carefully everywhere?

5. I am sure he is far from poor.

6. Well, actually he usually wears casual clothes.

*Grammar and vocabulary :

Exercise 1: For each situation in brackets, write a sentence with should or shouldn’t + one of the phrases in the box below. (Viết một câu với should hoặc shouldn't + một trong những cụm từ trong khung bên dưới cho mỗi tình huống trong ngoặc).

go away for a few days       go to bed so late

look for another job             put some pictures on the walls

take a photograph               use her car so much

1. (Liz needs a change.) She should go away for a few days.

2. (My salary is very low.) You_______

3. (Jack always has difficulty getting up.) He________

4. (What a beautiful view!) You________

5. (Sue drives everywhere. She never walks.) She_______

6. (Bill’s room isn't very interesting.) He ________ .

Trả lời:

1. We should go away for a few days.

2. You should look for another job.

3. He shouldn't go to bed so late.

4. You should lake a photograph of it

5. She shouldn't use her car so much.

6. He should put some pictures on the walls.

Exercise 2: Read the situations and write sentences with I think / I don't think... should... (Đọc những tình huống và viết câu với I think/I don't think ... should...)

1. Peter and Judy are planning to get married. You think it's a bad idea. (get married)

   I don't think they should get married.

2. You don't like smoking, especially in restaurants. (be banned)

   I think ________________ .

3. I have a very bad cold but I plan to go out this evening. You don't think this is a good idea.

   You say to me: (go out)__________________ .

4. You are fed up with the boss. You think he has made too many mistakes.

    (resign)________________ .

Trả lời:

1. I don't think they should get married

2. I think smoking should be banned, especially in restaurants.

3. I think you shouldn't go out this evening.

4. I think the boss should resign.

Exercise 3: Pul the verbs into the correct form. (Viết động từ đúng dạng).

1. They would be rather offended if I didn't go to see them, (not/go)

2. If you exercised more, you would feel better. (feel)

3. If I were offered the job. I think I ________ it. (take)

4. I'm sure Amy will lend you the money. I'd be very surprised if she ________ (refuse)

5. If I sold my car, I________  much money for it. (not/get)

6. A lot of people would be out of work if the factory________  . (close down)

7. What would happen if I ________  that red button? (press)

8. Liz gave me this ring. She ________  very upset if I lost it. (be)

9. Mark and Carol are expecting us. They would be disappointed if we ________ . (not/ come)

10. Would Tim mind if I________  his bicycle without asking him? (borrow)

11. If somebody________ in here with a gun, I’d be very frightened. (walk)

12. I'm sure Sue________  if you explained the situation to her. (understand)

Trả lời:

1. didn’t go         2. would feel           3. would take

4. refused           5. wouldn’t get        6. closed down

7. pressed           8. would be            9. didn’t come

10. borrowed       11. walked            12. would understand

>>Học trực tuyến lớp 10, mọi lúc, mọi nơi cùng các thầy cô giỏi nổi tiếng, dạy hay dễ hiểu

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