Speaking unit 2 trang 24 sgk tiếng anh 10

Task 1;Task 2;Task 3;Task 4

Task 1: These expressions are commonly used in making small talks. Place them under the appropriate heading. Then practise it with a partner.
(Những thành ngữ này thường được dùng trong những cuộc nói chuyện ngắn.
Viết chúng theo chủ đề thích hợp .Sau đó thực hành với một hạn cùng học.).

Starting a conversation Closing a conversation
Good morning
Hello. How are you?
Hello. What are you doing?
Hi. How is school?
How’s everything at school? Goodbye.                                                                   Closing a conversastion                                                                                      See you later
Sorry, I’ve got to go. Talk to you laler.
Well.it’s been nice talking to you.
Great. I’ll see you tomorrow.
Catch up with you later.

(Possible answer)
You : Hi. Nam. How are you?
Nam : Hi. Fine, thanks. How about you?
You : Not bad. How’s your work at school?
Nam : Not so good. The last lest was rather difficult. How about yours?
You : My lest was difficult. too. Only a few could finish it.
Nam : Sorry, i’ve got in go. I have to meet my form-teacher.
You : OK. Goodbye. Talk to you later.
Nam : Sure. Bye. See you.
Task 2: Rearrange the following sentences to make an appropriate conversation and then practise it with a partner. (Sắp xếp lại những câu sau để làm thành một bài đối thoại thích hợp và sau đó thực hành với một bạn cùng học.)
1.D : Hi, Minh. Did you have a nice weekend?
2.F : Hello, Quan. Yes, I did. It was great.
3.B : What did you do?
4.H : I went to Lan's birthday party. The food was good and the people
were interesting. What did you do, Quan?
5.E : I stayed at home and did my homework. Nothing special.
6.C : Where are you going now?
7.G : I'm going to the library to borrow some books. Sorry. I've got to go.
Talk to you later.
8.A : Bye. See you later.
Task 3: Complete the following conversation with suitable words, phrases or sentences in the box and then practise it with a partner. (Điền bài đối thoại sau với những từ, cụm từ hay câu thích hợp trong khung và sau đó thực hành với một bạn cùng lớp.)
A : Hello, Hoa. You don’t look very happy. What’s the matter with you?
B : Hi, Nam. I feel awful. I’ve got a cold.
A : Oh, I’m sorry. You'd better go home and have a rest.
B : Yes; That’s a great idea. Goodbye. Nam.
A : See you later.
Task 4: Work in pairs. Make small talks on the following topics, using the Parting and ending of a conversation. (Làm việc theo đôi. Thực hiện những cuộc nói chuyện ngắn về những đề tài sau, dùng  câu mở đầu và kết thúc của một bài đối thoại.)
-the weather (thời tiết)
-last night's TV programmes (các chương trình tivi tối qua.)
-football (bóng đá)
-plans for the next weekend.( kế hoạch cho ngày cuối tuần sau)
(Possible answer)
1.You : Hi, Viet
 Viet: Hi. How're you?
 You : Fine, thanks. How about you?
 Viet : Not so good. I feel uneasy.
 You : That’s too had. Awful day, isn’t it?
 Viet: Yeah. I hate the wet season.
 You : Me, too. I have to slay at home. It’s so boring.
 Viet: Sorry. I've got to go. I have to visit my friend in hospital.
 You : All right. See you soon.
Viet: Bye. See you.

Nam : Hi. Minh. Did you watch TV last night?
Minh :No. Were there any good programmes on?
Nam : Oh. no. As you know, there have hardly been any good programmes on television these days.
Minh :And one more thing, there're also too many violent scenes, which is too had for small children.
Nam : OK. I don't know what they think about these.
Minh : They’re maybe thinking about making money regardless of bad effects on children.
Nam : Much ashamed of it?
Minh : Sure.
Nam : Oh. sorry, it’s late. I've got to go to the library now.                                          
Minh : OK. Bye. Talk to you later.                                                                            Nam: Bye

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