Đề thi kì 1 môn tiếng Anh lớp 10 năm 2020 - 2021 trường THPT Lương Văn Can

Đề bài

I. A. Choose the word which is stressed differently from the rest

1. A. channel       B. media              C. cartoon            D. together

2. A. beautiful     B. television         C. internet           D. interfere

B. Choose the word which has the underlined letters pronounced differently from the others

3. A. repeat          B. report              C. determine        D. together

4. A. instead        B. seat                  C. cheap              D. please

II. Error identification

5. Have you finished reading (A) the(B) English magazine which(C) I lend (D) you 2 days ago?

6. Then(A)  the computer (B) will ask you(C)  restart(D)  it.

7. I enjoyed talking(A)  to the people whom(B)  I had (C) dinner with them(D)  last night.

8. If(A)  I will have to (B) make a difficult decision, I always discuss(C)  it with (D) my friends.

9. The(A)  house was enough comfortable(B)  but (C) not luxurious(D).

III. Choose the option that is CLOSEST in meaning with the underlined part in each sentence

10. He is a very careful person and always does his work with high accuracy.

A. precision         B. sense               C. fluency            D. speed

11. Last year, we had a bumper crop of strawberries.

A. large crop        B. poor crop         C. early crop        D. good crop

IV. Complete each of the sentences with an appropriate preposition

12. I came in tired and hungry and badly _______ need of a bath.

13. Will you pick me _______after the party?

14. It’s nice to have a weekend away________ the city?

15. I’m looking forward __________joining you in the trip.

V. Supply the correct form of the words in brackets.

16. They are working _________ in the fields from sunrise to sunset. (hard)

17. You can work all the time. You need some rest and ______. (relax)

18. You need your parent’s ___________ before you can go on this school trip. (permit)

19. The cottage is surrounded by the _____countryside. (glory)

20. She has been in a bad condition by ____________ and  illness. (poor)

VI. A. Supply the correct form of the verb in brackets.

21. I hope ______(have) a well – paid job.

22. They suggest _______ (call) the ambulance for the injured boys.

B. Supply the correct tense of verbs in brackets.

23. When I _______ home , the boy was sleeping. (arrive)

24. He’ll be late for the bus if he ______ at once. (not start)

25. Who ____you yesterday? (help)

VII. Fill in the text with the appropriate word in the box below.

Only today have we learnt that the caves near Thay pagoda are close until after Tet. So we are visiting (26)______ near Huong Pagoda instead. A night campfire on a (27) ______ trip will be a great event in our schooldays! To make the trip cheap, we are bringing our own food and sharing buses (28) ____ some other classes. It's much warmer now. I believe we're going to enjoy good weather with a lot of sunshine. The only problem I seem to have is getting my parents' (29) ______. They may not want to let me spend the night (30 )__________ from home. I'll try to persuade them. That's all for now. Give my love to your parents and sister.

26. A. one            B. ones                 C. these               D. those

27.  A. two day   B. two days         C. two-day          D. two-days

28. A. on             B. with                 C. for                   D. about

29. A. permission D. permit             C. admission        D. anxiety

30. A. forward    B. in                     C. away               D. out

VIII. Answer the following passage carefully and then answer the questions

Edison’s first interest was chemistry and he read all he could find about it. He was only 10 when he began to grow and sell vegetable so that he could have money to buy chemicals for doing experiments. When he was 15, he got a job selling magazines and fruits on a train and began printing a weekly newspaper. The printing press was set up in the luggage van. But one day, one of his bottles of chemicals broke and set fire to the van. He put off the train and lost the job.

31. What was Edison greatly interested in?

A. selling vegetables

B. growing vegetables

C. buying chemicals

D. studying chemistry

32. How did he earn money when he was 10?

A. by doing experiments

B. by selling magazines and fruits on a train

C. by selling chemicals

D. by growing and selling vegetables

33. He needed money ______

A. to buy chemicals for experiments

B. to print a weekly magazines

C. to grow vegetables

D. A and B are correct

34. He was put off the train and lost the job because_________

A. he set up the printing press

B. he began printing a weekly magazine

C. he carelessly set fire to the luggage van

D. he carelessly made the train catch fire

35. The phrase “set fire to” is closest in meaning to_________

A. burn B. sell C. damage D. break

IX. Rewrite the following sentences with the words given.

36. In spite of his low grades, he was admitted to university.

=> Although ________

37. My father has driven them to the station , (change into passive)

=> They_______

38. “I have worked here since 2010.”

=> She said________

39. If you don’t study well, you will fail the exam.

=> Unless________

40. The girl chatted with him yesterday. She arrived here at 6.30 (use relative clause)


X. Listen and fill the blanks

How important to you is your mobile phone? Do you really (41) ______ it? In the 1980s there were no mobile phones. People still (42)___________ to phone their family and friends and do business. Of course, there were more public telephones then. There was a telephone box pretty much on every street corner. I wonder whether (43)_______ ______ phones are a good or bad thing. For sure, they are very (44)_______, but they can also be a nuisance. There’s nothing worse than talking to someone and then they ignore you for ten minutes while they answer their phone. I have even seen people on a date and one person chats on the phone for 30 minutes. How would life change for you if you didn’t have a mobile? Would you miss (45)________ to other people’s conversations on the train?

Lời giải chi tiết

Question 1. A

Question 11. D

Question 21. to have

Question 31. D

Question 2. C

Question 12. in

Question 22. calling

Question 32. B

Question 3. D

Question 13. up

Question 23. arrived

Question 33. A

Question 4.A

Question 14. in

Question 24. doesn’t start

Question 34. C

Question 5. D

Question 15. to

Question 25. helped

Question 35. A

Question 6. D

Question 16. hard

Question 26. A

Question 41. need

Question 7. D

Question 17. relaxation

Question 27. C

Question 42. managed

Question 8. B

Question 18. permission

Question 28. B

Question 43. mobile phone

Question 9. B

Question 19. glorious

Question 29. A

Question 44. convenient

Question 10. A

Question 20. poverty

Question 30. C

Question 45. listening


Question 36. Although he got low grades, he was admitted to university.

Question 37. They have been driven to the station by my father.

Question 38. She said that she had worked there since 2010

Question 39. Unless you study well, you will fail the exam.

Question 40. The girl who arrived here at 6.30 chatted with him yesterday.


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