GRAMMAR PRACTICE trang 150 tiếng anh 6

Answer the questions about the weather in your home town. (Trả lời câu về thời tiết ở thành phố quê bạn.)

Write the answers in your exercise book.

1.Present simple tense

a. Huong : Do you like sports?

    Ba : Yes, I like sports.

    Huong : What do you play?

     Ba : I plays badminton.

b. Thu : Do you play volleyball?

     Tuan : No, I don’t.

      Thu : Does he like sports?

      Tuan :  Yes, he does. He likes sports.

      Thu : What does he play?

      Tuan : He plays soccer.

      Thu : Does he play tennis?

      Tuan : No, he doesn’t.

c. Minh : Do they like sports?

    Ha : Yes, they do.

    Minh : What do they play?

    Ha : They swim.

    Minh : Do they dive (lặn)?

    Ha : No, they don’t.

2. Adverbs of frequency (Trạng từ năng diễn)

a) How often do you watch television?

     I often watch TV on Saturday evenings.

b) How often do you so to the movies?

    I seldom go to the movies.

c) How often do you help your morn?

   I always help my mom.

d) How often do you go to the store?

    I sometimes go to the store with mv mom.

e) How often do you play sports?

    I usually play sports on Sunday morning.

f) How often do you go fishing?

   I often go fishing in the summer vacation.

g) How often do you go swimming?

   I nearly always go swimming at weekends.

3. Present progressive tense

a. Hung : What are you watching?

    Mai : I’m watching this TV sports show (chương trình thề thao).

    Hung :  What are they playing?

    Mai : They are playing soccer.

    Hung : Who is winning?

    Mai : My favourite team is winning the match.

b. Vui : What is mom cooking?

    Nam : She’s cooking a chicken.

    Vui : Are we having some rice, too?

    Nam : No, we aren’t. We are having noodles.

    Vui : Is she cooking some vegetables?

    Nam : Yes, she is. She’s cooking some beans.

c. Nhan : Are you doing your homework?

    Thanh : Yes, I’m doing my math. What are you reading?

    Nhan : I’m reading my history book.

4. Future: Going To

What are you going to do?

a. They’re going to play football.

b. They’re going to play tennis.

c. They’re going to camp.

d. They’re going to swim.

e. They’re going to watch TV.

f. They’re going to cook.

Complete the dialogue. (Hoàn chỉnh bài đối thoại.)

    Han : What are you going to do?

    Vui : Vm going to visit Hanoi.

    Han : Where are you going to stay?

    Vui : I'm going to stay in a hotel.

    Han : How long are going to stay?

    Vui : I’m going to stay for a week.

Now answer the questions. (Bảy giờ trả lời câu hoi.)

a. Vui is going to visit Ha noi.

b. She’s going to stay in a hotel.

c. She’s going to stay for a week.

5. What is the weather like?

Answer the questions about the weather in your home town. (Trả lời câu về thời tiết ở thành phố quê bạn.)

a. In the spring, it’s warm.

b. In the summer, it’s usually hot.

c. In the fall, it’s cool.

d. In the winter, it’s always cold.

6. Future plans

a. I’m going to do my homework.

b. I’m going to visit the museum.

c. I’m going to help mv mother with the housework.

d. I’m going to help my father with his farm work.

>>Học trực tuyến lớp 6, mọi lúc, mọi nơi môn Toán, Văn, Anh. Các thầy cô giỏi nổi tiếng, dạy hay dễ hiểu