Language focus - Unit 13 trang 139 SGK Tiếng Anh

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Exercise 1: Write the adjectival forms of the verbs below. (Viết dạng tính từ của những động từ dưới đây.)


Pronunciation :

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* Listen and repeat.

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/ v /













* Practise these sentences.

1. He feels happy enough.

2. I want a photograph for myself and my wife.

3. Would you prefer a full photograph or a profile?

4. Stephen is driving a van full of vines.

5. We used to live in a village in the valley.

6. They arrived in the village on a van.

Grammar and vocabulary :

Exercise 1: Write the adjectival forms of the verbs below. (Viết dạng tính từ của những động từ dưới đây.)

1. fascinate ______                  6. bore______

2. excite _______                     7. surprise ______

3. terrify_______                       8. amuse ______

4. irritate _______                      9. embarrass ______

5. horrify _______                       10. frustrate ______

Trả lời:

1. fascinate ⟹ fascinating

2. excite ⟹ excting

3. terrify ⟹ terrifying

4. irritate ⟹ irritating

5. horrify ⟹ horrfying

6. bore ⟹ boring

7. suprise ⟹ suprising

8. amuse ⟹ amusing

9. embarrass ⟹ embarrassing

10. frustrate ⟹ frustrating       

Exercise 2: Complete two sentences for each situation. Use an adjective ending -ing or-ed form of the verb in brackets to complete each sentence. (Điền hai câu cho mỗi tình huống. Dùng tính từ tận cùng với -ing hoặc -ed của động từ trong ngoặc để điền mỗi câu.)

1. It's been raining all day. I hate this weather. (depress)

a) The weather is________ .

b) This weather makes me________ .

2. Astronomy is one of Tan's main interests. (interest)

a) Tan is_______ in astronomy.

b) He finds astronomy very_______ .

3. I turned off the television in the middle of the program. (bore)

a) The program was ________.

b) I was________ with the program.

4. Lan is going to Singapore next month. She has never been there before. (excite)

a) Lan is really________ about going to Singapore.

b) It will be an _______ experience for her.

5. Huong teaches small children. It’s a hard job. (exhaust)

a) Huong often finds her job_______ .

b) At the end of the day's work she is often________ .

Trả lời:

1. a. depressing - b. depressed

2. a. interested - b. interesting

3. a. boring - b. bored

4. a. excited - b. exciting

5. a. exhausting - b. exhausted

Exercise 3: Rewrite the following sentences. (Viết lại những câu sau.)

1. She didn't become a teacher until 1990.

It was not until _________

2. He didn't know how to swim until he was 30.

It was not until __________

3. They didn’t begin to learn English until 1980.

It was not until_____________

4. The boy didn't do his homework until his father came home.

It was not until____________

5. The football match didn't start until the lights were on.

It was not until_____________

Trả lời:

1.It was not until 1990 that she became a teacher.

2.It was not until he was 30 that he knew how to swim.

3.It was not until 1980 that they began to learn English.

4.It was not until his father came home that the boy did his homework.

5.It was not until the lights were on that the football match started.

Exercise 4: Put a (n) or the in the numbered blanks. (Điền a(n) hoặc thế vào những chỗ trống có đánh số.) 

1. This morning 1 bought (0) a newspaper and (1)______ magazine. (2)______ newspaper is in my bag, but I don't know where I put (3) ______ magazine.

2. I saw (4)_______ accident this morning. (5)_______ car crashed into (6)______ tree. (7)______ driver of (8)______ car wasn't hurt, but (9)_______ car was badly damaged.

3. There are two cars parked outside: (10)_______ blue one and (11) _______  grey one. (12)_______  blue one belongs to my neighbours; I don't know who (13)_______ owner of the grey car is.

4. My friends live in (14)_______ old house in (15)_______ small village. There is (16)_______ beautiful garden behind (17)_______ house. I would like to have (18)_______ garden like that.

Trả lời:

1. a               2. the            3. the             4. an

5. a               6. a                7. the             8. the

9. the            10. the           11. the          12. the

13. the          14. an           15. a

16. a             17. the         18. a

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