LANGUAGE FOCUS 1 - TRỌNG TÂM NGÔN NGỮ 1 trang 38 sgk Tiếng Anh 7

1/. Simple present tense (Thì hiện tại đơn) 2/. Future simple tense (Thì tương lai đơn)

1/. Simple present tense (Thì hiện tại đơn)

Complete the passages using the verbs in brackets

a/- Ba is my friend. He lives in Ha Noi with his mother, father and elder sister.

     His parents are teachers. Ba goes to Quang Trung school.

b/- Lan and Nga are in class 7A. They eat lunch together. After school, Lan rides her bike home and Nga catches the bus.

2/. Future simple tense (Thì tương lai đơn)

Write the things Nam will do/ will not do tomorrow

-           He will go to the post office, but he won't call Ba.

-           He will do his homework, but he won't tidy the yard.

-           He will see a movie, but he won’t watch TV.

-           He will write to his grandmother, but he won't meet Minh.

3/. Ordinal numbers (Số thứ tự)

Write the correct ordinal numbers

         Soccer team           



Thang Loi


fourth (4)

Thanh Cong


fifth (5)

Tien Phong


sixth (6)

Doan Ket


third (3)

Hong Ha


second (2)

Phuong Dong


seventh (7)

Thang Long


first (1)


4/. Prepositions (Giới từ)

Write the sentences (Viết câu)

-   Where’s my cat?

a/- It's under the table

b/- It’s in front of the chair

c/- It's behind the television

d/- It’s next to the bookshelf

e/- It’s on the couch. 

5/.  Adjectives (Tính từ)

Write the dialogues. Use the pictures and the words in the box. (Viết bài đối thoại.Dùng tranh và từ trong khung)

cheap             expensive            good              strong

a - A is a cheap toy. And B is cheaper. But c is the cheapest.

b - A is expensive. And B is more expensive. But c is the most expensive.

c - A is eood. And B is better. But C is the best.

d  - A is strong. And B is stronger. But C is the strongest.


6/. Occupation (Nghề nghiệp)

Write these people’s job titles (Viết tên nghề của những người này)

a/ - He is a fireman                                  c/- She is a teacher

b/ - She is a doctor                                  d/- He is a farmer


7/. Is there a ...? Are there any ...?

Look at the picture. Complete the sentences. (Nhìn hình. Điền câu)

a/.- A: Are there any books?                      - B: Yes, there are.

b/. - A: Are there any armchairs?                - B: No, there aren’t.

c/. - A: Are there any a telephone?            - B: No, there isn’t.

d/. - A: Are there any flowers?                    - B: Yes, there are. 

8/. Question-word (Từ hỏi)

Write the questions and the answers (Viết câu hỏi và câu trả lời)

a/- What’s his name?                               - His name’s Pham Trung Hung

b/- How old is lie?                                     - He's 25 years old.

c/- What’s his address?                            - It's 34 Nguyen Bieu street.

d/- What does he do?                              - He's an office manager.


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