Đề số 2 - Đề kiểm tra học kỳ 2 - Tiếng Anh 6 mới

Đề bài

I. Listen and fill in each blank with one suitable word.

1. When he was young, _________ was important.

2. Today, people use too much stuff and _________ everything away.

3. Recycling is good for the ___________.

4. The speaker buys things like used furniture and _________.

5. In some countries, there are _________ to leave newspapers, clothes, batteries and metal.

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.

6. A. prize                   B. excite                      C. design                     D. capital

7. A. designed             B. received                  C. cycled                     D. rewarded

8. A. school                 B. continent                C. channel                   D. character

III. Choose the odd one out.

9. A. Mexico               B. Asia                        C. South Africa          D. Australia

10. A. newsreader       B. cartoon                   C. weathergirl             D. reporter

11. A. light                  B. coal                         C. wind                       D. wave

IV. Choose the correct answer.

12. Oxford University was built _________ the 12th century.

      A. in                            B. of                            C. at                            D. on

13. Breda goes jogging every morning to keep ___________.

      A. exercise                  B. trained                    C. fit                           D. health

14. The Golden Gate Bridge is San Francisco’s most famous _________.

      A. building                  B. monument              C. palace                     D. landmark

15. Ingrid __________ play the violin when she was six.     

      A. can’t                       B. could                      C. might                      D. shouldn’t

16. There will be a helicopter on the roof ________ I can fly to school.

      A. so that                    B. although                 C. because                   D. in order

17. The three Rs __________ reduce, reuse and recycle.

      A. mean by                  B. turn to                     C. stand for                 D. put up

18. Will some robots be _______ humans?

      A. as intelligent as       B. more intelligent      C. more intelligent as  D. most intelligent than

19. ________ are the Olympic Games held? - Every four years.

      A. When                      B. Where                     C. How long               D. How often

20. Last summer, I __________ fishing with my uncle in the afternoon.

      A. go                           B. went                       C. goes                        D. going

V. Supply the correct form of the word in brackets.

21. Who is the most famous fashion _______________ in Vietnam? (design)

22. In my ____________, there is a supermarket, a hotel and a park. (neighbor)

23. My brother is not very ______________. He doesn’t like playing or watching sports. (sport)

24. My exam results were ____________ than I expected. (bad)

25. Pelé is ______________ regarded as the best football player of all time. (wide)

VI. Choose the correct answers to complete the passage.

      Are you planning your next trip? Then why not visit London? London is one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Sights and attractions

      There are lots of things to see and do in London. Walk around the center and see famous landmarks like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. Visit the Tower of London where England’s kings and queens lived. Go to Buckingham Palace at 11:30 and (26) _________ the famous ‘Changing of the Guard’ ceremony. And don’t miss London’s art galleries and museums - (27) _________ are free to get into!


      There are over 40,000 shops in London. Oxford Street is Europe’s (28) _________ high street with over 300 shops.


      With over 270 nationalities in London, you can try food from just about (29) _________ country in the world. Make sure you try the UK’s most famous dish - fish and chips!

      Getting around

      London has a quick underground train system (the ‘tube’ as the locals call it). (30) _________ are also the famous red ‘double-decker’ buses. The tube is quicker, but you will see more of London from a bus!

26. A. notice                           B. see                     C. realize                     D. take

27. A. lots                               B. much                 C. more                       D. most

28. A. busy                             B. busier                 C. busiest                    D. the busiest

29. A. every                            B. all                      C. one                         D. many

30. A. They                            B. There                 C. These                      D. Those

VII. Read and decide if the statements are true (T) or false (F).

The home of the future

When you’re out of the house, is the fridge on the phone to the supermarket? Is the heating system having a word with the bath? And when you get back home, does the doorknob recognize you and say hello? Probably not, but in the house of the future all this - and more - is possible.

      Researchers say that technology will transform your home in ways you can only dream about. Nanotechnology will play an important role. It will clean your windows. Intelligent spoons will check how hot or cold your soup is and the walls will sense if anyone is in your garden.

      The next generation of fridges will use the Internet to make sure your food stays fresh and they’ll get in touch with the supermarket to order some more and you’ll never run out of milk again.

      When you are on the way home and feel like a warm bath, all you have to do is sending a text message to the heating system. The heating system warms the water and even runs the bath so that as soon as you walk through the front door, you can jump in and relax.

      Welcome to the smart home of the future!

31. Houses in the future will be smarter than today’s houses. ______

32. Nanotechnology will help protect your house. ______

33. The fridge will remind you when to go to the supermarket. ______

34. You can control your heating system by using text messages. ______

35. Researchers say a smart house is just a dream. ______

VIII. Complete the second sentence so that it has the same meaning to the first one. Use the words given in brackets.

36. Why don’t we go to Bali on summer vacation? (suggested)

=> Jane ____________________________________________________________________________.

37. You won’t pass the exam unless you study harder. (not)

=> If _______________________________________________________________________________.

38. Matt is still working on his homework. (finished)

=> Matt _________________________________________________________________________ yet.

39. Very few cities in Vietnam are as rich as Da Nang.

=> Da Nang is one of the _______________________________________________________________.

40. Although it was noisy, we continued to study our lesson.

=> In spite of ________________________________________________________________________.



------------------THE END------------------

Lời giải chi tiết

1. recycling

2. throw

3. environment

4. clothes

5. places

6. D

7. D

8. C

9. B

10. B

11. B

12. A

13. C

14. D

15. B

16. A

17. C

18. A

19. D

20. B

21. designer

22. neighborhood

23. sporty

24. worse

25. widely

26. B

27. D

28. C

29. A

30. B

31. T

32. T

33. F

34. T

35. F

 36. suggested going to Bali on summer vacation


37. you don’t study harder, you won’t pass the exam

Or: you study harder, you will pass the exam

38. hasn’t finished his homework

39. richest cities in Vietnam

40. the noise, we continued to study our lesson

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