Đề số 5 - Đề thi cuối học kì 2 - Tiếng Anh 10 mới

Đề bài

I. Listen to a conversation between Zarif and Peter about environmental pollution. Decide if the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. Tick () the correct boxes. You will listen to the recording twice.

Question 1. Both Peter and Zarif think that the environment is in a great danger.                  

Question 2. Ecological imbalance is one serious consequence of environmental pollution.                 

Question 3. Zarif thinks that environmental pollution increases the world temperature.                       

Question 4. Peter thinks that the increased temperature may make the plants and animals become extinct. 

Question 5. Human beings are suffering from various health problems because of environmental pollution.              

 II. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

Question 6. A. preservation          B. enrol

                  C. preference       D. secondary

Question 7. A. preparation    

                    B. application

                    C. suggestion

                    D. education

III. Choose the word whose stress is put differently from that of the others.

Question 8. A. psychological

                   B. beneficial

                   C. biological

                   D. commercial

Question 9. A. atmosphere

                    B. influence

                    C. contaminate

                    D. instrument

Question 10. A. culture             B. diverse

                    C. fortune              D. altar

IV. Choose the best answer to each of the following questions.

Question 11. He's ________ with the president and may soon be fired.

A. in favor of                      B. out of favor

C. do a favor                      D. in his favor

Question 12. We should develop such ____ sources of energy as solar energy and nuclear energy.

A. traditional                     B. alternative

C. revolutionary                 D. surprising

Question 13. _________ are the standards and expectations to which women and men generally conform.

A. Social problems

B. Shabby manners

C. Gender norms

D. Ill omens

Question 14. Those artificial intelligent (AI) robots are selling like_____. If you want one, you’d better buy one now before they’re all gone.

A. hotdogs                      B. fresh bread

C. hot cakes                    D. fresh shrimps

Question 15. Would you mind turning your stereo down ?   - “__________________.”

A. Not at all

B. Sorry. I didn’t mean it

C. Yes, I’ll do it now

D. I’d be glad to

Question 16. This wireless TV is more modern, but it costs________  the other one.

A. as three times much as

B. three times as much as 

C.  third much as

D. three times than

Question 17. Can you imagine what____________ if the air ____________ polluted entirely?

A. will happen/is

B. would happen/were

C. had happen/had been

D. happened/was

Question 18. I have two brothers. ______older one is training to be ______ pilot with British Airways. _____ younger one is still at school.

A. The/ x/ the                     B. The/ a/ the

C. an/ a/ the                        D. the/ the/ the

Question 19. Do you know the man________ lives in the house opposite mine?

A. who                               B. what

C. which                             D. whose

Question 20. I asked her _______ to pursue higher studies the next year.

A. are you planning

B. if she is planning

C. was she planning

D. if she was planning

V. Give the correct form of the word in brackets.

Question 21. Evolution occurs as a result of ________ to new environments. (ADAPT)

Question 22. In Russia, it is believed that black cats bring ________ to the people who happen to meet them. (FORTUNE)

Question 23. _________ is the business of organizing holidays to places that people do not usually visit in a way which does not damage the environment. (TOURISM)

VI. Find out the mistake and correct them.

Question 24. Any bicycle brought (A) onto school (B) grounds should clearly label (C) with the owner’s (D) name.

Question 25. He said to me (A) that his father has worked (B) for (C) that company for 20 years (D).

VII. Read the following passage and fill in each gap with ONE suitable word.        

Don’t touch! We are English!

     English people think that you should avoid physical contact with strangers. When they ride on an underground train or stand in a crowded lift, they keep themselves to themselves. They read on trains or buses so that they don’t have to talk to people they don’t know. They avoid eye contact at all (26)________.

     Research has shown that the English are much more conscious of their personal space than other nationalities, especially the Irish or the Scots, (27)_______ seem more at ease with physical contact. (28)______ English allow much less contact, even with friends. And they can be upset if you touch them unexpectedly. You should never, for example, tap an English person on the shoulder if you want to attract their attention. It’s safer to cough or say: ‘Excuse me?’.

     (29)_______ the English meet people for the first time, they shake hands, but then immediately move further away. Other nationalities, Spanish people or Egyptians, for example, move closer to someone they are speaking to, but not the English. The English think you (30)_______ get to close because it suggests a desire for intimacy. And they rarely kiss people they have just met at a party when they are leaving.

VIII. Read the passage and choose the best answers.

     In Southeast Asia, many forests have been cut down to produce timber and to clear land for farms and industries. The destruction of forests has reduced the living space of wildlife. Much of Asia’s wildlife is also threatened by over-hunting. Many people kill

animals for food or hunt them to sell to zoos, medical researchers, and pet traders. Because of habitat destruction and over-hunting, many large Asian animals, including elephants, rhinoceros, and tigers, have become endangered.

In China, people have cut down most of the forests for wood, which has caused serious soil erosion. The soil is deposited in rivers and streams, which lowers the quality of the water. The Huang He, or Yellow River, is so named because the light-coloured soil gives the water a yellowish colour. The soil has also raised the riverbed. As a result, the Huang He often floods, causing great property damage and loss of life along its banks.

Question 31. The living space of wildlife in Southeast Asia_________.

A. is a threat to farmers

B. is rebuilt when people destroy forests

C. has been reduced when forests are cut down

D. is near farms and industries

Question 32. Rhinoceros and elephants are mentioned as an example of _________.

A. endangered animals in Asia

B. large animals kept in zoos

C. animals traders want to have

D. animals attracted to medical researchers

Question 33. Why do people cut down forests?

A. to make land for rivers.

B. to threaten the animals living in forests.

C. to plant more trees.                                                                                 

D. to produce timber and to clear land for farms and industries.

Question 34. The Huang He_________.

A. runs between forests

B. receives soil which betters the quality of water

C. has its name from the colour of its water

D. is a deep river in China

Question 35. The word over-hunting has the closest meaning to_________.

A. hunting overseas

B. hunting in the highlands

C. hunting too much

D. hunting for wildlife

IX. Rewrite sentences with the same meaning to the first one.

Question 36. Shakespeare was a famous playwright. His birthplace was Stratford-upon-Avon.

=> Shakespeare ……………………………………………

Question 37. The hotel wasn’t very clean. We stayed at that hotel.

=> The hotel………………………………………

Question 38. The porter said to me, "I'll wake you up when the train arrives in Leeds."

=> The porter…………………………………

Question 39. Don’t be impatient or you will make mistakes.

=> If ……………………………………

Question 40. Nancy doesn’t live near the park. She can’t go running there every morning.      

=> If ……………………………………

Lời giải chi tiết


1. T

11. B

21. adaptation

2. T

12. B

22. misfortune

3. T

13. C

23. Ecotourism

4. T

14. C

24. C

5. T

15. A

25. B

6. B

16. B

26. costs

7. C

17. B

27. who

8. D

18. B

28. The

9. C

19. A

29. When

10. B

20. D

30. shouldn’t

Question 31. They are smartphones, tablet computers e-readers, netbooks and laptops, etc.

Question 32. They are light, portable and convenient.

Question 33. These apps help them understand the materials better and motivate them to study harder both in and out of the classroom.

Question 34. Their decision will help broaden students’ learning opportunities both inside and outside of class.

Question 35. Yes, they are. They are encouraged using in the classroom.

Question 36. Shakespeare, whose birthplace was Stratford-upon-Avon, was a famous playwright.

Question 37. The hotel which we stayed at wasn't very clean.

Question 38. The porter told me that he would wake me up when the train arrived in Leeds.

Question 39. If you are impatient, you will make mistakes.

Question 40. If Nancy lived near the park, she could go running there every morning.

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