Grammar Practice trang 40 SGK Tiếng Anh 6

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Write in your exercise book (Viết vào sách bài tập của em).

GRAMMAR PRACTICE (Thực hành văn phạm)

Write in your exercise book (Viết vào sách bài tập của em).

1. TO BE

- I am Nga. I am a student.

My mother and father are teachers.

My brother is a student.

There are four people in my family.

2. TO BE

I am Ba. This is Nga.

She is my friend. We are in the yard.

My mother and father are in the house.

3. TO BE

a. How old are you?

- I am twelve.

b. How ols is she?

- She is eleven.

c. Is he eleven?

- No, he isn't

d. Are they twelve?

- No, they aren't.

4. IMPERATIVES (Commands) (Câu mệnh lệnh)

a. Come in                                    d. Close your book

b. Sit down.                                  e. Stand up

c. Open your book 

5. HOW MANY ...? (Bao nhiêu ...?)

How many desks are there?

- There is one

How many books are there?

- There are six

How many students are there?

- There are two

How many teachers are there?

-  There is one.

6. QUESTION - WORDS (Từ để hỏi).

a. What is your name?

- My name is Nam

b. Where do you live?

- I live in Ha noi

c. Who is that?

- That is my brother

d. What does he do?

- He is a student.

7. NUMBERS (Các số)

a. Write the words for the

1 one, 5 five, 8 eight, 10 ten, 20 twenty, 30 thirty, 50 fifty, 70 seventy, 90 ninety, 100 one/a hundred.

b. four 4, seven 7, nine 9, eleven 11, fifteen 15, twenty - five 25, sixty 60, seventy - five 75, eighty 80.

8. GREETINGS (Lời chào)

Thanh: Hello.

Chi: Hi.

Thanh: How are you?

Chi: I’m fine, thank you. How are you?

Thanh: Fine, thanks.


Ba: What is that? Is it a desk?

Thu: Yes, it is.

Ba: What is this? Is it a desk?

Thu: No, it isn’t. It is a table.

10. A picture quiz

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