A closer look 1 Trang 62 Unit 6 SGK Tiếng Anh 9 mới

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Tổng hợp bài tập phần A closer look 1 Trang 62 Unit 6 SGK Tiếng Anh 9 mới

1. Put one word/phrase under each picture.

Đặt 1 từ/cụm từ dưới mỗi bức tranh




elevated walkway



  1. tram 
  2. flyover 
  3. elevated walkway 
  4. skytrain 
  5. underpass 
  6. tunnel 

2. Fill in each blank with a suitable word from 1, making them plural where necessary.

1. Hai Van ______ is 6.28 km long.

2. Thanks to the_______ , pedestrians can be muchsafer.

3. A_____ is a bridge that carries one road over another one.

3. The railroad track that runs overhead is known as a ________ . 

4. A road or path that goes under another road or railroad track is called an _______ .     

5. The clanging sound of the Ha Noi _______ in the 1970s has gone deep into people's collective memory. 



2. elevated walkways

3. flyover

4. skytrain

5. underpass

6. tram

3. Match each word/phrase in the left column with the definition in the right one.

Nối mỗi từ/cụm từ ở cột trái với định nghĩa ở cột phải. 

Key: 1.f   2.b  3.e   4.d   5.c   6.a 

4. Fill each gap with a word/phrase in 3. 

Điền 1 từ/cụm từ ở bài 3 vào chỗ trống

  1. Our grandparents used to live in an ______ .
  2. My mother is a______ woman. She always care about how we feel.
  3. The boys are willing to do what you want the to. They are really ______ .
  4. She is______ with her children even when the misbehave.
  5. Nowadays the ______ is becoming more commor in the cities.
  6. Having students work in groups, she hoped they could learn to be _____ .


1. extended family

2. sympathetic

3. obedient

4. tolerant

5. nuclear family

6. cooperative

5. Write each sentence in the box next to its pattern. Then listen, check, and repeat. 
Viết mỗi câu trong bảng vào bên cạch biểu tượng. Sau đó nghe , kiểm tra và nhắc lại. 
Click tại đây để nghe:

I know!

That long?

Go away!

Don't cry!

Don't turn left!

Keep going!

  1. OO
  2. 0o0
  3. OOo
  4. 000
1: I know!, That long?, Don't cry!
2. Go away!
3. Keep going! 
4. Don't turn left! 

Audio script:

1. I know!, That long?, Don't cry!

2. Go away!

3. Keep going!

4. Don't turn left!
6. What would you say in each situation? Make a sentence for each picture. Write a stress pattern under the picture. Then practise reading all the sentences aloud.
Bạn nên làm gì trong các tình huống sau? Viết mỗi câu 1 bức tranh. Viết trọng âm dưới những bức tranh đó. Sau đó thực hành đọc to tất cả các câu. 

1. Be quiet! OOo            Don't talk! 00

2. Don't turn right! 000

3.Wake up! 00              Get up! 00

4. Smile please! 00       Say cheese! 00

5. Don't worry! OOo      Don't cry! 00

6. Look out! OO            Look ahead!


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