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Đề bài


Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.

Question 1.

A. hopeless                   B. endless

C. success                     D. harmless

Question 2.

A. volunteer                  B. cheerful

C. needy                       D. career

Question 3.

A. generous                 B. velcro

C. video                        D. inventor

Choose the word whose stress is placed differently from that of the others.

Question 4.

A. self –interest               B. bookshelf

C. waterfall                      D. housewife

Question 5.

A. heart attack

B. washing powder

C. fish tank 

D. mother tongue

Question 6.

A. volunteer                    B. passionate

C. handicapped               D. cultural


Choose the best option to complete the following sentences.

Question 7. It is thought that Google ………………… cars may transform the way we move around cities in the future.

A. driving                    B. driver

C. motionless              D. driverless

Question 8. Retinal implants are meant to partially restore vision to people who have lost their ……………

A. view                       B. scene

C. scenery                  D. sight

Question 9. Biotech drugs, which are …………… from living cells, provide some of the best efforts at curing diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and HIV.

A. done                       B. made

C. caused                    D. formed

Question 10. The magnetic compass was first used to determine the correct …………… by the Chinese.

A. way                       B. road

C. path                      D. direction

Question 11. IBM Watson is an artificially intelligent computer system …………… of answering questions posed in natural language.

A. capable                   B. aware

C. able                        D. fond

Question 12. Apple iPad ……………… the single most popular tablet PC ever since 2010.

A. has existed             B. has stayed

C. has remained          D. has continued

Question 13. Samsung Galaxy Tab …………… flash player as well as voice and video calls.

A. supports                  B. offers

C. displays                   D. provides

Question 14. None of the students …………… to class yet.

A. are coming              B. hadn’t come

C. haven’t come           D. have come

Question 15. The cocoons of silkworms were first used ………… silk by the Chinese.

A. to make                  B. for make

C. to making                D. to be made

Question 16. Paper was first………………..to make paper money, playing cards or the world’s oldest book – the Diamond Sutra – in the 2nd century by the Chinese.

A. to invent                           B. inventing

C. being invented                 D. invented

Question 17. Gunpowder was first used to make beautiful displays of…………………for celebrations in the 9th century by the Chinese.

A. firing                              B. fires

C. fireworks                         D. firework

Question 18 Youtube…………..to become the world’s most popular video – sharing website since 2005.

A. grows                     B. grew

C. has grown               D. have grown

Question 19. In less than a decade you will carry a…………………….laser pen capale of sealing wounds

A. readable                  B. comfortable

C. portable                   D. capable

Question 20. Kia Silverbrook from Australia invented Memjet, a high – speed………………technology, in 2007.

A. colour – printing

B. colour – print

C. colours printing

D. colour printing

Question 21. Ann: “Do you need any help?”       Kate: “______.”

A. No, thanks. I can manage

B. I haven’t got a clue

C. That’s all for now 

D. That’s fine by me

Question 22. Trang: “ Thank you very much for inviting me to your house.”

Susan: “__________________”

A. It’s my pleasure

B. Take a seat

C. The food is ready 

D. Not now

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions.

Question 23. Hardly had he entered (A) the room than (B) all the lights (C) went (D) out.

Question 24. I think (A) your garden needs to weed (B) and you had better (C) do it right now (D).

Question 25. The scholarship (A) that Wilson received to study history (B) at Cambridge (C) presented an (D) unique opportunity.


Rewrite the following sentences, using the given words below.

Question 26. We like playing football with our close friends at weekends.

⟹ We want .............................

Question 27. It is easy to speak to him.

⟹ To speak to him .............................

Question 28. They want to go shopping on Sunday mornings.

⟹ They enjoy .............................

Question 29. To read his books is very exciting.

⟹ It is very .............................

Question 30. They cancelled all flights because of fog.

⟹ All flights .............................


Reading the following passage and do the tasks below.

Inventors and Inventions

Technology is the reason humans have risen to a dominant role on our planet, above all other species. We are not the strongest or the fastest, in fact we're quite weak in relation to many other animals. But our brains, and our technology have allowed us to dominate our world. The most important discovery in human history is the harnessing of fire, which allowed us to operate in darkness, keep warm in the winter, and cook food. There is no set date to think about the invention of fire, however.

The first great invention, then, was agriculture. Ancient peoples collected wild grains to eat as long ago as 20,000 BC, but didn't start growing these crops until 13,000 BC and 6,000 BC, depending on the region. One of the earliest crops to be domesticated was rice, in China in around 11,000 BC.

Agriculture includes animals, of course, and the earliest animals to be domesticated are believed to be pigs, in 13,000 BC in Macedonia. The switch to agriculture is crucial, as it provides a food surplus. This surplus means that not everyone has to be involved in food production, freeing people up to conduct trade and advance science and the arts.

Other crucial inventions are the wheel, invented by the Greeks, which allowed people to carry heavy goods; as well as nails, invented by the Romans, without which construction was difficult.

Another great, world-shaking invention was the compass. The compass was invented between 200 BC and 100 AD in China. Prior to the compass, mariners had to use the sun and stars to navigate, which meant it was impossible to steer when the sky was overcast. The invention allowed accurate navigation in any weather... though the compass was first used for feng shui, or the construction of houses to be harmonious with the environment.

Probably the most significant medieval achievement was the printing press, without which modern civilization wouldn't be possible. It was invented in Johannes Gutenberg in 1436. Though imprinting symbols or images via stencils and ink had been known in Europe and China for hundreds of years, Gutenberg mechanized the process, improving its speed and efficiency. Up until then, books had to be painstakingly copied by hand, but now they could be mass-produced easily.

About fifty years after the invention of the printing press, twenty million volumes had been mass-produced. This led to a rise of literacy never seen before and directly contributed to the Protestant Reformation as it allowed average people to access the Bible.

One of the greatest inventions, which today we take for granted, is the lightbulb. There were several contributors to the field before Thomas Edison came along, but today he is credited with the invention of the first practical incandescent light bulb. He tried thousands of times to create the light bulb before managing to do so in 1879. This invention revolutionized the world.

When asked about the thousands of times he'd failed to create the lightbulb, Edison replied 'I didn't fail. I just found 2,000 ways now not to make a light bulb; I only needed to find one way to make it work.' Who the next great inventor will be is up in the air.

Question 31. Why was agriculture an important invention?

A. Vegetables are more nutritious than meat 

B. It created a food surplus

C. It made trade easier

D. Agriculture was not important

Question 32. Which of the following people invented the wheel?

A. The Romans           B. The Greeks 

C. The Gauls               D. Thomas Edison

Question 33. Which of the following was the compass first used for?

A. Spaceflight              B. Drawing circles

C. Feng shui                D. Agriculture

Question 34. Why was the printing press important?

A. It allowed average people to access the Bible

B. It created a food surplus

C. It made trade easier 

D. It allowed the mass-production of literature

Question 35. How did the printing press contribute to the Protestant Reformation?

A. It allowed average people to access the Bible

B. It created a food surplus

C. It made trade easier 

D. It allowed the mass-production of literature


Daniel and Hana talk about how much sleep they get and taking short naps.

Answer the following questions about the interview.

Sleep Time

Question 36. Hana usually sleeps _____ a night.

A. six hours

B. seven hours

C. eight hours

Question 37. Daniel usually sleeps _____ Hana.

A. the same as

B. less than

C. more than

Question 38. She gets extra sleep by _____ .

A. taking naps

B. sleeping Saturday morning

C. going to bed early

Question 39. On Sundays she _____ .

A. sleeps a lot 

B. see friends

C. takes a nap

Question 40. On the weekend he _____ .

A. gets up early

B. sleeps less 

C. takes naps

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1. C Question 16. D
Question 2. C Question 17. C
Question 3.C Question 18. C
Question 4.A Question 19. C
Question 5.D Question 20. A
Question 6.A Question 21. A
Question 7. D Question 22. A
Question 8. D Question 23. B
Question 9. B Question 24. B
Question 10. D Question 25. D
Question 11. A  
Question 12. C  
Question 13. B  
Question 14. D  
Question 15. A  

Question 26. We want to play football with our close friends at weekends.

Question 27. To speak to him is easy.

Question 28. They enjoy going shopping on Sunday mornings.

Question 29. It is very exciting to read his books.

Question 30. All flights were cancelled because of fog.

Question 31. B

Question 32. B

Question 33. C

Question 34. D

Question 35. A

Question 36. C

Question 37. C

Question 38. B

Question 39. B

Question 40. A


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