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Work in pairs. Look at the picture of Van Cao. Tell each other what you know about (Làm việc từng đôi. Nhìn vào hình Văn Cao. Kể cho nhau những gì em biết về Văn Cao)



Work in pairs. Look at the picture of Van Cao. Tell each other what you know about. (Làm việc từng đôi. Nhìn vào hình Văn Cao. Kể cho nhau những gì em biết về Văn Cao)

* Which of these songs were written by Van Cao?

1. □ Suoi Mo                            4. □ Truong Ca Song Lo

2. □ Ha Noi Mua Thu                5. □ Lang Toi

3. □ Tien Quan Ca                    6. □ Tinh Ca

Trả lời:

Chọn 1, 3, 4, 5

* Which of the words above can you to describe Van Cao’s music? (Từ nào trong những từ trên em có thể dùng mô tả nhạc của Văn Cao)

Trả lời:

- sweet and genlle , - lyrical , - solemn , - exciting , - rousing


Task1: Listen and then decide whether the statments are true (T) or False (F). (Nghe và sau đó quyết định những câu đúng (T) hay sai (F)

Click tại đây để nghe:



Lan Huong : Hello, I'm Lan Huong. Our programme is "My favorite Musician". Now, our guest tonight is Quang Hung, the well-known actor. Welcome to the programme, Quang Hung.

Quang Hung: Thanks, Lan Huong.

Lan Huong : Now Quang Hung, can you tell us about the Vietnamese musician you like best, please?

Quang Hung: Sure. Recently, there have been quite a few good musicians. Their songs are very popular and easy to listen to.

Lan Huong : Do you like them?

Quang Hung: Well, I do like some of them. But I think the best Vietnamese musician of all time is Van Cao. He's really my favorite musician.

Lan Huong : Van Cao, the author of Tien Quan Ca? Well, can you tell us why you like him?

Quang Hung: He's great musician. Just listen to Tien Quan Ca. Whenever I hear it, l want to stand up and sing out as loud as possible. It's hard and solemn. And I always feel great, feel proud of my country when I hear it.

Lan Huong : That's true. It's very rousing. Do you know when he wrote it?

Quang Hung: In 1944.

Lan Huong : Do you like any other songs by Van Cao?

Quang Hung: Oh, yes, lots of them. Especially the songs about rural life in Viet Nam. They are sweet and gentle, and very lyrical.

Lan Huong : Well, let me see if we can play one of the songs for you ...

1. The guest of the show is Lan Huong.

2. Except for Van Cao, Quang Hung doesn't like any other Vietnamese musicians.

3. Quang Hung thinks some of Van Cao's music is very sweet and gentle.

4. "Tien Quan Ca". the Vietnam National Anthem, was written in 1954.

5. Quang Hung sometimes feels proud of his country, Vietnam, when he hears the song.

Trả lời:

1. F

⟶ The guest is Quang Hung       

2. F

⟶ He likes some Vietnamese musician  

3. T

4. F

⟶ It was written in 1944   

5. F

⟶ He always feels proud of his country when he hears the songs.                                                                      

Task 2: Listen again and answer the questions. (Nghe lại và trả lời câu hỏi.)

Click tại đây để nghe:

1. What is the name of the radio programme?

2. Which song by Van Cao does  Quang Hung like most?

3. Why does Quang Hung like it?

Trả lời:

1. It’s “My Favourite Musician”.

2. It’s the “Tien Quan Ca”.

3. It's hard and solemn, it makes him feel great and proud of his country. 


Work in groups. Discuss Quang Hung's ideas about Van Cao’s music. Do you agree or disagree with him? (Làm việc từng nhóm. Thảo luận ý kiến của Quang Hung về nhạc của Văn Cao. Em đồng ý hay không đồng ý với anh ẩy?)

Trả lời:

A : Quang Hung thinks Van Cao is a great musician .

B : His music is not only sweet and gentle but also lyrical and exciting.

A : He also says he feels great and proud of the country when he hears Van Cao’s music.

B : Quang Hung says the piece of music he likes best is the " Tien Quan Ca" . and whenever he hears this song he feels proud and great.

A : I completely agree with Quang Hung’s ideas.

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