Speaking - Unit 15 trang 165 Tiếng Anh 12

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Study the expressions and practise sav ing them aloud.


Task 1: Study the expressions and practise sav ing them aloud. (Học nhứng cụm từ và thực hành nói to  chúng)

Giving your opinion

I think .../1 believe .../ In my opinion, point of view, .../As I see it,...



I quite agree./ I agree with you completely./ Absolutely!/ That’s right!



Well, I see your point but .../ I don’t quite agree/ To a certain extent, yes, but..


I don't agree./ I’m afraid, I disagree./That’s wrone./ That’s not true.



What nonsense!, What rubbish!/ I completely disagree.

Dịch bài:   

- Cho ý kiến : Tôi nghĩ /Tôi tin/Theo ý tôi. Theo quan điểm của tôi..., Như tôi thấy

- Hoàn toàn đồng ý : Tôi hoàn loàn đồng ý.../Tôi hoàn toàn đồng ý với bạn.../ Tuyệt đối đồng ý / Đúng vậy.

- Đồng ý một phần : À, tôi hiểu ý bạn, nhưng.../ Tôi không hoàn toàn đồng ý / ở mức độ nào đó, đúng, nhưng...

- Không đồng ý : Tôi không đồng ý.../ E rằng tôi không đồng ý.../ Điều đó sai.../ Điều đó không đúng.

- Hoàn toàn không đồng ý : Vô lí làm sao! Phi lí sao ấy! Tôi hoàn toàn không đồng ý.

Task 2: Work in groups. Read and respond to these statements. Begin your responses with one  of the expressions in Task 1 (Làm việc từng nhóm. Đọc và trả lời những câu nói này. Bắt đầu câu trả lời của em với một trong  những cụm từ ở Task 1.)

A. Men are usually stronger than women.

B. Women are usually more sympathetic than men.

C. Women are usually better with children than men.

D. Women are usually more careful than men.

E. Men are better at making decisions than women.

F. Women are better at running a home than men.

G. Men lose their temper more easily than women.

H. Women waste more time than men.

I. Women work harder than men.


1. A : Men are usually stronger than women.

    B : That's right.

    C : It’s my opinion, too

2. A : Women are usually more sympathetic than men. I think.

    B : I quite agree with you.

    C : Absolutely, because women are more sensitive than men.

3. A : Women arc belter at running a home than men

    B : Well, I see your point, but I think men can run a home better loo.

    C: I think so. Too.

4. A : Women work harder than men.

    B : I'm afraid 1 disagree with you, because men are stronger than women in both physical and mental aspects.

    C : Thai's right.

Task 3: Work ill groups. Discuss whether you agree or disagree with the following statements and give explanations, married women should not go to work. (Làm việc từng nhóm. Thảo luận xem em đồng ý hay không đồng ý vài những câu nói sau và cho lời giải thích phụ nữ có gia đình không nên đi làm.)



- stay at home, looking after their children and husbands

- better at looking after children, doins housework

- traditional role of housewives

- neglect family responsibilities if spending too much time at work

- cannot do two jobs well at the same time: rearine; children and working at offices

- prevent husbands from developing their full potential at work

- too boring to be housewives all their lives

- financially dependent and have no decisions or power

- be slaves at home

- lose contact with friends

- lose touch with social activities

- housework can be tiring, stressful and boring

- be looked down upon bv men

- waste education and knowledge gained before marriage


A : From my poinl of view, married women should not go to work.

B : I completely disagree. I think if they stay at home, they gradually lose touch with social life.

C : And they are likely to waste, at some extent, education and knowledge they gained before marriage.

D : But doing the traditional role of housewives is their divine duties.

A : Moreover, one cannot do two jobs well at the same time : rearing children, doing household choires and working at the office.

B : That's not true. At present, with labour-saving devices, women can perform their housework rapidly and well.

D : However, this can make women financially dependent and have no decisions or power.

C : As I see, in this present economic and political situation, the marriage life requires the contribution of both husband and wife, especially in the financial aspect. In other words, husband and wife should share together the family work or responsibility.


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