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Work ill pairs. Ask and answer the following questions; Which ASEAN countries use English as a second language?


❖   Before You Listen

Work ill pairs. Ask and answer the following questions; Which ASEAN countries use English as a second language? (làm việc từng đôi. Hỏi và trả lời câu hỏi “những quốc gia nào của ASEAN dùng tiếng Anh như ngôn ngữ thứ hai?”


A. Which countries ASEAN use English as a second language?

B. Some countries of ASEAN, which use English as a second language, are the Philippines, Malaysia, and Brunei.

Listen and repeat

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Buddhist         Catholic         geo-political entity

Muslim             God              predominantly

❖   While You Listen

Task 1: Listen to the dialogue between Mr Hung and his daughter Nga, and choose the best answer A, B, or C to complete each of the following sentences. (Nghe cuộc đối thoại giữa ông Hưng và con gái Nga, và chọn câu trả lời đúng nhất A, B hay C để điền vào câu sau)

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❖   Tapescript

 Mr Hung : What are you doing? it’s so late. Why don’t you go to bed?

Nga: I'm trying to finish my essay about the culture and religion of the ASEAN countries. I'll have to submit it to my teacher tomorrow. May I ask you something. Dad?

Mr Hung:  Yes? What's that?

Nga: Do you know how many people in the Southeast Asia speak English?

Mr Hung: I'm not sure. But the ASEAN countries have the third largest number of English speakers - just alter the US and UK.

Nga: Really? Exactly how many people speak English?

Mr Hung : Around 50 million, I think... mostly in the Philippines.

Nga : Do you know anything about religions?

Mr Hung: The ASEAN countries include three main religions. They are Islam, Buddhism and Catholicism.

Nga :  What is Islam?

Mr Hung: A religion based on a belief in one god and the teaching of Muhammad. It's the religion of the Muslims.

Nga : Can you tell me something more about the Muslims?

Mr Hung. It’s an interesting question. The ASEAN countries have more Muslims than any other geo-political entity.

Nga: But how many Muslims. Dad?

Mr Hung: Oh, let me try to remember... about a quarter of a billion, mostly in Indonesia and Malaysia

Nga : And what about the other religions?

Mr Hung : Other main religions of the various countries in the region include large numbers of Buddhists, and the Catholics in the Philippines.

Nga: What is the main religion in Vietnam?

Mr Hung: It's Buddhism. Many people go to pagoda.

Nga : Well, and now I think I’ve got all the information I need for my essay. Thank you very much, Dad.

Mr Hung : That’s all right. Finish your writing and go to bed. I'm afraid you'll get up late tomorrow morning.


1. Nga asked her father about ..........

A. the English language spoken in the us

B. people who speak English in the UK

C. the number of people who speak English in the ASEAN countries

2. The ASEAN countries include……………….

A. about a quarter of a billion Muslims

B. 25 million Muslims

C. half a billion Muslims

3. Muslims mostly live in……………...

A. the Philippines

B. Indonesia and Myanmar

C. Indonesia and Malaysia

4. The main religion in Vietnam is ........

A. Buddhism

B. Islam

C. Catholicism

5. Mr. Hung thought that ……………

A. he himself would wake up late the next morning

B. Nga would get up late the next morning

C. both of them would wake up late the next morning


1 .C           2. A           3. C             4. A            5. B

Task 2: Answer the following questions. (Trả  lời các câu hỏi sau.)

1. When will Nga have to submit the essay to her teacher?

2. What country has the largest number of English speakers?

3. How many people speak English in the ASEAN region?

4. In what country in the region is English mostly spoken?

5. How many main religions exist in the ASEAN countries and what are they?


1. She has to submit it to her teacher tomorrow morning.

2. The US.

3. It’s around 50 million.

4. It’s Ihe Philippines.

5. There are three, and they are Islam. Buddhism  and  Catholicism.

❖   After You Listen

Work ill groups. In your opinion, what do you think Nga's  essay will be about?


A : What do you think Nga's essay will be about?

B : About the language and religions in the ASEAN countries

C: What religions does she want to know?

D : The main religions in the area are Islam, Buddhism and Catholicism.

A : Does she ask whether English is spoken in the ASEAN countries?

B : Yes. And her father let her know that the ASEAN countries ranks the third where English is spoken.

C : Really? How interesting!

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