WRITE trang 79 unit 9 SGK tiếng anh 9

Use the pictures and the words in the box to write a story. You can make changes or add more details to the story.

-        It was a beautiful day . The sun was shining and the sky was blue. The weather was perfect.

-        Lan was outside the house, playing with her dog Skippy.

-       All of a sudden, the dog behaved strangely. She kept on running around in circles.

-       Noticing it, Lan ran home quickly with her dog, and told her mother what Skippy had done.

-       Lan’s mother - Mrs Quyen- told Lan that she had heard the news on TV that there would be a typhoon coming.

-       Mrs Quyen gathered the family and told them to find shelter in the home.

-       Suddenly, the sky became very dark.

-       A few minutes later, the storm came with strong winds and heavy rain.

-       Mrs Quyen ‘s family got very scared.

-       But soon the storm finished.

-       Everyone was glad.

-       What a clever dog, Skippy! She saved Lan from being kept in a typhoon.

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