Đề số 9 - Đề kiểm tra học kì 1 - Tiếng Anh 6 mới

Đề bài

I. Listen and decide if the following statements are true (T) or false (F).

Question 1. It is 85 km from Tam Dao to Hanoi centre. _________

Question 2. You can go to Tam Dao by airplane. _________

Question 3. There is no church in Tam Dao. _________

Question 4. Hill chicken is a special dish of Tam Dao. _________

Question 5. The trip to Tam Dao is cheap. _________

II. Choose the odd one out.

Question 6. A. never                B. usually                            C. always                          D. after

Question 7. A. orange              B. yellow                            C. apple                             D. blue

Question 8. A. lemonade         B. coffee                             C. bread                            D. milk

III. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.

Question 9. A. meat                 B. reading                           C. bread                            D. seat

Question 10. A. work              B. cook                               C. kite                               D. knee

Question 11. A. hi                    B. five                                 C. miss                              D. nice

IV. Choose the best answer.

Question 12. I hope he doesn’t keep us _________.

A. waiting                                 B. to wait                            C. wait                              D. for waiting

Question 13. I’m going to _________ the bus to work.

A. catch                                    B. collect                            C. gather                           D. pick

Question 14. We have English _________ Monday _________ the afternoon.

A. in – in                                   B. on – in                            C. in – in                           D. on – on

Question 15. Our family usually eat in a cheap _________ near our house.

A. temple                                  B. bookstore                       C. restaurant                     D. hospital

Question16. There is _________ near my house.

A. a tree tall                              B. a tall tree                        C. tall tree                         D. tree tall

Question 17. Are there _________ apples in the fridge? – Yes, there are _________.

A. some – some                        B. any – some                     C. some – any                   D. any – any

Question 18. What do you do _________?

A. in the morning                     B. at the morning                C. on the morning             D. with the morning

Question 19. There is a football match today at My Dinh _________.

A. museum                               B. hospital                          C. hotel                             D. stadium

Question 20. The post office is _________ the cinema and the drugstore.

A. opposite                               B. between                         C. left of                           D. in front

Question 21. I want to buy a dictionary. I go to the _________.

A. temple                                  B. store                               C. bookstore                     D. restaurant

Question 22. I am tired. I’d like _________.

A. sit down                               B. to listen                          C. to sit down                   D. sitting down

Question 23. I’m very tired. - _________.

A. Oh, yes.                              

B. Why don’t you have a rest?

C. It’s okay.

D. Thanks a lot.

Question 24. What are you going to do _________?

A. this summer of vacation

B. in this summer vacation

C. this summer vacation

D. on this summer vacation

Question 25. A paddy-field is a rice _________.

A. yard                                     B. garden                            C. paddy                           D. park

V. Read the following passage and choose the correct answer for each question.

My name is Adele and this is my husband, John. We both work in offices in Paris. We have breakfast at half past seven. We don’t have a big breakfast. We usually have bread, coffee and orange juice.

For lunch we have salad with sandwich. We usually have dinner at half past seven in the evening. It is a big meal of the day and we have meat or fish with vegetables and potatoes or rice. We have orange juice with the milk. On Saturday evenings we go to a restaurant for dinner at about eight o’clock.

Question 26. Adele and John have _________.

A. a big breakfast

B. a light breakfast

C. breakfast with meat

D. breakfast with eggs

Question 27. What do they have for lunch?

A. salad with sandwich

B. salad and soup

C. soup and fish

D. sandwich and fish

Question 28. What time do they usually have dinner?

A. 6:30                                      B. 7:15                                C. 7:30                              D. 8:00

Question 29. What do they drink for dinner?

A. iced tea                                B. iced coffee                     C. orange juice                  D. soda

Question 30. Where do they have dinner on Saturday evening?

A. at home

B. at a hotel

C. at their friend’s house

D. at a restaurant

VI. Choose the correct answer to complete the following text.

There are five different types of rhino in the world today. The Black and White Rhino live in the open fields of Africa. The others live in forests in Asia.

All rhinos have big, heavy bodies. Their skin is very hard and they have very little hair. The great body (31) _________ the rhino stands on four short legs. Each foot (32) _________ three toes. They usually walk very (33) _________, but they can run at 50 kilometers an hour. Rhino are usually quiet and calm animals, and they only (34) _________ grass and other plants.

A baby rhino weights 40 kilos when it is born. It has been inside its mother for about fifteen months. An adult rhino weighs over 200 kilos and may (35) _________ to be 50 years old.

Question 31. A. to                   B. of                                   C. for                                D. with

Question 32. A. have               B. has                                  C. haves                            D. hases

Question 33. A. slow               B. slower                            C. slowly                           D. slowest

Question 34. A. eat                  B. eats                                 C. to eat                            D. eating

Question 35. A. lives               B. living                              C. to live                           D. live

VII. Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word given.

Question 36. A trip to Fan Si Pan is an (forget) _________ experience.

Question 37. You must take an umbrella because it’s (rain) _________ in Mui Ne at this time of year.

Question 38. The lion is one of (fast) _________ animals that live on land.

Question 39. A butterfly is more (colour) _________ than a moth.

Question 40. Walking across the desert is (bad) _________ experience I’ve ever had.


-----THE END-----

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the worst

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