Đề số 8 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 10 mới

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Đề bài


Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

Question 1.

A. psychologist               B. duty

C. laundry                       D. grocery

Question 2.

A. meaningful                 B. finance

C. society                       D. advice

Question 3.

A. breadwinner               B. heavy

C. break                          D. instead

Choose the word whose stress is placed differently from that of the others.

Question 4.

A. contribution                B. disadvantaged

C. announcement           D. individual

Question 5.

A. incredible                   B. advertisement

C. successful                  D. audience

Question 6.

A. understand                 B. newspaper

C. volunteer                    D. interact


Circle the correct answer.

Question 7. 'Thanks for taking the time to talk to us about your life.''          - "__________"

A.  Yes, I'd love to

B.  It's my pleasure.

C.  Not always, but  I can’t agree with you more.

D.  How interesting!

Question 8. You can use social networking sites ______your personal profile and contact other people.

A.  creative                      B.  creating

C.  creativity                    D.  to create

Question 9. I fell asleep because the play was so________.

A.  bored                         B.  boredom

C.  boring                        D.  bore

Question 10. While we_______ football, it suddenly rained.

A.  have played               B.  are playing

C.  were playing              D.  had played

Question 11. A _______is a tower that contains a strong light to guide ships.

A.  whiteboard                B.  lighthouse

C.  goldbrick                   D.  greenhouse

Question 12. Your hair looks different. _____you ______your hair cut?

A.  Have / had                 B.  Will / have

C.  Did / have                  D.  Are / having

Question 13. When you do something good for others, you will find your life _______.

A. meaningless                B. hopeless

C. harmful                        D. meaningful

Question 14. Internet helps us interact _______ people all around the world.

A. on                                B. in

C. with                              D. of

Question 15. We all feel _______ about going on tours around Hanoi.

A. interested                    B. excited

B. bored                           D. tired

Question 16. Doing volunteer work, we are more_____ of global problems facing our world.

A. aware                          B. devote

C. communicate              D. dedicate

Question 17. I really wanted to take part in this contest, _______ my parents allowed me to.

A. and                              B. or

C. so                                D. but

Question 18. Someone _____ her purse while she ___________on the bus.

A. steal/was getting

B. stole/was getting

C. was stealing/was getting 

D. was stealing/got

Question 19. Last night my favorite program________________ by a special news bulletin.

A. interrupted                  B. was interrupted

C. were interrupted          D. is interrupted

Question 20. Last year, my class _______ to teach the children in a remote area.

A. volunteer                     B. voluntary

C. volunteered                 D. volunteers

Find the mistake in each of the following sentences.


The following passage has some blanks. Find ONE suitable word to fill in each blank. Circle A, B, C or D to identify your answer.

Exercise is one of the best ways of keeping fit. It improves your (24)_______ and mind and enables you to perform better  in the work place and at home. Proper breathing is essential if you want to get the  most from exercise and you should also take into account your heart rate. It can be (25) __________ to do too much at one time. That is why all good fitness instructors emphasize the importance of “listening to your body”. When you first start, you should use good judgments. It is easy to make mistakes of using the equipment incorrectly or doing too much at one time. (26) __________ slowly and build up gradually. To increase your fitness (27) __________ you should exercise for 20 minutes a day, 4 to 6 times a week. Then you will see a difference both in your body and your mind in only a few weeks.

Question 24.

A. skull                        B. brain

C. body                       D. breath

Question 25.

A. harm                      B. harmless

C. harmfully                D. harmful

Question 26.

A. Start                       B. Starting

C. To start                   D. Started

Question 27.

A. wrong                     B. badly

C. steadily                   D. difficultly

Read the following passage , then choose the correct answer.

       Music can move the soul. It can be a very strong influence. Some music can calm us down, but  some music can make us wild! How does music affect us? Music is used in a variety of ways. It is used in the medical field as a source of research and as a sort of therapy as well. Music has been used as therapy for seizures , to lower blood pressure,  treat mental illness, treat depression, aid in healing, treat stress and insomnia and premature infants. Musicologist Julius Portnoy found that it can change heart rates, increase or decrease blood pressure, effect energy levels, and digestion, positively or negatively, depending on the type of music. Calming music, such as classical music was found to have a very calming effect on the body, and cause the increase of endorphins, thirty minutes of such music was equal to the effect of a dose of valium. Both hemispheres of the brain  are involved in processing music. The music in these studies is not the "lyrics", but the music itself, the melody, the tones, the tunes, the rhythm, the chords. Conversely music has also been documented to cause sickness. The right, or wrong music, rather, can be like a poison to the body. Studies have been done on plants where loud hard rock music, for instance, killed plants and soft classical music, make the plants grow faster. Music is very powerful, like a drug and can even be an addiction. According to Patty Hearst, a reseacher on music,  it was documented that music was used in the aid of    brainwashing some people. In the book,” Elevator  Music” by Joseph Lanza, it was stated that certain types of music over prolonged periods in certain conditions were shown to cause seizures.

Question 28. Which is the main idea of the text?

A. The effects of music

B. Powerful music

C. Music treatment

D. Music used as drugs

Question 29. According to the text, …………………

 A. All pieces of music have the same influence

B. Music can be used in the same way

C. Different music has different effects 

D. Children cannot listen to music

Question 30. The word “it” refers to…………………

A. the heart                 B. stress

C. music                      D. treatment

Question 31. It can be inferred from the passage that …………………

A. Music has positive effects, but it can cause harm when used in the wrong context.

B. Music always plays an important role in our life.

 C. Music can’t cause addiction

 D. The negative effect of music has not been proved.


Rewrite the sentences, as directed.

Question 32. Would you mind helping me with the shopping?

⟹ Will you …………………………?

Question 33. Although she has a beautiful voice, her performance is not skillful. (but )

⟹ ………………………………………

Question 34. The doctor said, “ You shouldn’t skip breakfast, Linda.”

⟹ The doctor advised Linda………………………

Question 35. They believe that Yoga provide people with several invaluable health benefits.

⟹ Yoga is …………………………


Listen a small talk about “Smoking” carefully and fill in each balnk with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS.

Smoking is a (36)             . There’s nothing good about it. I don’t know how cigarette companies can (37)             . Cigarettes kill people. Smoking is not cool. Last century, cigarette companies tried to make people think it was. They even told people that cigarettes were (38)             health. How ridiculous. Everyone today knows that smoking is one of the (39)             things you can do. Unfortunately, cigarette companies are doing a good job of selling their products to children. Smoking is on the (40)             like China and pretty much all over Africa. This is sad. Once people get enough information about the dangers of smoking, perhaps millions will quit this terrible habit.

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1 A Question 21 B
Question 2 A Question 22 D
Question 3 C Question 23 C
Question 4 C Question 24 C
Question 5 D Question 25 D
Question 6 B Question 26 A
Question 7 B Question 27 C
Question 8 D Question 28 A
Question 9 C Question 29 C
Question 10 C Question 30 C
Question 11 B  Question 31 A
Question 12 A  Question 32  
Question 13 D  Question 33  
Question 14 C  Question 34  
Question 15 B  Question 35  
Question 16 A  Question 36  
Question 17 C  Question 37  
Question 18 B  Question 38  
Question 19 B  Question 39  
Question 20 C  Question 40  

Question 32. Will you help me with the shopping?

Question 33. She has a beautiful voice, but her performance is not skillful.

Question 34. The doctor advised Linda not to skip breakfast.

Question 35. Yoga is believed to provide people with several invaluable health benefits.

Question 36. terrible thing

Question 37. advertise their products

Question 38. good for your

Question 39. least cool

Question 40. increase in countries


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