Đề cương ôn tập bài tập học kì 1 môn Tiếng Anh 10 mới

Đề cương ôn tập các câu hỏi trắc nghiệm theo từng chủ điểm ngữ pháp sách giáo khoa Tiếng Anh 10 mới, giúp học sinh luyện tập và nắm chắc toàn bộ kiến thức đã học

Đề bài



Question 1. He (speak) _________German so well because he (come) ________from Germany.

Question 2. Mrs. Smith (not live)____________in the city. She (rent)___________in an appartment in the countryside.

Question 3.  The train (leave)_________ at 6.00 tomorrow morning.

Question 4.  Tomorrow (not/be)________ Monday.

Question 5.  We usually (read)_________books, (listen)_________to music or (watch)_______TV.

Question 6. The Sun (rise)________ in the east and (set)________ in the west.

Question 7. My sister (work) ________as a nurse for a big hospital.

Question 8.  Water (boil)_______ at 100 degrees

Question 9.  It (not/rain)_______ much in the hot season here.

Question 10. Your father (be)________ British?


Fill in the blank with the correct form.

Question 1. I (go)________ to the cinema with my friends tomorrow evening.

Question 2. We (have)_________ a party next sunday. Would you like to come? 

Question 3. My parents (not/come)_________ here in two hours.

Question 4. My daughter (study)________in Japan next month

Question 5. They (build)__________ a new school next year.

Question 6. He (always/mess up)______________ in his room. 

Question 7. ____________ you ____________ (watch) TV? No, we ____________ (study).

Question 8. Her husband (constantly/ not/ come)___________ back home early.

Question 9. Her children (always/not/visit)__________ her at weekend.

Question 10. At the moment, I (read)_______________a book and my brother (watch)_______ TV.


Question 11. It's 10 o'clock in the morning. Sarah (be)________in her room. She (do) _________her homework.

A. is/ is doing                   B. is/ doing           C. is being/ is doing 

Question 12. Now we (lie)_________ on the beach. The weather (be)_______ great!

A. are lying/ is                 B. are liing/ is being          C. is lying/ is 

Question 13. She (always/leave)___________her dirty socks on the floor for me to pick up! Who she (think)______I (be)_____? Her maid?

A. is always leaving/ does she think/ am 

B. are always leaving/ do she think/ am 

C. leaves / does she think/ am 

Question 14.  My brothers (constanly/ borrow)____________my clothes without asking me, which (make)______ me angry.

A. constantly borrow/ make 

B. are constantly borrowing / make 

C. are constantly borrowing/makes

Question 15. My son  (constantly make)______ noise, so I (not/ focus)______ on my work at home.

A. constantly making/ don’t focus 

B. is constantly making/ don’t focus 

C. are constantly making/ don’t focus 

Question 16.  Everyday, my father (get up)_________________at 5.00 a.m, but today he (get up) __________________ at 6.00 am.

A. gets up/ is getting up 

B. is getting up/ gets up

C. gets up/ gets up

Question 17. Now I (do)_____________the cooking while my sisters (play)_______________piano.

A. am doing/ are playing

B. am doing/ is playing 

C. am doing/ plays

Question 18. Linda (go)__________________to the bookshop now because she ( want ) ___________to buy some books for her friends.

A. is going/ wanting

B. goes/ wants

C. is going/ wants

Question 19.  My brother (not live)____________________in New York, he (live)_______________ in London.

A. doesn’t live/ lives

B. doesn’t live/ is living

C. isn’t living/ is living

Question 20. Margaret (not/go)__________ to Dave’s party on Wednesday because she (be)__________on holiday.

A. isn’t going/ is

B. doesn’t go/ is

C. going / is



Question 1. Is Rob going to give/ Are Bob going to give any concerts in the summer?

Question 2. Her father is going to sell/ is going to selling his car. 

Question 3. My family is not going to move/ are going not to move  the city center next week. 

Question 4. Ann is in hospital.' 'Yes, I know. I am going to visit/  will visit  her tomorrow.

Question 5. Look at those black clouds. It is going to rain/ will rain.

Question 6.  I've already decided. I am going to buy/ am going buy a new car.

Question 7.  I am going have/ am going to have my hair cut tomorrow because it’s too long. 

Question 8.  My friends are going to buy/ buy a new house next month because they have had enough money. 

Question 9.  Look at these clouds! It is going to rain/ rains. 

Question 10.  My father is going to play/plays tennis in 15 minutes because he has just worn sports clothes.

Question 11.  Ok. She will go/ will goes with you tomorrow.

Question 12.  My friend  loves London. He will probably go/ probably go  there next year.

Question 13.  They completely forget about this. Give them a moment, they will do/ are doing it now.

Question 14.  We won’t come/ won’t comes there after four o'clock, we promise. 

Question 15.  Perhaps, she won’t be/ isn’t able to come tomorrow. 

Question 16.  The weatherman says it will rain/ rains after Sunday.

Question 18.  We believe that she will recovers/ will recover from her illness soon.

Question 19.  You look tired, so he will bring/ brings you something to eat.

Question 20.  He won’t buy/ not buy the car, if he doesn’t afford it.



Question 1. They use a computer to do that job nowadays.

=> ___________________________________

Question 2. The mechanic is repairing Judy’s car.

=> ___________________________________

Question 3. Should they help Jane with the sewing?

=> ___________________________________

Question 4. Where did they hold the 1988 Olympic Games?


Question 5. The bank manager kept me for half an hour.

=> ___________________________________

Question 6. Has he spelt this word wrongly?

=> ___________________________________

Question 7. The president will make the announcement in 30 minutes.

=> ___________________________________

Question 8. They used to drink beer for breakfast in England years ago.

=> ___________________________________

Question 9. They were cleaning the floor when I arrived.

=> ___________________________________

Question 10. How do people make candles?

=> ___________________________________

Question 11. Kathy had returned the book to the library.

=> ___________________________________

Question 12. They have sent that money to the poor families.

=> ___________________________________

Question 13. You need to have your hair cut.

=> ___________________________________

Question 14. Parents always give me proper encouragement.

=> ___________________________________

Question 15. Someone reported that the situation was under control.
=> The situation ___________________________________

Question 16. It is said that she works 16 hours a day.
=> She ___________________________________________

Question 17. Someone thinks that the company is planning a new advertising campaign.
=> The company ______________________________________

Question 18. Everyone expects that the soap opera will end next year.
=> The soap opera __________________________________

Question 19. Someone reported that the President had suffered a heart attack.

=> The President ___________________________________

Question 20. It is reported that two people were injured in the explosion.
=> Two people_______________________________________



Complete the sentences, using the coordinating conjunctions from the box.

          and           or            but               so 


Question 1.  Traditional musical forms are often performed on contemporary stages, _______ “Don ca tai tu Nam bo” is presented at homes of the local people.

Question 2.  Professor Nguyen Vinh Bao, a master of “Don ca tai tu Nam bo”, had great emotions _______ wish to share them with the public.

Question 3.  Both the father and grandfather of Beethoven were professional singers, _______ musicianship was in the family.

Question 4.  Later on, Beethoven became an assistant organist, _______ also played viola for a famous orchestra.

Question 5.  My mum and dad hate my long, dyed hair _______ strange clothes _______ I’m in a band _______ I need to look cool!

Question 6.  It’s raining hard, _____ we can’t go to the beach.

Question 7.  Tom has a computer, _____ he doesn’t use it.

Question 8.  I want to work as an interpreter in the future, _____ I am studying Russian at university.

Question 9.  My hobbies are playing soccer _______ listening to music.

Question 10.  Would you like tea ______coffee?



Use to-infinitives or bare infinitives to complete the following sentences.

Question 1.  The Vietnamese authorities decided _______ files on “Don ca tai tu Nam bo” to UNESCO, (submit)

Question 2.  In “Hat Gheo”, the boy and girl look at each other because they would like_______ their feelings during the performance. (express)

Question 3.  With an oar, the actor of “Tuong” try _______ the viewers the boat fast sailing, wavering due to waves, making the viewers feel as though they were on the boat. (show)

Question 4.  This type of acting in Tuong makes the actors _______ their individuality and transform themselves into the characters of the play. (give up)

Question 5.  21st Century Fox decided  _______  “American Idol” after the last season of 2016. (cancel)

Question 6.  Aguilera’s hit single “Genie in a Bottle” made her ______ a Grammy Award for Best New Artist, (get)

Question 7.  Aguilera continue _______ , and in 1990, she earned the second place in the TV programme “Star Search”. (perform)

Question 8.  Adele has planned _______  her new album after the success of “Hello” and “25”. (release)

Đáp án: to release

Question 9.  Vietnamese viewers expect foreign-origin reality shows _______ a “breath of fresh air” to TV channels. (bring)

Question 10.  TV viewers could see the contestants of the Vietnam’s Next Top Model _______ confidently on the catwalk. (perform)



Give the correct verb forms.

Question 1. Where _________ (you/ go) two days ago? 

Question 2. At this time last night, we ______  (play) cards. 

Question 3. _______ (they/sleep) at this time yesterday?

Question 4. While he ______ (walk) in the forest, he _______ (meet) a woodcutter. 

Question 5. When they _______(watch) TV, the electricity ________ go out. 

Question 6. When you _______  (call) me yesterday, I _______ (have) breakfast. 

Question 7. At 10p.m yesterday, I ______ (read) book while my sister _______ (draw) a picture. 

Question 8. What ______ (she/do) last Sunday?  - She ______ (go) to the hospital to donate blood. 

Question 9. At 10 p.m two days ago, my friends ______ (hold) a birthday party for me. 

Question 10.  When I ______ (cross) the street, I ______ (see) an accident. 



Question 1. “Where’s Tony?” “He ______ to the travel agent, and he hasn’t come back.”

A. has been                 B. has been going              C. has gone          D. had gone

Question 2. They_______homework for 2 hours.

A. have done               B. doing                       C. had done        D. would do

Question 3. I’d like to see that football match because I ______one this year.

A. don't see                 B. can’t see             C. hardly see           D. haven’t seen

Question 4. I can’t believe that you ______all the three exercises. You just started five minutes ago.

A. have finished          B. have been finishing       C. finished      D. are finishing

Question 5. Up to now, the discount ______  to children under ten years old.

A. has only applied                 B. only applies                                   

C. was only applied    D. only applied

Question 6. Tom often watches TV after his parents ______ to bed.

A. had gone                B. have gone            C. go                  D. went

Question 7. Their children ______  lots of new friends since they ______  to that town.

A. have made - moved                        B. were making - have moved

C. made - are moving             D. made - have been moving

Question 8. Jane is a wonderful singer. Her mother tells me that she ______  professionally since she was four.

A. has been sung         B. was singing                        

C. is singing                D. has sung

Question 9. He ______  off  alone a month ago, and _______ since.

A. set - hasn’t left                               B. was setting - hasn’t left

C. set – has left                                   D. was setting - hadn’t been left

Question 10. None of the students ______ to class yet.

A. are coming              B. hadn't come                                   

C. haven’t come          D. have come 

Question 11.  "He greeted her. She really ______ better than when he________ her last week." - "Yes, she _____."

A. had looked - saw - had changed 

B. looked - saw - had changed 

C. has looked - saw - has changed                

D. looked - had seen – had changed     

Question 12. I sat down at the desk and _______ why my father’s letter ______ yet. I _______ to ask him to send me some money at once.

A. wondered - hadn’t arrived - had written                          

B. had wondered - didn’t arrive - wrote                   

C. wondered - didn’t arrive - wrote              

D. wondered - hadn’t arrived - wrote

Question 13. 15 years ago, when I came back, the City _____ with 800,000 motorbikes and two million bicycles on the roads.

A. had dramatic changed

B. had dramatically changed 

C. dramatic had changed                   

D. dramatically had changed
Question 14. The traffic system in our city _____ in the last decade.

A. had gradually been upgraded                   

B. has gradually upgraded                 

C. has gradually been upgraded

D. has gradually been upgrading

Question 15. More tourists have chosen to visit Ha Long Bay _______ UNESCO’s recognition of its natural beauty.

A. for              B. until                        C. since           D. yet



Question 1. Gender equality _______ only when women and men enjoy the same opportunities.

A. will be achieved                 B. will achieve                       

C. won’t achieve                     D. won’t be achieved

Question 2. In Muslim countries, changes_______to give women equal rights to natural or economic resources, as well as access to ownership.

A. mustn’t be made                B. must make             

C. must be made                    D. mustn’t make 

Question 3. In order to reduce gender inequality in South Korean society, women _______ more opportunities by companies.

A. should provide                   B. should be provided           

C. ought to provide                 D. ought be provided 

Question 4. Child marriage_______ in several parts in the world because it limits access to education and training.

A. must be stopped                            B. must stop               

C. mustn’t be stopped                        D. mustn’t stop

Question 5. In Egypt, female students from disadvantaged families _______ scholarships to continue their studies.

A. will be given                       B. will give                             

C. won’t give                          D. won’t be given

Question 6. Discrimination on the basis of gender_______ from workplaces.

A. should remove                    B. should be removed            

C. ought to remove                  D. ought be removed

Question 7. Gender equality  _______ without the support of the government, organizations, and individuals.

A. mustn’t be achieved                                   B. needn’t be achieved

C. should not be achieved                              D. cannot be achieved

Question 8. Although progress  _______, we are still a long way from achieving gender equality worldwide.

A. has been made                    B. have been made                 

C. has been done                      D. have been done

Question 9. In sub-Saharan African countries, investments _______ in education, skill training and health care to form a better future for adolescent girls and their families.

A. will be needed                    B. should need                                   

C. will not be needed             D. must need

Question 10. Obesity _____ a serious health problem. 

A. may not be considered       B. may be considered            

C. may not consider               D. may consider

Lời giải chi tiết


Question 1. speaks/ comes 

Question 6. rises/sets

Question 2. doesn’t live/ rents

Question 7. works

Question 3. leaves 

Question 8. boils

Question 4. isn’t

Question 9. doesn’t rain 

Question 5. read/ listen/ watch 

Question 10. Is your father



Question 1. am going 

Question 6. is always messing up 

Question 2. are having 

Question 7. are you watching/ are studying 

Question 3. aren’t coming 

Question 8. isn’t constantly coming 

Question 4. are building

Question 9. aren’t always visiting 

Question 5. are building

Question 10. am reading/ is watching 



Question 11. A

Question 16. A

Question 12. A

Question 17. A

Question 13. A

Question 18. C

Question 14. C

Question 19. A

Question 15. B

Question 20. A



Question 1. Is Rob going to give

Question 11. will go

Question 2. is going to sell

Question 12. will probably go

Question 3. is not going to move

Question 13. will do

Question 4. am going to visit

Question 14. won’t come

Question 5. is going to rain

Question 15. won’t be

Question 6. am going to buy

Question 16. will rain

Question 7. am going to have

Question 17. won’t have

Question 8. are going to buy

Question 18. will recover

Question 9. is going to rain

Question 19. will bring

Question 10. is going to play

Question 20. won’t buy



Question 1. A computer is used to do that job nowadays.

Question 2. Judy’s car is being repaired by the mechanic.

Question 3. Should Jane be helped with the sewing?

Question 4. Where was the 1988 Olympic Games held?

Question 5. I was kept for half an hour by the bank manager. 

Question 6. Has this word been spelt wrongly?

Question 7. The announcement will be made by the president in 30 minutes.

Question 8. Beer used to be drunk for breakfast in England years ago.

Question 9. The floor was being cleaned when I arrived.

Question 10. How are candles made?

Question 11. The book had been returned to the library by Kathy.

Question 12. That money has been sent to to the poor families.

Question 13. Your hair needs cutting.

Question 14. Proper encouragement is always given to me by parents.

Question 15. The situation was reported to be under control.

Question 16. She is said to work 16 hours a day.

Question 17. The company is thought to be planning a new advertising campaign.

Question 18. The soap opera is expected to end next year.

Question 19. The President was reported to have suffered a heart attack.

Question 20. Two people are reported to have been injured in the explosion.



Question 1. but

Question 6. so

Question 2. and

Question 7. but

Question 3. so

Question 8. so

Question 4. and

Question 9. and

Question 5. and – but - so  

Question 10. or


Question 1. to submit

Question 6. get

Question 2. to express

Question 7. to perform 

Question 3. to show

Question 8. to release

Question 4. give up 

Question 9. to bring

Question 5. to cancel

Question 10. perform



Question 1. did you go

Question 6. called/ was having 

Question 2. were playing

Question 7. was reading/ was drawing

Question 3. Were they sleeping

Question 8. did she do/ went 

Question 4. was walking/ met 

Question 9. was holding

Question 5. were watching/ went out

Question 10. was crossing/ saw



Question 1. C

Question 6. B

Question 11. D

Question 2. A

Question 7. A

Question 12. A

Question 3. D

Question 8. D

Question 13. B

Question 4. A

Question 9. A

Question 14. C

Question 5. A

Question 10. C

Question 15. C



Question 1. A

Question 6. B

Question 2. C

Question 7. D

Question 3. B

Question 8. A

Question 4. A

Question 9. A

Question 5. A

Question 10. B


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