Language Focus - Unit 6 trang 73 SGK Tiếng Anh 11

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Change direct speech into reported speech. Begin each of the sentences in the wav shown.


Exercise 1. Change direct speech into reported speech. Begin each of the sentences in the wav shown.

(Chuyển câu trực tiếp sang câu gián tiếp. Bắt đầu mỗi câu theo cách đã cho.)

Trả lời:

1. “I hear you passed your exams. Congratulations!” John said to us.

⟶ John congratulated us on passing our exams.

 2. “I’m sorry I didn’t phone you earlier,” Mary said.

⟶ Mary apologized for not phoning me earlier.

3.  “I’ll drive you to the station. I insist,” Peter said to Linda.

⟶ Peter insisted on driving Linda to the station.

4.  “You didn't pay attention to what I said." the teacher said to the boy.

⟶ The teacher accused the boy of not paying attention to what he had said.

5. “I’ve always wanted to be rich.” Bob said.

⟶ Bob has always dreamed of being rich.

6.  “Don’t stay at the hotel near the airport,” I said to Ann.

⟶ I warned Ann auainst staving at the hotel near the airport.

7.  “Stay here! I can’t let you go out tonight." her mother said to Jane.

⟶ Her mother prevented Jane from going out that night

8.  “It was nice of you to visit me. Thank you.” Miss White said to Jack.

⟶ Miss While thanked Jack for visiting her.

Exercise 2. Rewrite the dialogues in reported speech, usine gerund.

(Viết lại các đoạn hội thoại ở dạng tường thuật, sử dụng danh động từ.)

Trả lời:

1. Linda: Let me pay for the meal.

Tom: Certainly not! I’ll pay.

⟶ Tom insisted on paving for the meal.

2. Mr. Smith: I feel like meeting our children soon.

Mrs. Smith: I think so.

⟶ Mr and Mrs. Smith looked forward to meeting their children soon.

3. Woman: Hey! You’ve broken the window of my house!

Boy: Oh ... no, I’ve just arrived here. I don’t know anything about it.

⟶ The boy denied breaking the window of The woman's house.

4. Policeman: You mustn’t leave the shop!

Customer: What's that?

Policeman: Stay here! You mustn’t leave the shop!

⟶ The policeman stopped the customer {from) leaving the shop.

5. Detective: You have stolen Mrs. Brown’s car!

The thief: Yes...! But….

⟶ The thief admitted stealing Mrs. Brown's car

6. Mary: What shall we do on Saturday?

Ann: What about having a party?

⟶ Ann suggaested having a party next Saturday.

7. John’s wife: The house is very nice! We’ll certainly buy it!

John: I think so.

⟶ John and his wife were thinking ol'bining the house

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